Morphee My Little Morphee Meditation Box

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My Little Morphée is a non-digital, screen-free sleeping aid designed especially for children aged three to eight years old. It contains 192 meditative journeys to prepare children before bedtime or help calm them down during the day. These sessions include visualisations, breathing and relaxation exercises, and guided meditations. All sessions were designed and carried out by sleep experts specialising in child relaxation.

The 128 soothing visual journeys transport children to different destinations (an island, desert, forest…), guided by an animal of their choice. Each animal represents a different facet of emotions, be it confidence, enthusiasm, wisdom, generosity, happiness, courage, curiosity, and independence, helping children develop their sense of self, improve concentration and focus, and foster emotional versatility.

  • Help children develop their confidence, improve concentration and focus, and foster emotional versatility
  • Efficient. All sessions are conducted by sleep professionals
  • Non-digital, wave free and without screen for optimal efficiency
  • 192 meditative journeys to prepare children before bedtime or help calm them down during the day
  • Ergonomic design made for small hands; perfect for traveling in cars, trains, or planes
  • 3h of play mode (15 stories)
  • Dimensions: 17.5 cm x 7cm x 11 cm
  • Weight: 230g
  • 100 Night-trial
  • 2 years warranty

How does My Little Morphée work?

  • With the first key the child chooses the theme of the session.
  • With the second key they choose the universe to which they want to travel (island, desert, forest…).
  • Then with the hourglass they choose the duration of the session.

My Little Morphée contains 192 sessions split into 5 themes:

  • Meditative journeys: soothing stories guided by animals
  • Soft music tracks composed by Gilles Maugenest
  • Nature sounds recorded in different places in the world
  • Solo meditations
  • Group meditations to follow along with friends and family. 
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