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Aden and Anais

Aden and Anais believes in giving comfort to both parents and babies. When Australian mother Raegan Moya-Jones had her first child in New York City in 2003, she wanted to use muslin blankets to swaddle her baby, as mothers had done for centuries in Australia. When she couldn’t find any, she decided to make her own. Breathability, softness, and durability are some of the natural benefits to using muslin to create swaddles and blankets, giving parents assurance that their newborn will be comfortable and safe.

The simplicity of Aden and Anais' products means that they can be used in different ways. Swaddling blankets can be used as tummy-time blankets, burp clothes, stroller covers--the only limit is your creativity. These simple yet versatile products are the perfect multi-taskers, guaranteed to make your life as a parent a little easier, and your newborn’s life a bit cozier.

While the design of the products themselves are simple, their patterns and prints are modern and unique. There is a story of inspiration behind each pattern, giving a feeling of depth to something as simple as a bib. From sleeping bags that little legs can’t kick off, to blankets that keep your child cool in the summer, but warm in the winter, Aden and Anais products give a unique take on items parents use every day.

Albee Baby is proud to carry products from a brand like Aden and Anais that works to create safe products that make life simpler and more comfortable. Browse our wide selection of swaddles and blankets, all at reasonable prices. Every parent and child deserves to be comfortable.