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Joolz is a company with a very straight-forward message; they want to create products that enable parents to create happy memories with their children. They believe that through the positive design of their strollers, they can allow you to be the best, happiest parent you can be. They want to minimize all the stress that comes with being a new parent (even if itís for the second or third time), so you can focus on the memories that matter.

If you are a homebody, or perhaps a frequent traveler, the Joolz Geo 2 stroller is a great product for all families. Whether you have just one child or multiples, this luxurious stroller can take you from the airport, to the grocery store, wherever you need to go. This stroller has many features that are great for both you and your child, just as a high bassinet and seat, so you donít have to bend too far down to reach your little one. The seat is hypoallergenic and large, so your baby will always be comfortable to take naps.

Joovy is inspired by real families like yours, which is why their strollers can take your child through the early stages of life, and can easily accommodate children of different ages, and even twins. This one design can fit an extremely wide range of family situations.

AlbeeBaby offers a wide range of Joolz products at reasonable prices. From a variety of beautifully colored strollers, to diaper bags and cup holders, there is sure to be a product to help you celebrate the happy things in life.