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Tiny Love Take-Along Mobile - Meadow Days
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Yogasleep Dohm Natural Sound Machine - White/Gray
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Petit Pehr Mobile - Noah's Ark
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The Best Newborn Mobiles and Soothers

The decorative staple of almost every nursery, the functional wonders are a delight for children. Simply, a mobile is a product that hangs above the crib and typically has hanging toys for your child to watch and play with. Mobiles promote motor development, as babies will typically begin to reach for them. Some mobiles will also automatically rotate and move, as well as play music or soothing sounds for your baby. Soothers, while sometimes being a name for a pacifier, can also refer to baby toys that don’t hang above the crib, but reside near and provide a calming environment for your child (perhaps by projecting stars upon the ceiling and playing soothing sounds or music). 


Choosing the Best Baby Mobile

This decision is really up to you--babies tend to love highly contrasting colors, but we can’t say that the toys have to be of any particular style or color for your baby to love them (so a good idea would be to keep with the “theme” of the nursery). You will want to check your crib, especially if you have a not-so-common crib shape, to make sure that a particular model will fit securely on the mobile. 

Some parents choose a baby mobile based on weight, opting for a lightweight, wind-blown rotation, while some parents like the bells and whistles of a mechanical mobile that spins and lights up for their baby. It’s your call--we can make a great argument for both, to be honest. And kids truly love these--so the only important decision is to have one or not, in which case we encourage it if it fits your budget.


Our Favorite Infant Mobiles and Soothers

  • The The Tiny Love Take Along Mobile features 30 minutes of continuous music and five different melodies to help soothe your baby. The bright-colored, adorable toys help to keep your baby entertained while providing a familiar feel.


Deals on Baby Mobiles and Soothers at Albee Baby

We’re constantly looking to provide you with top brands that are loved by parents at closeout or discounted prices, and hope our offerings always reflect a daft ability to deliver the best products for parents in ways that meet any budget. We encourage you to browse our current sales on baby mobiles and soothers.