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Nuna Baby

Nuna is a global brand with Dutch roots that has been dedicated to creating smart, helpful, and bold baby gear since 2007. Drawing from their own experiences as parents, Nuna designs innovative family solutions that strike the perfect balance between practicality and beauty. Their thoughtful designs revolve around the needs of parents, ensuring each detail is carefully considered.

The ZAAZ high chair marked Nuna's initial product launch in 2007. With this revolutionary high chair, they aimed to provide little ones with their own special spot at the table. Since then, Nuna has expanded and honed their expertise in design, offering a wide range of clever and stylish products. Their collection now encompasses an extensive selection of pushchairs, car seats, loungers, travel cots, baby carriers, and more. Today, you probably know them best for gear like the PIPA and RAVA.

Simple, practical, and stylish are three core principles that guide Nuna in creating every product. Each item in their range is meticulously crafted to cater to the demands of parents, incorporating intelligent features and functions.

Nuna products showcase ingenious features across the entire range. Whether it's a car seat that effortlessly clicks into place or a travel cot that swiftly pops up, their products are designed to fulfill your needs, allowing you to focus on enjoying your adventures together.

Recognizing the rapid growth of children and the evolving needs of families, Nuna ensures their products are adaptable to meet these challenges. Many of their items are designed to grow alongside your child and family, providing long-lasting value.

Nuna is committed to continually improving their material choices and manufacturing processes, striving to be as mindful as possible. By doing so, they aim to design superior gear for your little one while simultaneously making a positive impact on the world they will grow up in.

GREENGUARD Gold Certification

As part of their dedication to mindful manufacturing, numerous Nuna products meet the rigorous standards for GREENGUARD Gold Certification. This certification guarantees that these products have undergone thorough testing and have been certified to meet stringent emissions standards for over 360 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chemical emissions. Nuna understands the importance of clean air for your child's health, and their GREENGUARD Gold certified products ensure that your baby gear does not introduce pollutants into the air they breathe.

The Nuna Family of Products

Nuna Car Seats

pipa™ lite rx + pipa relx base

Experience the freedom to explore any destination with the PIPA lite rx. This exceptional car seat is thoughtfully designed to simplify life with your baby, while maintaining a lightweight construction for effortless portability, weighing just 6.9 lb*. Whether you're running errands or traveling by car, this versatile seat offers both belt path and base installation options, allowing you to seamlessly transition between taxis and family vehicles.

Indulge in a delightful journey with the PIPA lite rx, which offers a host of desirable features. It comes complete with a Sky drape™ for enhanced privacy, a luxurious Merino wool insert and head support for optimal comfort, convenient magnetic buckle holders, and a no-rethread harness that effortlessly adjusts with the headrest, eliminating the need for harness reinstallation as your child grows. With aerospace aluminum and Aeroflex™ foam, this seat prioritizes superior security. Moreover, every element, from the fabric to the foam, is meticulously selected to be flame resistant and free from additional fire-retardant chemicals.

Included with the PIPA lite rx is the innovative PIPA RELX™ base, which offers on-the-go recline functionality and a hassle-free installation process that ensures bubble-free accuracy in just five seconds. With this base, you can enjoy smooth and worry-free travels on every journey you embark upon.

Embrace the convenience, safety, and comfort of the PIPA lite rx, designed to enhance your adventures with your little one.

pipa™ rx + pipa relx base

Step into a whole new world with your little one, where every moment is filled with magic and wonder. Experience unparalleled comfort with the PIPA rx, a remarkable car seat that brings joy not only to your baby but also to you.

Begin your journey with the PIPA rx, featuring a full-coverage canopy that provides ample shade and a pull-out Sky drape™ that attaches seamlessly with magnets, ensuring a serene and shaded environment for your baby. The soft and organic jersey insert offers utmost comfort, with two removable pieces that can be customized as your baby grows. Installing the car seat is a breeze, as you have the option to use the belt path directly in a taxi or opt for the PIPA RELX base in your family car, which even offers on-the-go recline functionality.

