Silver Cross

Silver Cross

The reputable British brand, Silver Cross, has gained its fame from crafting traditional coach-built baby prams. This distinctive style, which features a solid body, C-spring suspension, spoked wheels, and a collapsible hood, was the brainchild of William Wilson, a visionary engineer from Leeds, England. He founded Silver Cross in 1877 and marketed this distinctive baby carriage design, securing numerous patents for perambulator designs to safeguard his unique invention. Despite enhancements in technology and manufacturing procedures, the method of constructing prams today remains strikingly similar to that of the past.

In addition to the full-sized prams, Silver Cross also fabricates an assortment of coach-built doll prams, crafted with the same level of detail and precision. The company's product lineup includes infant car seats, nursery furniture, nursery bedding, decor, toys, and gifts, catering to more than 70 countries. Silver Cross has a rich history, with the Wilson brothers providing a Silver Cross pram to George VI and Queen Elizabeth in the 1920s and 1930s, and the Queen choosing a Silver Cross pram for Prince Charles in 1948.

Over the years, Silver Cross has continuously adapted and innovated, from switching to aluminum bodies in the 1940s and 1950s to launching a series of prams that would later inspire the modern-day Balmoral pram. While the popularity of Silver Cross prams dipped in the 1960s due to shifting consumer preferences, the company bounced back by expanding its product range to include high chairs and furniture and by introducing a chromium plating plant in 1964.

In recent years, the company's emphasis has shifted towards its modern travel collection, which includes versatile 3-in-1 combination pram systems. This pram model can be transformed from a lie-flat pram to a pushchair and then to a travel system with the addition of a baby car seat. Alongside these combination prams, Silver Cross also offers infant car seats, lightweight umbrella-fold pushchairs, nursery furniture collections, nursery bedding and décor items, and an array of toys and gifts, including traditional teddy bears and rag dolls.

Silver Cross Baby Gear

Silver Cross Dune

Ready to use right from birth, the Dune is the latest addition to Silver Cross's lineup of strollers. Its sustainable, minimalist design is perfectly suited for maneuvering through bustling streets and narrow corners, aided by its enhanced suspension and durable, long-lasting wheels.

The Dune stroller can be collapsed swiftly with just one hand while keeping the seat in place. It stands on its wheels when folded, ensuring the padded vegan leatherette handle never comes into contact with the ground, a feature particularly useful for public transport. With a simple flick, the stroller springs back to life, ready for use in both rear and forward-facing modes. Adjusting the telescopic handle allows for a quick departure.

The Dune also boasts the Genius Harness System with magnetic buckles, which offers one-hand adjustment of both the headrest and harness, enabling the change of positions at the press of a button.

In addition to its impressive features, the Dune stroller's exterior fabrics are environmentally friendly, woven exclusively from yarn made from recycled plastic bottles. The seat unit contains the equivalent of 35 recycled bottles, the compact folding bassinet incorporates 25, and the first-bed bassinet has 12.

Silver Cross Reef

Introducing Reef, the latest multi-terrain stroller system from Silver Cross, that perfectly combines suburban sophistication and sustainability. The Reef stroller, both elegant and practical, promises top-notch comfort for your little one, regardless of your destination.

Ready to accommodate a newborn right out of the box, the Reef is constructed with materials that exude a luxurious feel while withstanding the demands of daily use. It has been ingeniously designed to fold down single-handedly in a matter of seconds, eliminating the hassle often associated with managing a baby and other essentials during family outings. The stroller stands on its own four wheels when folded, ensuring the vegan leather handle does not come into contact with the ground – maintaining cleanliness for both the handle and your hands. Thanks to its improved four-wheel suspension, the Reef stroller effortlessly transitions from park to pavement, ensuring a smooth journey for you and your little one.

Silver Cross Jet

The upgraded Jet 3 remains impressively smart and has been further enhanced, boasting a single-step folding mechanism and the innovative new Genius™ magnetic buckle. Serving as more than just a travel stroller, Jet 3 is fully equipped to be your regular baby transport from birth until the child weighs up to 55 lbs.

Stepping out with your little one has never been more effortless. Thanks to its lightweight structure and ultra-compact fold, achievable with a single movement, the Jet 3 is ideal for daily strolls.

Designed for both local and distant travels, the Jet 3 stroller easily fits in car trunks, overhead storage compartments, and is even approved for cabin use by most airlines. Its advanced design ensures easy, hassle-free strolling during travel. The Jet 3's cleverly designed compact fold has been further improved, now requiring only a single simple movement to fold and unfold.

