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Naturepedic Organic Cotton 2-Sided Contoured Changing Pad - Natural
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Naturepedic Organic Cotton Changing Pad 4-Sided Contoured
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Petit Pehr Changing Pad Cover - Alphabet
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Petit Pehr Changing Pad Cover - Noah's Ark
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Especially Baby Contour Changing Pad Cover in Ecru
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The Best Baby Changing Pads and Sheets

When it comes to changing pads, there are two rules you need to follow:

  1. Never set up a nursery without one. 
  2. Easy-cleaning options rule the roost.

As you’ll quickly learn, changing pads are near-necessity when it comes to raising a newborn. There are simply too many times you’ll be glad that you purchased a comfortable, easily cleaned changing pad and sheet as your little one will likely be fussier during diaper changes than any other time. Having a changing table and a comfortable place to keep baby only helps to ease your challenges, as well as makes the experience more enjoyable for your newborn.


Choosing a Changing Pad and Sheet

First and foremost, if you’re using the changing pad on a changing table, you’ll want to select a pad that fits your table. No matter what, make sure it’s comfortable and easy-to-clean (all of the changing pads at Albee meet this criteria already). Next, you’ll choose your sheet--and for this there are all kinds of options. There are warmer changing pad sheets for winter, lighter ones for summer, red ones, blue ones, ones with elephants on them, and so on. There are a lot of choices, so the world is your oyster on this one. 

If you decide to skip the sheet, know that your changing pad can (quickly) end up much dirtier than when using a sheet, and sheets are more easily replaced. The soft fabric covers also really help make the changing experience more comfortable for your baby, too. 


Our Favorite Changing Pads and Sheets

We love our entire selection of changing pads, but if we were to highlight a few based on what our customers are saying, we’d like to suggest:

  • The Naturepedic Organic Cotton 4-Sided Changing Pad is a deluxe contoured pad featuring organic cotton filling and fabrics. It has earned the strictest GREENGUARD® certification for eliminating chemical emissions, making this pad an excellent choice for parents seeking to remove potentially harmful chemicals from their baby's nursery.
  • The Petit Pehr's changing pad covers are made from their softest brushed cotton and quilted for added coziness.