Jellycat, an imaginative plush brand designed softness and whimsy, has been enchanting families and sparking joy since its inception in 1999. Birthed in the creative heart of London, Jellycat has redefined the plush toy world with high-quality, highly-loved products. With a mission to ignite the wildest corners of the imagination, Jellycat continually crafts unique, quirky designs that transform everyday stuffed animals into sources of love and laughter for both babies and toddlers. From the softest, most huggable fabrics to their eye-catching and offbeat creations, Jellycat is more than a brand – they are the ones that made that special stuffed animal your child takes everywhere (including college).

At the core of Jellycat's magic is a commitment to exceptional quality and an unyielding desire to stand out in the vast ocean of plush toys. Proudly housing one of the largest collections of Jellycat stuffed animals, we revel in their ethos of fostering growth and imagination through delightful, engaging experiences. Jellycat's world is ever-evolving, with new, enchanting designs unveiled biannually, ensuring the journey of fun and exploration is unending. From traditional teddy bears to plush renditions of everyday fruits and veggies, Jellycat invites your little ones into an exciting realm of tactile learning and discovery.

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Why We Love Jellycat Products

Parents and children alike are captivated by Jellycat's world of soft, huggable toys. Loved for their luxurious feel and enduring quality, these plush companions become much more than toys; they transform into lifelong memories. Grandparents delight in seeing their grandchildren's eyes light up with a new Jellycat friend, a constant bedtime buddy through thick and thin. Parents appreciate how resilient these toys are, enduring countless washes and still emerging as soft and cuddly as day one. 

Jellycat's unique approach to design means each toy is not just a plaything but a character in your child's life. From Bashful Bunny's meadow hops to Cyril Sloth's tree adventures, these creatures inspire endless imaginative play. Parents find joy in the laughter and giggles that accompany the Amuseables Collection, turning everyday items into sources of fun and learning. And when it comes to gift-giving, Jellycat has become a great gift choice, offering a special, snuggly friend that's sure to be adored for years to come. In a world where quality and comfort matter, Jellycat stands out as a brand that truly understands the heart of childhood.

Books from Jellycat

Rainbow Tails Activity Book: Hold on - this book comes with a twist, it's adorned with a variety of tails! Introducing the Tails Rainbow Book, a vibrant spectacle of textures and sounds. This playful fabric book offers a tactile and auditory experience, perfect for little ones to discover while attached to their buggy or bouncer.

Albee And The Big Seed Book:  "Albee and the Big Seed" is a delightful hardback book that takes young readers on a colorful adventure. Albee, a curious character, finds a mysterious seed and nurtures it into an impressive flower, captivating even the Queen. Perfect for parents and children, this story builds excitement towards the grandiose Grand Hive Ball.

Unicorn Tails Activity Book: Explore a magical realm with "Unicorn Tails," a book filled with sensory delights. Each page offers a shimmering, pastel wonderland, where unicorns flaunt their unique tails, ranging from fuzzy to gleaming to ultra-soft. This book is a perfect pick for toddlers, sparking imagination and tactile exploration.

Garden Tails Activity Book: Dive into the diverse world of "Garden Tails"! This plush cloth book is a whirl of textures - shimmery, swishy, spotty, and silky. Designed with a handy velcro loop for easy attachment to a buggy, it's perfect for tactile exploration, inviting little ones to match animals with their unique tails.

If I Were A Bunny Book: Discover the whimsical world of bunnies with "If I Were A Bunny Book." This beautifully illustrated book encourages young minds to imagine the life of a bunny, from hopping around to twitching their noses. It's a colorful journey into experiencing a day as someone else, sparking creativity and fun.

If I Were A Dinosaur Book: Step into the prehistoric world with "If I Were A Dinosaur." This lively board book is a joy to grasp, brimming with dinosaur-sized fun. It combines tactile panels and adorable illustrations, offering a tale filled with excitement and a touch of jurassic charm, perfect for little explorers.

If I Were A Unicorn Book: Embark on a fantastical journey with "If I Were A Unicorn Book." Set in an enchanted forest, this candy pink board book is a treasure trove of charm, ideal for sparking storytelling skills. Budding wizards will be captivated, drawing inspiration from the fluffy tail and glittery stars within its pages.

Amuseable Colors Book: Explore the vibrant world of art and enjoyment with "Amuseable Colors Book!" Join the delightful Amuseable characters as they reveal their favorite hues in this hardback treasure. An ideal gift, this book serves as a cheerful entry to a world filled with color and joy.

The Magic Bunny Book: "The Magic Bunny" is a delightful book for young book lovers. It tells the story of a unique rabbit companion who watches over his human friend. Featuring durable covers and enchanting illustrations, this book offers a captivating adventure for little readers.

The Scruffy Puppy Book: "Scruffy Pup's Story" is a heartwarming tale about a worn-out pup who feels left out by the other toys. However, they soon realize why this kind puppy is Tommy's beloved favorite. This story beautifully captures themes of loyalty, love, and the importance of making friends.

Elly Ballerina Book: "Elly Ballerina" narrates the journey of an aspiring elephant dancer. Elly dreams of becoming a ballet sensation, earning praise from her teacher for her dedication. The story reaches a climax on opening night, where an unexpected announcement gives Elly an extraordinary opportunity to dazzle.

Jungly Tails Plush Book: "Jungly Tails Plush Book" from Jellycat is an engaging fabric book designed to captivate babies with its variety of sensory experiences. It features pages that crinkle, a collection of soft and textured tails, and delightful rhymes. This book not only entertains but also aids in developing tactile and cognitive abilities.

Farm Tails Activity Book: "Farm Tails Book" brings together a lively array of farmyard animals, each showcasing their unique tails, from furry dogs to tasseled cows and curly pigs. This soft, tactile book is perfect for little ones, offering a fun way to match tails with their owners amidst playful mix-ups and muddles.