Keeping parents' needs in mind, it features the innovative new Genius™ buckle with user-friendly magnetic fastenings that securely click into place in three simple steps. When it's time for your little one to step out, just press the child-proof release, and the buckle opens effortlessly.

Silver Cross Wave

Introducing the ultimate single to double stroller: the Wave 2022. This versatile stroller can accommodate one, two, or even three little passengers. Silver Cross’s most cherished stroller, which transitions from single to double, has been upgraded for 2022 and now includes the Genius harness system for the most secure and comfortable ride yet.

Wave is ready to be utilized as a single stroller and can simultaneously carry both your newborn and toddler as your family grows. The best part is, you don't need to purchase any additional items. It comes with seven configurations straight out of the box and optional accessories that create up to 30 modes in total, making the Silver Cross Wave the perfect solution for future-proofing your strolling needs.

What's more, its main and tandem seats can support weight capacities of up to 55 lbs, meaning your stroller can double the fun for years to come. The Wave's beautiful two-tone melange fabrics and tan leatherette details add a touch of refined luxury to this unique ride.

The stroller seat can face both rearward and forward and features a one-handed, multi-position reclining seat that is spacious and sturdy. For added comfort, it also has an adjustable calf rest and integrated footrest. The seat comes with a UPF 50+ extended hood with a pop-out sun visor and peek-a-boo window.

Silver Cross Comet

Introducing the Silver Cross Comet Eclipse, an extraordinary Special Edition design that stands out with its unique 3-D sculpted black fabrics, high gloss chassis, and striking rose gold accents. This innovative stroller is one-of-a-kind, blending both style and practicality to offer a one-seat strolling solution from birth to 55 lbs, requiring no additional add-ons.

The Comet sets new standards by offering four versatile modes in a single-seat solution. This revolutionary design allows your child to ride reclined, facing the rear or forward. Additionally, with the inclusion of adapters and a car seat, it can quickly transform into a convenient travel system.

A specially designed Babynest comes included to envelop newborns in comfort, while an advanced harness system and Genius buckle ensure the safety of your little ones. This system not only adds extra protection but also simplifies life for parents.

Featuring an aesthetically pleasing rose gold detail, Comet's wheels are not just attractive but also offer impressive multi-terrain performance. Paired with all-wheel suspension, they guarantee a smooth ride for every journey.

Silver Cross Coast

The Silver Cross Coast stroller is the epitome of effortless style, with a minimalist design that makes it their lightest and most streamlined stroller that can transition from a single to a double setup.

Initially, the Coast functions as a single stroller that comes with a reversible seat and a bassinet. As your family grows, you can convert the Coast into a One plus One® double stroller to accommodate siblings by adding an optional tandem seat or a car seat, both sold separately. The bassinet, suitable for overnight sleeping, can be utilized with the folding bassinet stand, ideal for overnight trips.

Constructed with a combination of magnesium and aluminum, the stroller's frame is designed for strength and durability. It is equipped with a four-way suspension system, an easy-action folding mechanism, and a handlebar that can be adjusted to multiple heights. The stroller seat and bassinet come with a patented two height riding position that includes an elevated position to bring your baby closer to you.

The Coast is available in three modern color schemes and is paired with a sleek matte black chassis. Its premium fabrics are Oxford-woven with an overprinted rendered texture, marrying artistry with innovative techniques.

Silver Cross Slumber

Starting as a Newborn Bassinet, the Slumber evolves into a Toddler Crib and ultimately morphs into a safe playard for your little one, courtesy of its ingenious zip-up door design. All these transformations come with an easy shake-open setup that folds away just as simply. This allows you to bring along a familiar piece of home wherever you go.

Ideal for a midday snooze or even overnight rest, Slumber provides a comfortable, secure sleeping area for your little one right from birth and up to 50 lbs.

Ready to hit the road? Slumber easily collapses into the provided compact, weatherproof bag. Equipped with a carry handle and an adjustable shoulder strap, this bag enhances portability and simplifies handling for all your journeys, whether they're just around the corner or far-flung.

Why Parents Love Silver Cross Baby Gear

Known for their high-quality construction using durable materials, Silver Cross products are designed to withstand the trials of daily use, ensuring not just longevity, but also the safety of the baby. This commitment to quality is complemented by the brand's exquisite designs. From traditional to contemporary, the aesthetic appeal of Silver Cross products is notable, often satisfying diverse parental tastes.

A factor that often elevates Silver Cross in parents' eyes is its rich heritage and the trust it has garnered over the years. Having been in existence since 1877, the brand's reputation for quality and reliability is deeply ingrained, fostering trust among generations of parents. Despite its premium positioning, many parents find exceptional value in Silver Cross products, attributing it to the brand's long-term durability, timeless designs, and superior functionality.