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The Best Lightweight Strollers

In the world of strollers, lightweight strollers and umbrella strollers (collectively also known as compact strollers) meet the needs of parents who are looking for the best stroller to make quick stops, run in and out of multiple stores, navigate busy and crowded streets, and have little storage space for a stroller in their trunk or via public transportation. Simply, if you are a parent on the go and have a child over six months of age, the best stroller for your daily outings is going to be a lightweight or umbrella stroller. When you can grab a stroller with one hand, fold or unfold it with a click, and easily maneuver it along sidewalks or store aisles, it makes all the difference.

Don’t think for one second that because you’re giving up the SUV-like qualities of a full-size stroller or the BMX-bike-like qualities of the jogging strollers that you’re going to get the bottom-of-the-barrel when it comes to amenities. Just because you’re giving up “bulk,” doesn’t mean that you’re foregoing great quality, design, or comfort. Albee Baby’s wide range of top-tier brands feature amenities like cushioned seats, sunshades, generous undercarriage room for storage (although, to be honest, less than you’d find on a full-size stroller), and even cup holders for mom or dad. What you are gaining is greater maneuverability in a stroller that meets and exceeds all federal safety standardsand is as comfortable for you to push as it is for your baby’s relaxation. 


Lightweight Stroller Safety

With a stroller that is so easy to carry and move around (and so lightweight, hence the name), are you sacrificing anything in safety for such abilities? In short, as long as you follow the recommended guidelines from the manufacturer and safety organizations like the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (participation in their certification is only voluntary, however) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, you can rest easy.  

Is your compact stroller safe for a newborn? If it reclines fully, yes. Do make sure to read the guidelines on the stroller before you purchase. Many umbrella strollers do not fully recline, so you may have to wait until your baby is at least six months old before using an umbrella stroller.


Choosing Your Lightweight Stroller

We’re going to bet that your most important decision maker is going to be safety. The good news? You don’t have to worry about it--all our strollers meet AND exceed safety standards. Beyond that, you should decide whether you are interested in a lightweight stroller (with its more-than-umbrella-stroller-storage-space, cup holders, feeding trays, and stand-up fold) or an umbrella stroller (which has a remarkable space-saving fold and is super lightweight, even when compared to lightweight strollers). 

Once you’ve decided which type of compact stroller to choose, the next criteria are amenities. Do you need extra storage for medical equipment, or are mostof your adventures in the morning when a cup holder will go great with your morning coffee (yep, sometimes coffee is a need)? Will you be traveling on very flat surfaces or more uneven ones (bigger wheels add stability to your travels)? 

Style and comfort are also important, but the good news is that unlike the clothing industry, looking good doesn’t have to come at the cost of feeling good--strollers are designed to be stylish and comfortable, so go ahead and pick the one that speaks best to you and your baby. 


Some of Our Favorite Lightweight Strollers

Like a parent, it’s truly difficult to choose our favorites. They’re all unique in little ways and effective in the important ways. But a few that our customers and industry can’t stop raving about include:

  • People are going crazy over the Baby Jogger 2020 City Mini 2 Stroller. It’s not the most expensive, it’s not the most affordable, butit is a tour de force of quality stroller engineering that parents and babies love. Further, the lightweight and compactthree-wheel design is remarkably nimble and ready for adventure.
  • Additionally, we really like the Babyzen YOYO+ Stroller. YOYO+ folds and unfolds, is carried like a bag (approx. 6 kg), is one-hand driving, fits just about anywhere (extremely compact 52 x 44 x 18 cm), is comfortable (4-wheel suspension and exclusive "soft drive" system) and can be traveled with as hand luggage. 
  • Another stroller to check out would be the Inglesina Net Stroller.  Our favorite features include the Net's wide seat and 2-position recline that allows your little passenger to take a pleasant nap, and its canopy is rated UPF 50+, too. The Net is extremely easy to open and close, and—when folded—it can stand on its own so that no partthat will bein direct contact with your baby will touch the ground.


Compact Strollers at Albee Baby

With all the baby gear that you must keep track of with a newborn, getting around easily shouldn’t have to be a concern. There are absolutely times when you will want a “Rolls Royce” of a stroller with a full-size stroller or a jogger that’s meant for more rugged outdoor use, but when you are looking for the fastest, lightest, and simplest way to get from point A to point B, our compact strollers are ready for the job.