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Ergobaby is a company based on the idea that parents should be able to experience all of lifeís adventures while still keeping baby close. When new mom Karin Frost was not satisfied with the selection of baby carriers available to her when her baby was born in 2002, she knew she would have to create her own. With a focus on comfort and ergonomics, she created a revolutionary carrier that was designed to carry baby in a natural sitting position while comfortably distributing the weight between the parentís hips and shoulders. Since its creation, the Ergobaby carrier has been the standard for all other baby carriers.

With a carrier like those sold by Ergobaby, parents can bond with their infants and keep them close while also remaining hands free. It is also acknowledged as a hip healthy product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, since it allows them to sit in a position that is safe for babyís hips. Made from durable fabrics and comfortable foams, the Ergobaby creates a baby carrier superior to all others.

If you are considering purchasing an Ergobaby carrier, they offer four different types of carrier so there should be one that is the perfect fit for your lifestyle. The Original is perfect for everyday life, like running errands, and it comes in a vast amount of different colors and patterns, so you are sure to find one that catches you eye!

All carriers can be adapted for infants with a convenient insert. Albee Baby is proud to carry a brand like Ergobaby that allows parents to experience a different type of closeness and bonding with their child.