Rest assured that the PIPA rx prioritizes both versatility and safety. It is meticulously crafted using materials that are entirely free from fire retardant additives, providing a healthy and secure start for your little one as you embark on your journey together.

pipa™ + pipa series base

The perfect blend of style and safety, the PIPA infant car seat ensures that you never have to compromise on either. This cleverly designed and fashion-forward car seat provides the ultimate comfort and protection for your little one, no matter where your adventures take you.

At the heart of the PIPA's design is a commitment to safety. The fabrics used in the areas where your child sits are completely free from flame retardant additives, prioritizing their well-being. From the fabric to the foam and beyond, every element is thoughtfully sourced to be flame resistant and without any added fire retardant chemicals.

Celebrate your little one's first outing as a world debut with the PIPA car seat. Experience peace of mind, knowing that their safety and comfort are paramount as you embark on exciting journeys together.

pipa™ lite lx + pipa series base

Welcoming a new addition to your family brings an indescribable joy and a desire to provide them with the utmost care. With the PIPA lite lx, you can effortlessly give your little one the very best. This car seat's feather-light design allows you to naturally prioritize their well-being, enhanced by its premium materials such as Merino wool and TENCEL™ lyocell fiber blend. Rest assured, there are no added fire retardant chemicals in this thoughtfully crafted seat

The PIPA lite lx ensures you're always prepared with its quick and hassle-free installation process, offering both strength and simplicity. Its supremely secure design gives you peace of mind, knowing that your baby is protected at all times.

pipa™ lite + pipa series base

Combining durability with feather-lightness, the PIPA lite is the ultimate solution for your baby's safety and your convenience. With its sleek and slender design, this car seat weighs an impressive 5.3 lbs, making it lighter than any other infant car seat on the market. Enjoy effortless portability, knowing that it is engineered to withstand the test of time with its Aeroflex™ foam, True lock™ base installation, and high-performance materials. What's more, you can have peace of mind knowing that it contains no added fire retardant chemicals, prioritizing your baby's well-being.

pipa™ lite + pipa series base

Experience the perfect combination of strength and lightness with the PIPA lite. Designed to prioritize protection and portability, this exceptional car seat offers everything you and your little one need. With its sleek and slender design, the PIPA lite weighs an impressive 5.3 lbs, making it lighter than any other infant car seat available. Enjoy effortless transportation, knowing that it is crafted to endure with its Aeroflex™ foam, True lock™ base installation, and high-performance materials. Rest assured, it contains no additional fire retardant chemicals, ensuring the utmost safety for your baby.

pipa relx™ base

Embrace the world of firsts that come with your little one—first words, first steps—and entrust their safety to Nuna’s groundbreaking PIPA RELX base. Setting a new standard, it is one of the pioneering bases to introduce an adjustable stability leg, accommodating center seating positions and a wider range of vehicles. Reinforced with strong steel, its rigid latch system offers four lockable positions, ensuring a secure and customized fit against your vehicle seat.

Installing the PIPA RELX base is a breeze, thanks to its colored indicators that eliminate guesswork. The bubble-free, numbered recline feature allows for easy adjustments as your baby grows, without the need to uninstall the base. With the convenient lockoff and accessible belt path, installation using the vehicle belt is a simple task. The smooth platform is gentle on your vehicle seats, while its low profile facilitates seamless loading of any Nuna PIPA series infant car seat.

pipa™ series base

Embarking on outings with your precious new addition should always be a seamless and worry-free experience. Rest assured, PIPA's base is here to make that mission a reality. As the perfect companion to Nuna’s incredibly secure and stylish infant car seat, it ensures your baby's safety remains paramount.

Featuring a steel stability leg and Nuna’s intelligent, straightforward true lock™ installation system, Nuna’s base guarantees ultimate protection for your little one. With a quick 5-second installation and easy-to-read green-for-go safety indicators, setting up the base is effortlessly straightforward, providing you with peace of mind and convenience.


