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Clek Oobr Booster Car Seats

After you’ve graduated from the infant and convertible car seats, Clek’s Oobr booster seat continues the Clek tradition of ultra-safe car seat design and innovation. The booster comes with a  rigid-LATCH for enhanced seat stability, a structural headrest with deep side wings, and an energy-absorbing EPP foam layer. 

Like other Clek car seats, the Oobr comes with a rigid LATCH connector, which is so convenient and adds a layer of safety to the seat. With the rigid connector, no longer does one need to struggle with tightening a seat into place. The connector is quick, simple, and easy--which means that you’ll never need to worry whether your seat is installed correctly.

Is the Clek Oobr a Good Car Seat?

According to Baby Gear Lab, the Oobr “has the best combined crash test results indicating an additional margin of protection compared to the other booster seats we tested.” In keeping with the “built like a tank” unofficial motto of Clek, the Oobr is a heavier model that might not be as easy to move from car to car--this can be an advantage if you are interested in a strong, heavy seat that is well built. If you’re constantly swapping cars, the Oobr may still be a great choice, but know it can be a bit heavy.

The Oobr car seats make it easy to ride three across, which is also true with the Foonf, Fllo, Liing, and other Clek car seats. This is ideal for anyone who has multiple kids that need to fit into a 6-seat vehicle. 

The fabrics are free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants (the mammoth collection is free of any added flame retardants), are easy to clean, and come with optional Crypton fabrics and a removable seat cushion. 

The Clek Oobr Color Selections

The Oobr Booster Car Seat Color Selections Include:

  • Aura (C-Zero Plus)

  • Carbon (Jersey Knit)

  • Chrome (Jersey Knit)

  • Cloud

  • Marshmallow (C-Zero Plus)

  • Pitch Black (C-Zero Plus)

  • Slate

  • Snow (C-Zero Plus)

  • Snowberry (C-Zero Plus)

  • Ten Year Blue (C-Zero Plus)

  • Thunder

  • Tokidoki Rebel 2.0

  • White Carbon Jersey Knit (Albee Exclusive)

Product Specifications for the Clek Oobr:

  • DIMENSIONS - Rear-Facing Mode

    • 16 L x 17 W x 28 H


    • Height: 38–57 inches

    • Weight: 40–100 lbs

    • Minimum Age: 4+ years


    • 20 lb


  • DIMENSIONS - Backless Booster Mode

    • 16.9” W x 26-31” H


    • Height: 38-57 inches

    • Weight: 40–100 lbs

    • Minimum Age: 4+ years


    • 10 lb


Why We Stand behind the Clek Oobr Booster Car Seat

When you’re looking for safety in a booster seat, the Clek Oobr has been rated a ‘Best Bet’ by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for 10+ years. It’s a favorite of parents, and due to its narrow profile, especially works well in situations where you have a crowded back seat. The rigid LATCH connectors make installation a breeze, and although it is a bit heavy when compared to other booster seats, its sturdy construction is to be expected from a company that is as safety-focused as Clek. 

If you’re looking for that high-quality, highly-rated booster car seat that makes life a lot easier while not sacrificing safety, the Oobr should be at the top of your list.