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In 1965, Owen Maclared, an aeronautical engineer, instantly transformed the baby transportation industry when he invented the first umbrella stroller. Today, 50 years later, Maclaren lightweight strollers are sold in more than 70 countries worldwide, and continue to be the standard for products that are durable, safe, stylish, and easily portable.

In addition to the traditional lightweight stroller, the company has also created a line of skin and body wellbeing products for mothers and babies, and it continues to innovate in the areas of stroller accessories and cutting-edge functions that enhance the travel experience for both children and parents.

In 2013, the company introduced The Maclaren Handprint ™ ? a program that is dedicated to safety and environmental sustainability in its production and advocacy, truly bringing all of the company’s core values together in a unified vision for a strong future.

Since its start in 1965, they have consistently earned awards for design, innovation, and safety by respected publications worldwide. The companies twin strollers have frequently been named as editor’s picks, and the revolutionary lightweight strollers continue to get the attention of the world’s foremost designers and continue to be the top choice for mothers in every corner of the globe. These products are, without a doubt, timeless, but thanks to the innovative and artful nature of Maclaren designs, they could never be labeled as traditional.