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As a new parent, one of the biggest jolts to your routine is realizing that you realize you have to haul an entire car?s worth of gear with you everywhere you go. Who knew something so tiny could require so many items just to leave the house for a couple of hours?

When you?re on the go and you need to make seamless transitions from car to wherever you?re headed ? whether you?re out exploring or running errands ? you know the frustration of having to wrestle with a heavy stroller when all you really need is something simple. Nothing makes things easier than a sturdy lightweight stroller.

When you can grab a stroller with one hand, fold or unfold it with a click, and easily maneuver it along sidewalks or store aisles, it makes all the difference.

Lightweight strollers, like the Babyzen Yoyo+ 6+ stroller, allow you to transition quickly from your car, and they provide a comfortable, safe ride for your little one with minimal hassle for you. And when you?re not using them, you can simply fold them up and put them aside. Many of Albee Baby?s brands stand even when folded, and slide easily into the back of the car, taking up very little space.

Now, don?t go thinking that just because you?re giving up bulk means that you?re forgoing great quality, design, or convenience. Albee Baby?s wide range of top-tier brands, such as the Quinny Zapp and the super popular Britax B-Agile 3 feature amenities like cushioned seats, sun shades, generous under-carriage room for storage, and even cup holders for you. Our lightweight strollers still maneuver like a dream, still meet and exceed all safety standards, and are as comfortable for you to push as they are for your baby to ride in. Go bold or basic ? no matter what, you?ll be transporting your baby in style.

With all the stuff you have to keep track of with a new baby, getting around shouldn?t have to be a chore. Sure, there are absolutely times when you want a stroller that?s larger or that?s meant for more rugged outdoor use ? and Albee Baby has everything to meet your transportation needs. But when you?re looking for the fastest, lightest, simplest way to get from Point A to Point B, our lightweight strollers are everything you need, and nothing that you don?t.

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