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The Best Double and Tandem Strollers

If you're expecting twins, or if you have young siblings that are close in age, double or tandem strollers are simply a must-have. They are very much like full-size strollers for two, but remember that these are designed for two--so you also get a boost in storage, stability, balance, and so on. If you need the best of a full-size stroller for two kids at the same time (or three, as some companies make triple strollers), these strollers are the way to go (instead of two parents pushing two strollers). 

At Albee Baby, we have a wide variety of double strollers to meet the needs of busy families on the go, all from respected top brands from around the world. From side-by-sides to joggers, you can pick the double stroller that best matches your lifestyle demands and personal style.


Double Stroller Safety

As with all of our strollers, we only select brands that are proven performers, loved by parents, and both meet and exceed federal safety standards--so “Is this safe for my babies?” never needs to be on your mind while shopping the selection we offer here at Albee Baby. We’re parents, too, and we know what it is like to navigate through the many options given to you as a parent--we want to make sure your experience here with us is filled with trust and simplicity. This is all we’ve ever known, as our family-owned business has been around since 1933, and the current generation of us have grown up in a world where all we’ve ever done is work to help parents care for children through our products). Please feel good knowing that our entire stroller selection meets and surpasses government safety standards. 

We do encourage you to read through all the printed materials that come with your stroller and to fill out your registration card so that you would be alerted to any recalls immediately. 


Choosing Your Double/Tandem Stroller

The biggest difference you’ll find between double and tandem strollers is that tandems don’t have equal weight maximums for each seat. Yes, in tandem strollers your children will sit one-in-front-of-the-other, but each seat will likely allow for only so much weight (generally speaking, of course, so do please check each stroller’s requirements individually). So if you are getting a double for twins, then you likely want a pure double. If you are getting a double for twochildren of different ages/sizes, then a tandem or a double would be a fine choice. 

Tandems do have the advantage of being narrower, which makes them easier to navigate through a museum or art gallery (or down busy sidewalks).  

Double strollers aren’t always fixed in the amount of seating that they provide, either. For example, the UPPAbaby Vista can accommodate a variety of seating arrangements, such as a newborn and a toddler, two newborns, two infants, or two toddlers. The UPPAbaby bassinet attaches and removes easily for a safe and comfy ride for your baby from day one, and then this double stroller becomes a Transformer and can change as your baby grows.

You may also want to consider a double jogging stroller if you’re hankering for those runs that you used to take and want to get back to an active lifestyle. There are some great joggers for two out there that simply shouldn’t be missed. These can go wherever you want to go for endless outdoor adventures with your young ones.


Some of Our Favorite Double Strollers

  • Baby Jogger has some excellent double strollers, including the double version of their highly coveted City Mini. In addition, you’ll find features like plush padded seats that recline to near flat positions, patented quick-fold technology, multiple seating arrangements, rugged design, smooth rides, and so much more. 
  • UPPAbaby’s G-Link strollers are versatile. Independent reclining seats and adjustable footrests support different nap times, while its simple fold keeps you moving as you get in and out of cars, taxis, and more. They are so lightweight that the G-LINK makes taking on multiple flights of stairs a breeze.
  • Peg Perego double strollers are some of the favorites among our customers. The Book for Two is the side-by-side double stroller that will get you through those busy sidewalks or narrow store aisles with ease. With the Pliko Mini Twin, children can travel at their own pace and style, as this unique double offers independent adjustable backrests and footrests.


Strollers for Two at Albee Baby

We feature all the best stroller brands’ doubles and tandems, such as those from Graco, Chicco, Maclaren, Stokke, and more. We also do our best to always have the widest selection of colors and styles, so while your budget may only allow for a particular model of stroller, you still get to enjoy some options. 

As with all our products here at Albee Baby, our double strollers come loaded with unique features, clever design details, essential accessories, and thoughtful engineering—all created with parents and kids in mind. Life with multiples and siblings certainly increases the number of things you need to keep track of, but with our extensive line of top-quality double strollers, we try to make it easier to keep life simple for you.