Chicco MyFit Harness Booster Car Seats

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Chicco MyFit Harness Booster Car Seat - Fathom
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Chicco MyFit Harness Booster Car Seat - Gardenia
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Chicco MyFit Zip Harness Booster Car Seat - Granite
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Chicco MyFit Zip Harness Booster Car Seat - Nightfall
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Chicco MyFit Harness Booster Car Seats

The Chicco MyFit Harness Booster Car Seat Line combines big-time comfort for kids with the security of a five-point harness system and the safety engineering that Chicco is known for. This booster car seat is perfect for years of service to your loved ones, as the seat provides a nine-position extended headrest and transforms into a belt-positioning booster car seat.  

The Chicco MyFit Car Seat Accommodates Children from 25 – 100 Pounds

For new parents choosing the next car seat for their little ones, the MyFit provides a powerful argument as to why it’s ready to join your family for years to come. After graduating from an infant car seat, your toddler is going to embark on years of growth and development, and choosing a durable car seat that will grow with him or her while ensuring comfort and safety the entire time is important. Thankfully, Chicco has you covered with the MyFit Harness Booster Car Seat.

For Toddlers from 25 – 60 Pounds, the MyFit features:

  • A five-point harness system, just like the one that protected them in the infant car seat.
  • A tremendously comfortable experience throughout—from the padded, no-rethread harness system to the four-position recline option and remarkably comfortable padding—keeps your toddler happy and relaxed on every trip.

For Toddlers from 61 – 100 Pounds, the MyFit features:

  • Conversion to a belt-positioning booster car seat.
  • A nine-point adjustable extended headrest.
  • Guides for shoulder and lap belts—ensuring a safe drive for your child.

Chicco MyFit Safety

The MyFit comes straight from the best engineers at Chicco to deliver:

  • DuoGuard side-impact protection for both the head and torso.
  • Two layers of EPS foam and a rigid shell as part of the patented ErgoBoost Design to provide ultimate comfort.
  • A steel-reinforced frame for ultimate crash safety.
  • A one-handed, one-pull tightening system for a secure fit for your toddler.
  • Bubble-level indicators and four reclining options.
  • Options for both the LATCH system anchors and a seatbelt anchor to secure your seat.

The same minds behind the award-winning, #1 ranked NextFit and KeyFit car seat lines have delivered a new seat that’s designed to not only grow with your child as they transition from toddler to child, but also to earn your admiration and appreciation with each ride.

But What Really Makes the MyFit So Special?

In just a few words, the Chicco MyFit is tremendously easy to operate. Installation is so important in the world of car seats because a proper installation is vital for the safety of a car seat. With the MyFit, the entire installation process has been thought through, and the seat has been designed from the ground up to make sure that you, as a parent, quickly and perfectly install the seat in any vehicle, every time.

It’s also easy to fit into a situation with multiple car seats. The seat is notably narrow and can help any family looking to install multiple car seats into one row. As you will likely be purchasing this seat to last you around eight years, it’s important to plan now for a situation where you might need multiple infant and toddler car seats.

The Chicco MyFit Style Selection

The Chicco MyFit comes in a variety of styles and in two different models.

  • The Chicco MyFit is the base model of the MyFit line, which features the four-position recline; the nine-position headrest; 2 CupFolders; and the LockSure belt-tightening system.
  • The Chicco MyFit LE delivers the same features as the base model but comes with the Kid Storage Console and the SuperCinch LATCH Tightener.  

The colors and styles available are designed to fit perfectly into your personal style, too (or that of your toddler), and include the MyFit Fathom, the MyFit Lanai, the MyFit Gardenia, the MyFit Canyon, the MyFit Anthem, and the MyFit Starlet.

Why We Stand Behind Chicco MyFit Harness Booster Seats

With Chicco’s entry into the harness-to-booster car seat market, you’re getting tremendous engineering capacity, a much-loved brand name, and kid-tested comfort to last you for years to come. The seats are as safe as they are practical, and the ease-of-installation is a feature that is more important than you might think when you’re picking out the right car seat. Sure, some parents might only install this car seat once, but when friends start sharing rides to soccer practice and when you and your partner finally restart date nights, you might find the easy-to-transfer qualities of this car seat that much more important.