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Clek Weelee Universal Travel Bag
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Clek Oobr Drink-Thingy Cup Holder - White
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Clek Accessories

It only makes sense that a car seat manufacturer known for its smart design has all the accessories you need to create the ultimate travel experience for your toddler.

Clek accessories are what happens when brilliant engineers and lifestyle designers come together to meet the needs of both kids and their parents.

If you’ve traveled with kids, you know: they can be unbelievably messy. That’s why Clek’s car seat fabric is already made to resist stains. For extra big spills, the stain remover kit makes cleanup a breeze. And to protect your car’s seat from the car seat, you can easily slip the rubber mat-thingy underneath.

Long trips are better with cup holders, of course, and these Clek accessories come ready for FoonfFllo, and Oobr seats. For your newest passenger, nothing is more cozy or safe than a padded infant insert. 

And when your trips involve air travel, or long walks to the gate, or just the need to haul – the ingenious Weelee universal travel bag makes everything easier. Zip up the seat in the bag, extend the handle, and wheel your way to wherever you need to go. Simple and smart.

Clek offers the best in no-compromise car seats – award-winning safety and cool, modern style. Add your Clek accessories to make every trip your best.