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When it comes to baby gear, let us be your #1 stop for the widest selection of the best baby equipment and products. After purchasing a car seat and stroller, you’ll want to add to your collection with carriers and slings, swings, bouncers, travel cribs, playards, play areas, activity centers, walkers, activity tables, baby monitors, baby gates for your home, diaper bags, and travel accessories. The good news is that with nearly a century of experience here at our family-owned business, we’ve gone out and hand-curated the top-rated baby products at the lowest prices we can find to help make your parenting experience unforgettable (in addition to this being a family-owned business, we’re all parents ourselves). 


How to Choose the Best Baby Gear for Your Little One

Just like with car seats and strollers, baby gear comes in all types and sizes. What is most important is choosing what is right for your baby. To start, you’ll want to think about you and how you spend your time. Are you leaving for work or working from home? Are you a more active parent or do you appreciate watching your baby play independently? Do you travel a lot? Are you a single parent? Do you have a large home (or at least a large space) for your baby to explore, or are you in a smaller apartment? Once you have an idea of what life is like for you and the living environment you create, you will better be able to decide what gear to choose for your baby. 

For babies with ample home space to explore, you’ll want to look at baby walkers, play areas, extra baby monitors, and activity centers. If you’re in a small apartment, you might want to concentrate first on bouncers, slings, and a playard. If you travel a lot, you’ll want to look at baby gear for the car and other baby products that shine in a hotel room, such as travel crib and toddler suitcases. If you work from home, you’ll likely want to make sure you have a place you can safely leave your baby if there’s an emergency meeting.

In the end, you’ll likely end up owning most of the baby essentials available, but it’s really helpful to decide which baby items are best for you and your child and start with those as you amass a wonderful collection of memories over multiple children. This way, life’s new hardships are made easier, and you can spend more time enjoying the experience than trying to solve problems.


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Baby Carriers and Slings

When it comes to baby gear that parents absolutely love, baby carriers and slings top the list (perhaps along with wipe warmers). Baby carriers are the more rugged, almost backpack-like baby holders you see people wearing (although they are typically worn in the front). Baby slings, on the other hand, are similar but typically built more simply (a piece of sturdy, folded cloth) for less intense use. Both have their purpose and are wonderful for the parent who is looking for a hands-free carry solution. 


Swings and Bouncers

You might not believe this, but many parents swear by how well their infant sleeps in a swing. We can even attest to this ourselves, to be honest. Ironically, some of the most exciting times you’ll spend with your baby also come from using the baby swing and, of course, baby bouncers. And when it comes to getting five minutes to fold laundry, the swing and/or bouncer becomes a superhero babysitter.  If you are a new stay-at-home or work-from-home parent, you might want to make a baby swing your first stop after you purchase the car seat and stroller.


Travel Cribs and Playards

If you travel a lot, whether on business or just to visit grandparents, you’ll want something quick and easy for your little one to sleep and play in when you visit non-baby-proofed homes and hotels. To that end, a travel crib will fit nicely into your trunk and will travel easily, and for those of you with additional trunk space, the playards will do the same. They also allow you to concentrate on other activities (such as making food, pumping breast milk, or cleaning up) while your baby sleeps next to you in your own home. 


Activity Centers and Jumpers

Stimulate your baby with these well-designed baby products that allow for countless hours of enjoyment. Activity centers come with a comfortable cloth seat for your baby and can either stay in place or allow your baby to walk around while they play. The centers come with stimulating toys and activities, so in addition to helping to strengthen your little one’s muscles, they stimulate his or her brain, as well. 


Baby Walkers

If your baby is ready to start walking, one wonderful way to encourage those steps is to use a baby walker, which is a rideable baby product that allows your baby to explore the world around from a (relatively) safe location. (Do be sure not to leave anything dangerous within arms’ reach of your child while they meander about). Baby walkers also come with activity trays and/or food trays that allow your baby to snack while traveling. 


Baby Monitors

For parents who have larger homes or do not plan on having your baby sleep in the room with you, a baby monitor is an ideal way to keep an eye on your sleeping baby while you are in another room of the home. With today’s technology, baby monitors have come a long way from the audio-only monitors your parents used. Today’s monitors come with smart socks, mobile apps, Internet connectivity, HD-video, multiple-camera setups, and much more. If you’re going to be outside gardening while your baby is napping, the remote and portable baby monitor is a wonderful idea to bring you peace-of-mind while slightly separated from your child.


Safety and Child Proofing

Baby gates! You know them, we love ‘em. Whether you’re looking to keep your little one inside of a room or prevent them from entering a room, baby gates have been a staple of parents for a very long time. They are also used by parents who have smaller dogs and want to separate the baby from the pet. It’s an ideal item for any parent, and as your child learns to crawl and walk, they will certainly look to explore all they can reach. Using a baby gate helps to make sure that your favorite trophy from your high school championship-winning basketball team isn’t broken into several irreparable pieces or that you don’t have to worry about that stewing pot of spaghetti sauce getting pulled over in the kitchen.

We also have a wide selection of items like plug covers, furniture wall mounts, cabinet locks, bed rails, toddler tethers, baby helmets, baby monitors, furniture edge guards, and so much more.


Diaper Bags

Diaper bags are a true tactical piece of baby gear for every parent on-the-go. There’s nothing worse than being caught unprepared, and the grab-and-go convenience of a diaper bag is exactly what every parent needs (and almost all own). Today’s diaper bags are nothing short of modern art, with functionality and style meeting perfectly in the middle, leaving parents comfortable and prepared to face the world with a baby in tow. 


Travel Accessories

If you’re constantly on the go, there’s a selection of travel accessories that make life amazingly easier. Travel baby mirrors allow you to check in on your little one while driving, luggage designed for toddlers allows for ride-on functionality, and shopping-cart-ready seating is a luxury when hitting the supermarket. 


What to Do after Your Baby Gear Purchase

Just a quick reminder—always fill out the registration cards that come with your baby products. In the unlikely event of a product recall, you’ll be notified by the manufacturer. 

Also, while assembling your baby gear, it’s highly recommended that you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. If you choose to build your equipment according to an online video from another parent or baby blogging website, do make sure to read through each step in the assembly instructions to ensure that you’ve assembled it correctly. There are times where baby gear assembly videos do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations. 


Baby Products at Albee Baby

Simply, we have a deep selection of top baby gear that any parent would want. We’ve been a family-owned company since 1933, and all of us are parents ourselves. We know what you’re up against and how much more difficult it is to raise a child than anyone’s going to admit in an Instagram post. We hand-select our products to provide you the safest, most comfortable, and most functional baby gear--because you really have enough to deal with when bringing a new life into this world, and you don’t need to be worried about getting the right products for your baby.