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Mountain Buggy

There are lots of places that can feel off-limits to you as a new parent. The places you used to go with ease suddenly become difficult to navigate with a baby and baby stuff in tow. For people who really love the outdoors, transporting your new addition can be a major challenge.

This was the inspiration for Mountain Buggy strollers: one father’s determination to be able to get out and enjoy the majestic New Zealand mountain trails with his baby. Driven by the desire to live a life without limits, Mountain Buggy became the first company to create a truly all-terrain stroller ? one that can maneuver as easily over rugged trails as it does through urban obstacle courses.

It seems that the driving questions behind these innovative strollers is a simple one: How can we make it easy for families to be as active as they want to be in as many places as they want to be?

This means two sets of tires included with the Terrain stroller ? a 16? set for rugged trails and a 12? set for smoother urban surfaces ? that can switch out in seconds. It means drum brakes that work with a hand lever, making one-hand control easy as you hike, run, or run errands. It means the ingenious Freerider Strollerboard that connects to the rear axle to allow a second older child to tag a ride, or that easily disconnects and transforms into a scooter for independent play.

If you’re as fashion-forward as you are on the move, consider the Cosmopolitan GEO. Built with the same structural integrity as all Mountain Buggy strollers, it features the same maneuverability, durability, and adaptability as other models, with an added luxe touch. Clean, simple lines and lush fabric make this model versatile and comfy ? with the highest safety standards and the same 12? rear aeromaxx tires that Mountain Buggy uses for its Terrain strollers provide a smooth, comfortable ride in all kinds of conditions. One-touch folding and a range of matching accessories create a travel system that looks as great as it works.

And if you live where it snows, you know the hassle of trying to get out in the winter. Mountain Buggy solves that problem, too! With cozy accessories like hand muffs for the pusher and a sleeping bag for the passenger, there never has to be a day where you can’t get out an enjoy the fresh air. Even better, for especially wintry days, attach Mountain Buggy skis to your stroller tires for better movement over snow and ice.

If you’re the kind of family that loves to be outdoors and doesn’t see having a baby as a setback to enjoying life in all kinds of natural settings ? then these strollers specifically designed to take on the trails are just what you’ve been looking for.