Simplicity meets excellence as the RAVA convertible car seat takes center stage. Designed to surpass American safety standards, it offers a hassle-free and uncomplicated experience. Packed with thoughtful features like ample legroom, effortless adjustments, and our exclusive simply™ secure installation system, this car seat guarantees a seamless setup process.


Embarking on a new journey filled with memorable firsts, your little one deserves the best. Introducing the EXEC, a car seat that offers a first-class experience from the very beginning.

Impeccably designed, the EXEC boasts premium features such as a multi-functioning adjustable leg rest and a cozy Merino wool insert. What's more, it is crafted without any added fire retardant chemicals, prioritizing your child's safety and well-being. This versatile car seat seamlessly transitions from rear-facing to forward-facing and eventually to booster mode, providing a simple installation process and easy conversion.

With the EXEC, luxury accompanies your little one from day one and continues until they reach the milestone of becoming a big kid.


In the whirlwind from preschool to pre-teen, the AACE car seat evolves alongside your child, adapting to their changing needs.

Now, your child can experience the joy of wearing a seatbelt, just like you do. Rest assured, their safety remains a top priority. AACE ensures their comfort with features such as an adjustable headrest and an extendable, expandable seat that offers eight recline positions. With these remarkable attributes, how could they not feel cozy and secure?


Prepare for a revolutionary travel experience with the Nuna REVV rotating convertible car seat. This game-changing car seat is designed to simplify your journey. With a quick and easy installation process, you can effortlessly rotate the seat 360°, ensuring stress-free access for seamless entries and exits during your adventures.

The REVV adapts as your little one grows, transitioning from a rear-facing car seat to a forward-facing one, accommodating newborns up to 40 pounds. Its sleek lines offer a stylish aesthetic for you, while the luxurious fabrics and ventilation system ensure a comfortable ride for your child.

When it comes to safety, the REVV excels. With Steel Strength Technology™ and side impact protection, it prioritizes security. The ten-position, bubble-free recline feature guarantees a snug and secure fit, allowing your child to travel in comfort and peace of mind. The REVV is truly the stress-free rotating seat you've always dreamed of.

Nuna Strollers


Navigate your way through town, embark on spontaneous weekend getaways, or embark on adventures to far-off destinations - a helping hand is always appreciated by every parent. Introducing the Nuna TRVL™ stroller, designed to provide you with the utmost convenience and mobility while exploring the world in style.

With just a simple touch of a button on the push bar, the Nuna TRVL™ stroller effortlessly self-folds into a super-compact and free-standing package. This innovative feature allows you to easily store and transport the stroller, providing the convenience you need on your parenting journey.

Weighing in at a remarkable 13.6 lbs*, this stroller is ultra-lightweight, making it a breeze to carry using the arm bar when folded. For hands-free travel, simply utilize the included carry bag to store it away. The Nuna TRVL™ stroller seamlessly pairs with all PIPA™ series car seats, creating a sleek and cohesive travel system with a simple click - no adapters required. Whether you're navigating the city streets or jet-setting around the globe, you'll appreciate the luxurious materials and ingenious conveniences that this compact and lightweight travel stroller offers.

Designed for versatility, the Nuna TRVL™ stroller can accommodate infants and toddlers weighing up to 50 lbs in either the travel system mode or stroller mode. Experience the freedom to explore with your little one, knowing that you have a reliable and stylish companion by your side.

mixx™ next

Embark on endless adventures alongside MIXX™ next. This remarkable companion effortlessly glides through various terrains with effortless grace and can be effortlessly handled using a single hand. It even transforms into a cozy sanctuary for newborns when laid flat. When not in use, it cleverly folds into a compact form, ensuring compatibility with even the most confined spaces, granting you the freedom to explore numerous destinations.

