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Travel Systems at Albee Baby

Travel systems are “baby gear” components, such as a car seat and stroller, that all “fit together.” An infant car seat that detaches from its base in the car and clicks directly into the stroller as you transfer your child from car to sidewalk is probably the best example of the travel system concept. Travel systems can also include bassinets and other baby gear, all of which are designed to work together. Travel systems typically offer the highest level of comfort and safety for your baby, and the least amount of “additional work” for you as a parent.

How a Travel System Works

With travel systems, the car seat base always stays in your car, making clicking the car seat into place a breeze. From there, the infant car seat can transfer easily to a stroller with just a click. Whether you like simple and sleek strollers or a rugged and ready-for-a-trail-run jogging stroller, there is a wide selection of travel systems that make it possible to go from home to car to wherever you want to go with minimal hassle and maximum safety and efficiency. Most of these still come with the single-hand fold, dampening shocks, rugged wheels, and other luxuries, so by choosing a travel system, you’re not sacrificing any stroller features that come with stand-alone strollers.

Even better, travel systems can grow with your child. That means that the rear-facing infant car seat you use when your baby is little can be switched to a forward-facing seat when he or she is older. The infant car seat can easily click into the stroller when your little one is a baby, and then when he or she doesn’t need that functionality anymore, he or she can sit up proudly in the stroller seat or even stand on an attachable platform to make room for his new sibling while sharing the stroller (which is different from using a double stroller).

How to Choose a Stroller and Car Seat Travel System

The best way to choose a travel system for you and your little one is to start by evaluating the stroller that’s part of the travel system, since you’ll use the stroller longer than the infant car seat. When you find the stroller that you feel will work best for you (ask yourself about size, weight, multiple passengers, travel, storage basket size, etc.), you will likely then be pointed to the infant car seat that works for you by looking at the correlating products. Sometimes, a travel system can use more than one car type of car seat, but others are designed to only work together.

Some of Our Favorite Travel Systems

  • The Britax Pathway & B-Safe 35 Travel System is a great, well-rounded travel system to choose for parents who are just starting out. The stroller is easy-to-use and exceptionally comfortable, and the B-Safe 35 is a remarkable work of art when it comes to the combination of style and safety.
  • The Chicco VIaro Travel System is lightweight & compact. The lightweight Viaro stroller makes quick and compact travel and storage a cinch. And with a large basket, detachable child tray (which functions as a car seat adapter in travel system mode) and parent tray with storage compartment and two cup holders, the Viaro provides an abundance of storage space! Furthermore, it comes with the #1-Rated Chicco KeyFit 30--the easiest car seat to install simply, accurately, and securely.

Travel Systems at Albee Baby

And here at Albee Baby, we carry the highest quality lines from brands that are loved by parents--all around the world. Our featured travel systems are full of thoughtful details and ingenious solutions to the everyday challenges of transporting your little ones around town, over rugged terrain, or across the country.

With optional accessories like weather shields, cup holders, and generous storage, there is really no place you can’t explore with your little ones. And when you shop at Albee Baby, you know you are getting the best variety of the highest-quality products on the market today. After nearly 100 years in the industry, we know how important it is to have travel systems that work well together.