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The Bumprider Connect 3 Stroller 

Looking for a versatile stroller that grows with your family? The Bumprider Connect 3 Stroller is just what you need. This expertly designed Swedish stroller stands out with its one-of-a-kind single to double model. The revolutionary patented magnetic lock system lets you effortlessly connect two strollers, offering flexibility for your expanding family needs.

  • Smart Accessories for Smart Parents: Elevate your stroller experience with our specially designed Bumprider accessories. The Bumprider Connect 3 Side Bag and Sidepack attach seamlessly, thanks to those strong magnetic locks.

  • Newborn-Ready and Beyond: Transition from day one with your newborn to adventurous outings with a toddler. Our Car Seat Adapter makes it a breeze to convert the Bumprider Connect 3 into a comprehensive travel system.

  • Convenience at Your Fingertips: Weighing in at a travel-friendly 19.7 lbs and featuring a swift fold mechanism and integrated carry handle, this stroller ensures hassle-free outings and transport. It's the go-to choice for on-the-move families.

Discover the Bumprider Connect 3 Stroller: Tailored for Every Family Adventure

Navigating city streets or park trails becomes a breeze with the Connect 3 stroller. Weighing in at a convenient 19.7 lbs, its adjustable handlebar seamlessly adapts to parents of all heights, ensuring an ergonomic push at every turn. Prioritize your child’s comfort with the easily adjustable seat recline options, suitable for everything from naptime to wide-eyed exploration. From day one, this stroller grows with your family; with its compatibility to integrate a car seat, your newborn can join in on the adventures from the start.

But the Bumprider Connect 3 offers more than just adaptability. It stands as a testament to thoughtful design, meeting diverse family needs with options to attach car seats, ride-on boards, or even travel bags. And as every parent knows, safety and comfort go hand in hand. That’s why our stroller pairs a plush, padded seat with a secure five-point harness. For those sunny strolls, the generous canopy ensures your child remains shielded, keeping their comfort front and center.

With the Bumprider Connect 3 Stroller, embark on a journey of style, versatility, and unmatched functionality, making every outing an enjoyable experience.

Bumprider Connect 3 Stroller Colors and Styles

  • Bumprider Connect 3 Stroller - Black / Navy

  • Bumprider Connect 3 Stroller - Black / Sand

  • Bumprider Connect 3 Stroller - Black / Grey

  • Bumprider Connect 3 Double Stroller Bundle - Black / Sand

  • Bumprider Connect 3 Double Stroller Bundle - Black / Grey

  • Bumprider Connect 3 Stroller - Black / Black

  • Bumprider Connect 3 Double Stroller Bundle - Black / Navy

  • Bumprider Connect 3 Double Stroller Bundle - Black / Black

Bumprider Connect 3 Specifications

  • Suitability: From birth up to 40 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 37" H x 19.3" W x 42" L
  • Dimensions Folded: 23.7" H x 19.3" W x  9.1" L
  • Chassis Weight: 19.7 lbs

Is the Bumprider Connect 3 a Good Stroller?

Steeped in Swedish innovation, the Bumprider Connect 3 Stroller introduces a magnetic lock system that redefines flexibility for growing families. 

Additionally, this revolutionary stroller design allows parents the unique ability to seamlessly connect two or more strollers, ensuring siblings or twins can journey together side by side (do note, additional strollers are sold separately).

Maneuverability and adaptability lie at the heart of the Connect 3. With an adjustable handlebar, it effortlessly caters to parents of varying heights, making those strolls through the park or city jaunts more comfortable than ever. But it doesn’t stop there. Recognizing that each child is different, the stroller’s seat offers multiple recline positions, granting parents the freedom to find the perfect angle that ensures their child’s utmost comfort.

Prioritizing both comfort and safety, the soft, plush seat of the Bumprider Connect 3 is more than just inviting. Equipped with a robust five-point harness, it guarantees your little one's safety, allowing parents to explore with peace of mind.

Choosing the Bumprider Connect 3 Stroller isn't just about selecting a mode of transportation—it's about investing in thoughtfully designed, adaptable, and safe adventures for your family.

Why We Stand Behind the Bumprider Connect 3

A stroller's true test lies in its stability and sturdiness. The Connect 3, in this respect, is unrivaled. Built on a foundation of robust design principles, its stability is evident in every turn, ensuring that every ride is smooth, irrespective of the terrain. Complementing this sturdiness are the stroller's rubber wheels, which not only grant it a quiet glide but also enhance its durability.

Comfort, as every parent knows, is non-negotiable. To this end, the stroller boasts a full recline capability, allowing your child to nap in utmost comfort during those long strolls or bustling city adventures. Amplifying this comfort is the generous padding that envelopes the seat, providing a plush cocoon for your child to rest in.

Innovation doesn’t stop at comfort. For families with more than one child, the easy click-on sibling board ensures that older siblings can hitch a ride without any fuss. And for those moments when you need to accommodate two young ones? The Bumprider Connect 3's crowning jewel is its click-on second Connect feature. With just a click, it transforms into a double stroller, reflecting its commitment to grow and adapt alongside your family.

Choosing the Bumprider Connect 3 is an ode to thoughtful engineering, unmatched comfort, and the promise of shared family adventures.