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The Best Jogging Strollers

As any parent will tell you, it is very difficult to find personal time after you have children, and even harder to find time to exercise. With a jogging stroller, you can more easily make that time to work out by taking your child along with you. Jogging strollers are sturdy, lightweight strollers with high-quality wheels that are designed to keep your baby safe and comfortable while you go for a run. Jogging strollers are highly maneuverable and easy-to-use, and even tend to come with a hand brake (something that you won’t find on other types of strollers). Whether you are a serious runner, or just trying to find a way to get more active with your child, a jogging stroller can be a game changer.

Once your baby has developed enough neck muscle for it to be safe for you to take them out jogging, Running is a great way to spend time with your child while enjoying the fresh air and scenery. Also, jogging strollers are designed for more than just jogging or running, but for hiking and/or any other outdoor activity that would require a light-weight stroller with quick maneuverability, larger tires, and better suspension for your little one.

Jogging Stroller Safety

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, falls are the most dangerous risk when it comes to strollers. With that said, you want to make sure that you are always following the documentation that accompanies your stroller and registering your stroller (by sending in the registration card) so you are aware of any product recalls. By doing these things and following these additional steps, you should be just fine out there:

  • Don’t start running with your child until they are around eight months old. The reason for this is that you want their neck muscles to be strong when you start adding in the speed and terrain that comes with jogging with your child. If you feel that your child is ready to be sitting up in a jogging stroller due to stronger neck muscles, do consult with your pediatrician before heading out. 
  • If you can lock the front wheel, do so for jogging. The unlock mode is for walking around, but if left unlocked at jogging speeds can cause the stroller to veer in unwanted directions. 
  • Apply the brake if you stop. Jogging strollers are very smooth rides that are very easy to push and can be prone to drifting off rather easily if left unlocked. 
  • Don’t weigh down the stroller, as many falls occur from parents adding too much weight to the back of the stroller (diaper bag, water bottle, etc.). Instead, keep it light and balanced, especially with a younger child in the stroller. 
  • And, of course, always use the harness. 

Choosing Your Jogging Stroller

  • Jogging strollers are a niche type of stroller that requires that you really understand what you are looking for before you make a purchase. Stability is a great thing, but the more “stable” the stroller feels, the more it’s designed for walking. As it stands, some jogging strollers ARE more stable because they know parents will jog with them sometimes and walk with them at other times. In contrast, some joggers are designed for the hardcore jogger and don’t give a lot of attention to using the stroller as a walk-around stroller.  
  • Jogging strollers also sometimes come with adjustable handlebars--which is great if you happen to be taller or shorter than the average person. You will have to push the stroller while you run, and a mismatch in height could be rather troublesome. 
  • If you get a jogging stroller with a hand brake, you’ll not need to serve as a hand brake yourself by slowing your pace and changing your posture when you’re running downhill, which is another helpful tip when choosing your stroller.

Some of Our Favorite Jogging Strollers

  • The Thule Urban Glide 2 Single Stroller is a sleek, competent stroller that will provide for you while running and when using it as a walk-around. It’s easy to maneuver no matter where you may go, thanks to its lightweight design, large 16" rear wheels, and swivel front wheel. The integrated twist hand brake offers improved security and braking control on hilly terrain and while running. And it has a comfortable seat with a padded 5-point harness and integrated ventilation.
  • The BOB Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller’s SmoothShox™ suspension and air-filled tires soak up bumps to balance out your little adventurer’s ride, keeping him or her happy on all-day excursions. And with stainless-steel ball bearings, you get 360 degrees of ultra-smooth steering and lasting durability. When your outing comes to an end, fold the stroller fast with a single twist of the hand.
  • Combining the features of an everyday stroller and a fitness jogger is the Chicco Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller. It accepts all KeyFit® and Fit2® car seats with the click-in attachment, an adjustable push handle, soft parent tray with two cup holders, and large storage basket provide added convenience. Additionally, the rear parking brake is also controlled from the console—instead of with a foot pedal—to keep running strides unobstructed.

Jogging Strollers at Albee Baby

We’ve leveraged our relationships with the best baby stroller brands and our experience of nearly a century (Albee Baby was founded in 1933) to bring you a selection of jogging strollers that we feel you’ll absolutely love. All strollers for sale here at Albee Baby meets AND exceeds federal safety standards, so you don’t have to worry while you shop. We offer fast, free shipping on any order over $49, too. 

If you feel like it’s time to get up and out, then jogging strollers are one wonderful way to do that. What can be better doing what you love with the little one(s) you love? So go ahead--take to the street, the country, the trails, and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and exercise that’s waiting for you.