Safety & Child Proofing

Child Safety Products & Child Proofing at Albee Baby

There are many wonderful things parents can experience about parenthood, especially with their first baby. It’s unlike anything. It’s a love you cannot know until you experience it yourself. But one thing that isn’t so much fun about being a parent is worrying about your little one. And, whether you like it or not, you will worry more than you expect. Thankfully, there are a lot of great companies and great minds making great baby products that help protect your little one from dangers around the home. Child-proofing your home (or hotel room) according to the guidelines set out by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association Guidelines goes a long way to bring the peace-of-mind you need as a new parent, and we have the right gear to help keep your little one away from danger.

Corner and Edge Guards

You likely never realize how many sharp edges there are to your furniture until you have a baby learning to walk nearby. Then, just like finding the image in a stereogram, you realize just how many sharp corners and edges there are. Don’t worry, corner and edge guards are here to save the day.

Electrical Safety

Without fail, little ones will become fascinated with wall plugs. They’ll see you use them and quickly embrace their puzzle-like quality. The problem is that curiosity precedes an understanding of electricity. To solve this problem, plug covers and other items regarding electrical safety will help you avoid an emergency. Be sure to buy enough to take some along to hotels or the homes of family and friends. 

Locks and Stoppers

Just like with electrical outlets, kids will see you use your cabinets--which can open to an assortment of delicious-looking drinks (AKA cleaning supplies), new cooking toys (your fine dishware), and so on. Locks and stoppers will help keep babies out of places they don’t need to explore.

Furniture Safety

Another challenge children face is the possibility of furniture falling over on top of them. Thankfully, we have furniture tip-over prevention kits that attach to your furniture and the wall, keeping little ones from being able to pull bookshelves and dressers to the floor.

Gates & Rails

Every parent loves the baby gate. When you have a home, babyproofing the entire home is nearly impossible. You can, however, babyproof several rooms and use baby gates to keep your little one out of the rooms that you want to keep for adults. Additionally, gates are a sure-fire way to prevent kids from falling down stairs, climbing up stairs, or leaving via the backdoor of the house. They come in a variety of options from hardware-mounted, pressure-mounted to extra wide, all with the shared goal of keeping baby safe.

Play Areas

Much like a baby gate can enclose a room, play areas allow you to sanction a portion of the room so you can allow your baby to play safely and freely. Play areas are especially useful for multiple kids (when your friends bring over their kids), as the play areas are typically larger than a playard or playpen.

Bed Rails

The child safety bed rail is an essential item when transitioning your child from the crib to a bed. This allows your baby to sleep in a grown-up bed without having to worry about them falling onto the floor.

Baby Harnesses

When your baby learns to walk, they are going to want to walk—all the time! With that in mind, however, it can be daunting to walk in crowded places or even rugged mountain paths. With a tether, you can keep your child close as you walk without having to specifically hold hands the whole time.

Baby Monitors

There have been amazing advancements in technology over the past 20 years, so the baby monitor you remember from your childhood has since evolved into practically a piece of spy gear with HD video that can stream anywhere, while monitoring the ambient temperature of the room, your baby’s pulse oxygen, and more.