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  • Only valid on full-priced items.
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  • Cannot be used on Gift Certificates
  • Furniture items, Open Boxes, and some brand exclusions apply.

First Responder Discount at Albee Baby

Here at Albee Baby, we’re thankful to be able to give a first responder discount and a military discount to the people who risk their own wellbeing each day to help keep both the United States and countries around the world safe and prospering. We’re humbled by the incredible work of so many here in the United States who selflessly give themselves to make our world a better place for everyone. 

Our Heroes program is designed to help give back, too, to the people who give themselves for the rest of us. From our active and retired military, police, firefighters, doctors, nurses, EMTs, and other medical staff emerge some, if not most, of our country's greatest heroes. We want to acknowledge that we wouldn’t be here and live in such a wonderful country without the work of these great human beings through our 20% Heroes Discount.

Our US Military Discount on Car Seats, Strollers, and Other Baby Gear

Whether you are an active or retired member of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, or Space Force, or a family member of one of our country’s service members, we encourage you to browse our wide selection of regularly priced car seats, strollers, high chairs, nursery items, and other baby gear. When you find something that fits your child, go ahead and use your 20% discount to create your own sale on that item. You deserve the right baby gear for your little one. 

The discount is available for active military (currently working/serving full-time in the armed services), veterans (served and discharged under honorable conditions), retired/disabled, and dependents of active duty and veterans (spouses or children). And, yes, Mr. President--this military discount does apply to you as commander in chief. :)

Our First Responder Discount for Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons, and Medical Office Staff

We want to say thank you for the many times you’ve risked your life to protect ours with a 20% first responder discount. Most recently during the COVID-19 epidemic, but throughout all of history, it’s our medical first responders and specialists who have put the needs (and lives) of others ahead of their own. From eight years (or more) of schooling, late nights and odd hours interning, going the extra mile to research and help patients, or even learning how to run a business in order to open a practice to help others, our medical first responders are more than deserving of 20% any regularly priced item as part of our first responder discount.

The medical First Responder Discount is available to medical doctors and physicians, RNs, CRNAs, CNS, FNP, all nurses, PA/CNA, hospital staff (including hospital security), and healthcare workers operating in private practices.

Our First Responder Discount for Police, Firefighters, and EMTs

Of course, there’s nothing more honorable than those who choose to stand up for and assist the weakest among us. For this, we invite anyone serving as a police officer, firefighter, paramedic, or support staff to create his or her own sale of any regularly priced item. From the unwavering dedication to late-night shifts and time away from family, our first responders put their lives and well-being on the line to protect the lives and wellbeing of others. This is the most selfless act of bravery we know, and from the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to thank everyone who protects us here, domestically, in the United States of America.

Our First Responder Discount is available to active and retired police officers, sheriffs, deputies, federal law enforcement, current and retired firefighters (including wilderness response officers), medical emergency responders, emergency staff, and those in public service (having a valid .gov email address). 

How to Get Your Military Discount or First Responder Discount through VerifyPass

VerifyPass is a service that provides verification of different professions, and we’re glad to partner with their service to verify your military or first responder status. It’s quick and simple, and if you’ve registered for a military or first responder savings program before, you’ll simply re-login with Facebook or Google and activate your offer. If it’s your first time using the service, it typically takes less than 60% to verify your identity. 

If it is your first time verifying your military status or first responder status via VerifiyPass, you can browse their website to see other deals and special offers available for first responders broken down by category. Typically speaking, over 75% of users can verify without documents. When a document verification is required, you can use your phone to snap a quick picture of an official ID card, official badge, pay stub, or promotion/award certificate. Once you upload your document, your verification for your promotional discount should take minutes (except in times of high volume, like Black Friday, when it can take a little bit longer). 

Thank You, from the Depth of Our Hearts

To everyone who gives themselves to protect and heal our world, thank you. We wouldn’t be anything without you and your sacrifices. And not just the sacrifices for which you are recognized or win awards, but the many late nights where you had to work later than you expected; the times you had to get your parents to babysit (yet again) because you were called out unexpectedly; the way you listen stop and care for those among us that most people try to ignore; the times someone has shot a weapon at you; the night you braved the blizzard when no one else wanted to leave the house; the way you work without thought of yourself, and just so much more. You are the heroes we need and honor today. 

We hope that our military and first responder discount helps make your world a little bit better. At Albee Baby, we have wonderful sales and closeouts on a wide selection of car seats, strollers, high chairs, and more. Typically, you can save big just by coming here. But there are products that rarely, if ever, go on sale, and sometimes those products are just the best match for your little one’s needs. So make your own sale. Take our first responder discount and turn it into savings that you can put toward something more for yourself and your family. You have our deepest appreciation.