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Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seats

With a presence in more than 120 countries on six continents, few baby brands are as recognized and respected as Chicco (pronounced kee-ko, after founder Pietro Catelli’s firstborn son Enrico).

For more than 50 years, Chicco has been committed not only to developing baby products of the highest quality, but also to the rigorous study of child development from birth to three years. Drawing on data from top researchers and scientists, child educators, and the practical experiences of parents worldwide, they are able to create and deliver products that are efficient, definitively safe, easy to use, and that fit the real-world needs of babies and parents.

That commitment to innovation and excellence can be seen clearly in the Chicco Next Fit car seat. It combines the highest safety standards in a convertible car seat with the things all parents say they want: easy, secure installation and no-hassle adjustments and care. Chicco Next Fit really has it all.

When you bring the Next Fit home, the first thing you’ll notice is how effortless it is to install. The car seat fits well into a wider range of vehicles. The RideRight® bubble levels on the side of the seat make it easy to achieve the correct angle in both rear and forward-facing modes. And any parent who’s struggled to wrestle a car seat into position, yanking on straps to make it as secure as possible, understands the value of an innovative technology like the SuperCinch® latch tightener. This ingenious little tweak actually multiplies the force applied so you can get a solid, secure fit with less strain and effort.

Because Chicco has dedicated so much of its resources over the years to studying what a child needs as she grows, the car seat is perfectly suited to grow with your child. Headrests and shoulder straps cleanly adjust for maximum comfort and protection at every stage of development.

For more than five decades, Chicco has been developing products that celebrate children — their unique needs, their creativity, their joy as they learn and grow. The Next Fit is just one more way that this trusted company has proven why it’s one of the world’s best.