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The Best Nursery Rugs

Nursery rugs are a great choice for parents looking to add function or style (or both) to their nursery. For those with hardwood floors, a nursery rug may be a necessity. For those with carpeting, a rug will still help provide additional crawling comfort and help to protect the carpeting underneath. 

From a style perspective, it’s been said (in certain bowling leagues) that a rug can really tie a room together. And it’s true. Choosing the perfect nursery rug can be the final piece to the decor puzzle, complimenting the decor and bringing life to the entire nursery.


How to Choose a Nursery Rug

When it comes time to choose a nursery rug, you’ll want to follow these guidelines:

  • It’s ideal to find a larger rug than a smaller one. This will give the room a more cohesive look overall, even if some furniture goes over the rug. 
  • If you have plush carpeting, you want to pick a firmer rug to keep the rug from wrinkling. For berber carpets, any rug would work fine. If you are adding the carpet to hardwood flooring, you’ll want to add a carpet pad to keep the rug from slipping, as well as to add additional comfort for those nights that you may be sleeping on it.
  • Cotton is a great material for rugs because it’s soft and doesn’t contain synthetic fibers. Bamboo and wool rugs are also ideal (provided they fit your budget and no one is allergic to wool in your family). 
  • If you can choose a machine-washable rug, do it. Polyester rugs are easier to clean, if you don’t mind the synthetic fibers, while cotton rugs tend to be more difficult. 


Our Favorite Nursery Rugs

We, as always, love our collection here--so choosing a particular item or two to feature is a difficult choice for us. But one we’re willing to make, none-the-less, based on the feedback from parents and what we know of the industry. 

  • The Lorena Canals Clouds Rug is machine washable. Do we need to say anything else? M-A-C-H-I-N-E W-A-S-H-A-B-L-E. :) You’ll thank us. 
  • The Lorena Canals Braids Rug is like a cable-knit sweater under your feet. Also, M-A-C-H-I-N-E W-A-S-H-A-B-L-E. 


Nursery Rug Deals at Albee Baby

When it comes to finding the best price on a rug for your baby’s nursery, we hope to be your first stop. We leverage nearly 100 years of experience in this industry to find the right products for you at a price that will help stretch your budget. We also feature sales, markdowns, and closeouts throughout the year, further helping parents to design and acquire the perfect baby gear for their nursery.