With its versatile functionality, MIXX next presents four distinctive modes to suit your needs. It seamlessly accommodates a bassinet or a PIPA™ series infant carrier, enabling seamless travel experiences. Alternatively, you can opt to have the stroller seat facing towards you, fostering intimate interactions, or choose to have it facing outward, allowing your little one to discover the world around them.

Remarkably versatile, MIXX next accompanies your child from the earliest stages of life until they reach 50 lb, adapting to their changing needs as they grow.

demi™ grow

In the realm of strollers, behold the marvel of engineering—a masterful creation equipped with Custom Dual Suspension™, delivering an unparalleled ride experience for both precious infants and their caretakers. This ingenious innovation allows you to select from a duo of interchangeable canopies, granting you the power to curate the epitome of bespoke comfort for your little one. Embracing efficiency, our groundbreaking MagneTech Secure Snap™ ensures effortless maneuvering, effortlessly releasing your bundle of joy as effortlessly as it secures them in place.

An all-encompassing marvel, the DEMI grow surpasses all expectations. From its versatile all-season seat to its opulent storage system, it exudes unparalleled elegance and practicality. Marvel at its transformative nature, as it effortlessly expands to accommodate not just one additional passenger but even the unthinkable—a duo of cherished little ones. Whatever destiny may unfold, rest assured that the DEMI grow is meticulously crafted to cater to your unique future self.

triv™ next

The TRIV™ next stroller effortlessly accompanies parents on their everyday excursions, whether it's a leisurely morning walk in the park or cozy afternoons spent in beloved coffee haunts. Its innate affinity for urban living shines through as it seamlessly transforms into a versatile travel system. When the time comes to pack up and head home, this remarkable stroller folds effortlessly and stands upright independently, presenting itself as the ultimate companion for your everyday escapades.

Crafted with utmost consideration for convenience and comfort, the TRIV™ next boasts all-wheel suspension, a user-friendly one-touch braking system, and generously sized rear wheels. These features ensure effortless maneuverability and a luxuriously smooth ride through city streets—almost as if floating on air, granting you unwavering peace of mind.

This thoughtfully designed compact fold stroller offers a remarkable feature—a seat that accommodates both forward and rear-facing positions, adapting to the direction your baby prefers. Furthermore, the all-season seat provides impeccable coziness during winter months and seamlessly transforms into a breathable mesh fabric during summer, optimizing comfort throughout the changing seasons.

Every parent craves a reliable travel companion to partake in the everyday adventures that lie just around the corner, and the TRIV™ next stroller stands ready to fulfill that vital role.

tavo™ next

Unleash the freedom of exploration, whether it be nearby or in far-flung destinations, as the TAVO next stroller gracefully glides along. This remarkable companion ensures that your little one's journey remains perpetually smooth, courtesy of its integrated Free-flex suspension™ system. Rest assured, they will revel in a premium vantage point from their incredibly spacious seat, offering an unparalleled view of the world around them. The TAVO next also boasts a compact fold-away axle™, enabling effortless storage, while the ingenious MagneTech Secure Snap™ secures your child with the ease of a self-guiding magnetic buckle that seamlessly locks into place. With the inclusion of a convenient storage basket, this stroller becomes an embodiment of every parent's dream.

But that's not all—prepare to be astounded as the TAVO next effortlessly connects to the supremely secure PIPA™ series car seats with a mere click, eliminating the need for additional adapters.

Experience the tranquility of a leisurely Sunday stroll, transcending the boundaries of time, allowing every day to become an opportunity for cherished moments of togetherness.

ivvi™ totl

Effortlessly navigate towards your favorite destinations, embracing a sense of style and relishing in every precious moment shared with your little one.

Introducing the extraordinary IVVI totl system—a marvel of inclusivity and innovation. Delight in the meticulously designed bassinet, offering unparalleled comfort for your baby. Revel in the simplicity and ingenuity of the child's tray, ensuring convenience during play dates and lunch outings. With this exceptional stroller by your side, the fusion of functionality and aesthetics becomes an undeniable source of delight.

