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The Best Baby Furniture

Finding the perfect furniture for your future child’s nursery is one of the most important parts of planning for your baby’s arrival. Here at Albee Baby, we’ve found the top baby furniture from the best brands to ensure that your nursery is functional and safe, all without sacrificing style and quality. It’s important that you and your baby are comfortable in your nursery. At AlbeeBaby, we have a wide range of baby furniture to suit any home, at any budget. You can be sure to find nursery pieces that are elegant and sophisticated, yet still have modern elements. We carry a variety of cribs that can change and grow with your child, transforming into a toddler bed with a rail or a twin bed for when your child is ready. 



The centerpiece of your nursery, the baby crib is easily the most important gear when it comes to your baby’s room. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to where your baby sleeps—safety, comfort, style, size, durability, and so on. At Albee, we try our best to reduce the number of decisions you need to make by choosing great products that remove questions about safety and durability. It’s much easier to browse a collection of cribs without having to investigate which ones are safe—which is why all products here at Albee Baby meet (and many, many times exceed) federal safety standards.

The decision of which crib to purchase depends on what you are looking for—do you need something small and simple, or do you want to go for a larger crib that will accommodate your LO for a longer period of time? What style would you like to choose? What mattress would best fit your child’s sleep needs? Thankfully, we have you covered—no matter what you would like. 


Dressers and Storage

When it comes to dressers and storage for your nursery, you want to be prepared. Even for first-time parents who think that they won’t be purchasing a lot of clothing, they would be surprised to learn just how often friends and relatives purchase baby clothes and toys for their newborn. Many times, parents have more clothes than the baby can wear, which then get re-gifted to other parents. You’ll need a place to keep all of this stuff, and something durable and stylish that can translate to the years beyond the nursery, too. We’ve got you covered with a wide selection of baby gear, top-of-the-industry brands, and products that parents love.


Gliders, Rockers, and Ottomans

One of the sweetest memories that you can enjoy with your child (time and time again) is the late-night cuddle and breastfeeding in the nursery while relaxing together in a glider/rocker. Tremendously comfortable for such generally affordable prices (we think more people would just furnish their homes with these if they tried them), gliders and rockers make an awesome addition to your nursery and serve to provide several years of your life’s favorite memories.


Bassinets and Cradles

You are going to want to go places with your baby. From taking a trip to see the grandparents to renting a secluded cabin in the woods, you’ll quickly learn that your baby loves to discover new places. With that in mind, humankind has invented the portable bassinet. You can set one up right next to your own bed at home, but more importantly, can quickly and easily take these with you wherever you may go.


Toddler Beds and Bed Rails

Congratulations on successfully raising your little one into toddlerhood! When your child is ready to graduate into a toddler bed or a twin size (or larger) bed with bed rails, we have you covered! We’ve got a great selection of beds that will fit your child’s needs, and the shopping should be simple—we’ve already selected items that exceed safety standards, so you don’t need to worry about whether a particular baby item here is safe or not. Let us welcome you into the world of toddlerhood with great prices, great selection, reward points with your purchase, and fast, free shipping on anything over $49.


Bunk Beds

Remember when you were little and always wanted to have a bunk bed? Here’s your chance to live vicariously through your children. Kid love bunk beds! Bunk beds are awesome ways to save space, provide a fun (yet relaxing) sleeping environment, make blanket forts, and strengthen the bonds between your children.


Twin and Full-size Beds

When your child is ready, there are some great kid-friendly twin and full-size beds that they will love that are just waiting for you. We select the safest and most-loved-by-parents beds for you, and when you browse our selection, you can rest assured that these are all beds we’d have for our kids in our own homes (and often they are the beds we have in our own homes).


Tables and Chairs

Table and chair sets for your nursery are a fun and welcome addition for when your little one is old enough to sit and enjoy them. From tea parties to snacks and meals, games to coloring, these table and chair sets will be a heavily used item in your daily routine once your child is up and about (maybe around the one-year mark, on average). We have a great selection of some of parents’ favorite nursery table sets, and we think that you’ll like so many of them that the biggest challenge will be which one to buy.