Nursery Decor

The Best Nursery Decorations 

From the classic nursery look to letting your freak flag fly, this is your first chance to surround your newborn with character. The important part is to create a stimulating environment that will excite your child, encouraging them to develop the necessary skills they need to advance into early toddlerhood. 


Choosing the Perfect Decor for Your Nursery

Just like decorating your own home, all the baby decor decorating decisions that you’ll make are going to add up to the overall experience you share with your little one. Remember, you’re going to spend a considerable amount of time in the nursery with your baby, and some of those days are going to be spent exhausted, sick, worn down, and not feeling your best--a comfortable, engaging room that is both alive and relaxing is ideal. Also, don’t forget the many opportunities for pictures and videos you’ll have in your nursery, so not only are you decorating your baby’s room, but you’re building your photography backdrops at the same time.

Decisions you’ll want to make include the bedding, wall art, valance, curtains, decals, storage boxes, lamps and lighting, rugs, and more. So this is it. You deserve it, you beautiful nesting mom-to-be or you eager dad. Go and build your daughter or son the nursery of your dreams and share with them your vision on this beautiful world we live in.


Our Favorite Nursery Decor

Some of our favorite nursery decor items include:

  • The 3 Sprouts Storage Boxes are made to fit almost all cubby hole shelving units, and they add a pop of fun to every room. You’ll need storage boxes, even if you don’t think you’ll need storage boxes.
  • The Cybex Marcel Wanders Hausschwein is not just a decoration, but a storage space. It’s beautiful, strange, and perfect for parents who want to pass on the traditional nursery look.


Nursery Decorations and Storage Deals at Albee Baby

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