Embrace a world where the well-being of your baby takes precedence, where every essential element is thoughtfully integrated, and where the aesthetic appeal of the stroller adds an extra layer of joy to your outings. Discover the sheer pleasure of utilizing a stroller that effortlessly caters to both practicality and style, amplifying the joy and creating countless cherished memories along the way.

Nuna Travel Systems

mixx™ next + pipa™ urbn travel system

Experience the ultimate travel system that combines innovative safety features with luxurious comfort, creating a stylish dream team that elevates the experience of living a seamless baby life on the go.

Introducing the Nuna PIPA urbn, a next-level infant car seat that reimagines the future of travel with your baby. This exceptional car seat weighs only 7 pounds, making it ultra-lightweight. With its advanced pipaFIX™ rigid latch installation, you can achieve secure and effortless installs in seconds, even without a base. This groundbreaking baseless installation feature is integrated into the car seat itself, providing convenience and peace of mind when transitioning from car to taxi or rideshare. It also features a one-handed, quick release mechanism from both the stroller and the vehicle, allowing for seamless transitions. Plus, Nuna's iconic Sky drape™ provides the utmost privacy, enabling you and your baby to navigate modern-day life with ease.

Enjoy the freedom to go anywhere with the Nuna MIXX next stroller. Designed for smooth maneuverability with just one hand, it ensures a comfortable ride for both you and your little one. Offering various riding modes for different ages and stages, this stroller provides versatility and adaptability. The five-position recline feature can be effortlessly adjusted with one hand, allowing for customized comfort options for your baby. When you're done strolling, the stroller conveniently folds away in a compact manner, regardless of the seat's direction. It seamlessly connects with the PIPA urbn car seat, making life on the go with your baby a breeze.

mixx next™

Introducing the Nuna MIXX Next, the evolution of Nuna's highly acclaimed stroller series, engineered to elevate your parenting experience with enhanced features and a fresh identity.

Building upon the legacy of its predecessor, the MIXX Next triumphs with a compact fold that surpasses expectations, folding a remarkable 6.5 inches smaller than its forerunner. Astonishingly, it stands upright independently when folded, streamlining storage and transport. Experience superior maneuverability like never before, thanks to the refined suspension system and meticulously redesigned rubber wheels, ensuring effortless navigation in any terrain.

The MIXX Next arrives with Nuna's ingenious ring-shaped car seat adapter, an exclusive design that seamlessly integrates with all Nuna infant car seats. This groundbreaking adapter allows swift, one-handed attachment and detachment of the car seat, facilitating seamless transitions from car to stroller. Furthermore, the stroller harmoniously pairs with the MIXX Series Bassinet, a haven approved for safe and secure overnight sleeping.

Travel and In-Home Gear

Baby Carriers

cudl™ clik

Parenthood is a remarkable journey, filled with moments that are both overwhelming and profoundly rewarding. Embracing the joy of sharing these experiences with your baby while staying hands-free is what makes it truly extraordinary. Introducing the CUDL™ clik baby carrier—an embodiment of snug closeness and liberating freedom, allowing you to cherish those small everyday moments that hold immense significance.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the CUDL clik ensures optimal comfort for both parent and baby. Its breathable mesh fabric, coupled with padded shoulder and waist straps, creates a cool and cozy environment. The buckled waistband effortlessly clicks into place, enabling swift adjustments for a perfect fit. Additionally, a removable wristlet pouch accompanies this carrier, serving as a convenient storage solution for on-the-go essentials, effortlessly preparing you for the adventures that lie ahead.

