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The Best Nursery Lights and Lamps

When it comes to your nursery, you’d be surprised at how the proper lighting can either complete the room or work to undo the vision you had in mind. Most importantly, you’ll want to keep in mind that while you’re possibly used to overhead lighting, it’s not ideal to help relax your little one back to sleep while snuggling up in your glider. Most parents we talk with seem to remember their nursery room lamps more than any other baby room decor items. 

Furthermore, this is your chance to own a dinosaur lamp just like you always wanted to do. For real. Dinosaurs are cool, and now you can get your own dino lamp and blame it on your kid, and finally everything will be right with the world.


How to Choose a Nursery Lamp and Lighting

Choosing the right lighting for your nursery is a little more challenging than you might think. To do this correctly, you’ll have to realize that every room has its own unique challenges to light. 

Most importantly, you want a situation where you can provide bright daylight sun to your newborn, as well as the subdued, cabin-like lighting for those late-night feedings. Typically, that would mean choosing a room in your home that gets lots of sunlight or using daylight-simulating light bulbs in an overhead capacity, and then choosing lamps for the room that will function to fill the room with soft, comfortable light at night while your little one is going to sleep. If you want to add a third degree of light options, you can choose a glow toy, light projector (the kind that shoots stars on a ceiling), or even a traditional nightlight. 

As for style, there is a wealth of options available (did we mention dinosaur lamps?). What you choose is up to you, but be sure to check the wattage and never put in a bulb over the wattage recommendations because you can run the risk of a fire.


Our Favorite Lamps and Lighting for Your Nursery

  • The DinoROAR! Lamp was designed by British artist Marke Newton and inspired by cult 50s dinosaur movies. 
  • The Gummygoods Night Light is the portable, squeezable sidekick that goes with you from story time to summer camp.


Nursery Lighting Sales at Albee Baby

We do our best to provide markdowns and sales on our nursery lighting and lamp offerings as much as possible, as we know that it’s important to young parents to be able to afford all the wonderful nursery room decor that their budget will allow. If you’re looking for a deal on nursery lighting and lamps, please browse our collection as we are sure you’ll find a perfect option to fit your nursery (and we have dinosaur lamps).