Experience the simplicity and safety of four magnetic locking buckles, ensuring quick and secure fastening. Shield your little one from the elements with the attached hood, providing shade, while the integrated breeze cover offers additional protection during your outings. As your baby grows, the CUDL clik ergonomically adapts, accommodating the journey from the tender newborn phase, when closeness to your heart is paramount, to the exploratory toddler stage, allowing you to navigate the day together. Because together, every step of the way, is undeniably extraordinary.

cudl™ 4-in-1

The realm of parenting can be overwhelming, but when it comes to wearing a baby carrier, simplicity should reign supreme. Introducing the CUDL baby carrier—an epitome of ease, enabling you to keep your precious little one close and secure while enjoying the freedom of hands-free movement. Prepare to be acquainted with four innovative magnetic buckles, revolutionizing the art of on-the-go fastening, ensuring swift and effortless security. With a mere snap, you'll be ready for any adventure that comes your way.

Indulge in the epitome of comfort and customization, courtesy of the CUDL baby carrier. Crafted with breathable mesh fabric and complemented by padded shoulder and waist straps, it embraces a world where both you and your baby can relish in pure contentment. Each position in the CUDL offers your growing child the gift of ergonomic positioning, nurturing the healthy development of their spine and hips. Begin the journey with your little one facing inward, enveloped in coziness, utilizing the integrated infant booster specially designed for newborns. As your child grows, a simple unzip allows for seamless transition and unrestricted growth.

Empower yourself with the knowledge that you can effortlessly adjust and don the CUDL baby carrier alone, without the need for additional assistance. When your baby craves a sightseeing adventure, allow them to face outward, marveling at the world unfolding before their eyes. Alternatively, switch to the back carry mode, catering to the needs of growing toddlers, ensuring their comfort and your peace of mind.

Cribs and Playards

sena™ aire

Experience the transformative power of restful slumber, easily within your grasp. Introducing the SENA aire, a marvel of convenience that effortlessly unfolds in mere seconds. Its revolutionary Advanced air design™ ensures a comprehensive 360° ventilation system, promoting optimal airflow and cultivating an environment of unparalleled freshness, guaranteeing blissful, rejuvenating sleep for your little one. With this remarkable innovation at your disposal, you can effortlessly transform any space into a haven for your baby's peaceful nights.

cove™ aire go

Grant your baby a haven they can call their own, regardless of your location. Embrace the convenience of our COVE aire go play yard, seamlessly transforming into a bedside crib with its sleek silhouette, enabling you to keep your little one close throughout the night, even within confined spaces. Whether you're visiting Grandma's house or indulging in a well-deserved vacation at your favorite resort, the COVE aire go serves as the perfect travel companion, effortlessly unfolding and folding with just a single hand.

This innovative design boasts a full-size bassinet at its core, adapting to your baby's changing needs as they grow. As they enter a new stage of development, simply unzip the bassinet and remove it to reveal a spacious play area. The evolutionary Advanced air design™ ensures 360° ventilation, facilitating optimal airflow from every angle, as all mesh sides, floor, and mattress work harmoniously to create a refreshing environment. With the ventilated mattress, heat is effectively drawn away from your baby, leaving them feeling cool, comfortable, and revitalized.

Embark on your travels with wisdom and efficiency. Choose the COVE aire go as your trusted companion, providing a sense of familiarity and home for your baby, regardless of your destination.

Baby Seats and Rockers

leaf™ grow

With a tender and effortless nudge from you, LEAF™ grow gracefully sways from side to side, embracing your baby in a soothing and calming motion. No matter their age, your little one will find solace and delight in this extraordinary experience, cherishing the serenity it provides.

High Chairs


No matter if your little one is a hearty eater, a messy eater, or a playful eater, ZAAZ is here to embrace every dining adventure.

From the moment they show their readiness, you can be fully prepared to accommodate them with the Nuna ZAAZ. This exceptional high chair boasts a compact design, surpassing the bulkiness of most traditional high chairs, allowing for seamless placement right up to the table. Understanding that food can become a child's artistic medium, akin to what paint was to Picasso, we have prioritized effortless cleaning. Simply wipe down the ZAAZ or effortlessly disassemble the parts and place them in the dishwasher for a hassle-free cleaning experience.

Spend less time on clean-up and more time indulging in playful moments with your little one. ZAAZ ensures a dining experience that is as convenient as it is delightful.