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Ubbi Diaper Pail - Grey

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The eco-friendly Ubbi Diaper Pail is the stylish solution for getting rid of used diapers. Made of powder-coated steel, the durable Ubbi Diaper Pail keeps odors contained with its strong rubber seals and has childproof safety locks to prevent any unwanted messes. Plus, you can use your normal kitchen trash bags (sold separately) with the Ubbi Diaper Pail.
  • Compatible with standard kitchen trash bags to save $$$
  • Powder-coated steel that does not absorb odors
  • Strong rubber seals keeps odors contained with diaper pail
  • Childproof safety locks prevents unwanted messes
  • Eco-friendly can be used with reusable diapers
  • Stylish solution for disposing used diapers
  • Easy to load, use, empty & clean
  • Safe, convenient and economical
  • Innovative sliding lid to reduce air disruption
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San Francisco, California
Verified Buyer
Great Choice
June 29, 2023
This is a great diaper pail. I love the locking function on the top. Like any diaper pail, it can get a bit smelly after extended use. I read a pro tip to spray the inner rubber lining with Lysol and that usually kicks any smell.
Philadelphia, PA
Verified Buyer
Use daily
January 20, 2023
Great product, use daily. Don't need to change too often
Damascus , OR
Verified Buyer
No odor
December 23, 2022
We are very happy with our purchase. We keep this trash can in our bathroom and have absolutely no odor from the dispers!
Seal the Stink!
October 11, 2022
So far, it seals the smells! It is easy to use, and I love that I can just use regular trash bags with it.
Rossville, Georgia
Verified Buyer
Great Diaper Pail
September 16, 2022
We love this diaper pail. It's a great price and most importantly can accommodate regular trash bags which was a must for us. The only reason I give it 4 instead of 5 stars is that we have LVP flooring in our nursery so when I try to open and close the lid, the trash bin slides around. We have been able to sort of fix that issue by putting some sticky rubber pieces on the bottom to keep it from sliding.
New York, New York
Verified Buyer
March 31, 2022
Simply the best
Can use any type of bag, locks easily but can still do it one handed if needed
Verified Buyer
Best Diaper Pail EVER
March 19, 2022
This is our go to diaper pail. I purchased one for each of my grandchildren's rooms and then bought this one for my own home. It has a sleek, elegant look for a diaper pail. It is well made. It does an excellent job at containing odors; and it is easy to empty. I do use the Ubbi bags but that is not necessary which is nice if you run out of them.
New Jersey
Verified Buyer
No odor
February 5, 2022
Sleek design AND no odor. We have one for our upstairs and downstairs.
New York, NY
Simple a Locks Smell in
January 17, 2022
I love the simple white color and design that fits well in the small kids bedroom (toddler and baby share). I also like the lock (keeps toddler out and smells in). Customer service were super kind and helpful.
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Orem, UT
Simple and effective
December 16, 2021
We have been using this for two years now and it simply works. It's easy to use and traps 100% of the nasty odors we all know our babies create.

I also love that it doesn't require special bags, parents have enough to remember as it is. And I'm sure I've saved a bunch of money not needing to buy specific bags.

I even had a piece break about a year and a half in and their customer service was phenomenal! We got it all worked out in no time at all.

Definitely buy this. It's been worth every penny.
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Long Valley, NJ
December 15, 2021
Great customer service. Great product. Thanks so much!
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New York
Solid product and excellent customer care
December 8, 2021
I recommend the Ubbi diaper pail to all my expecting friends. It's a well made product that allows you to use regular trash bags that you already have in house so one less this to have to think about making sure to have stocked up, and much more affordable. I recently had an issue with my Ubbi and contacted customer service. They were very thoughtful in their service and I felt like I was getting personal care which is rare these days. They totally fixed my issue and made me an even more loyal customer. Great product, great company.
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Washington state
Great product and costumer service!
December 3, 2021
Besides the product being great, the costumer service is awesome!
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Madison, WI
The Best
December 2, 2021
Love the style of this unit and the stainless is the best for odor reduction. Also GREAT customer service!
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Richmond, VA
Verified Buyer
October 11, 2021
Perfect size and love that it has the lock feature. This is the true stainless steel (chrome) version in case you are wondering by the description which says “silver”.
Ogden IL
Great company
October 8, 2021
The pail we bought for my son had a malfunction. I emailed ubbi explaining what what going on. They gave me tips to try and i had done them. They quickly made it right and got me a replacement pail. They were so helpful, quick to respond, and made this process so easy. 10/10 recommend this pail and company.
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Los Angeles
Baby Shower gift
September 26, 2021
I was directed to purchase a diaper pail and accoutrements for my wife's niece's baby shower. I purchased the highest rated in numerous reliable reviews and I have my fingers crossed because I am a fatherless guy who knows nothing about diaper pails or baby poop. I just hope my entire order got there because UBBI has no confirmation of delivery. Why is that
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Kansas City, MO
Love the quality & color options
August 17, 2021
We love the quality of the steel pail and the assurance that the smell does not reach outside. It is beautifully designed outside to match any interior decor in the nursery. It is also so convenient with the inside structure to replace bags without a sweat. It's a plus that you can use any big garbage bag replacement.
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Joseph D.
Verified Buyer
Functional, well made and looks good in the nursery
August 9, 2021
This diaper pail is well built and keeps the smell locked in. I use the usual trash bag that gets emptied out on a weekly basis.
The diaper pail needs only one hand for opening and closing it. Even my wife hasn't had any issues with opening and closing it with one hand (she has smaller hands).

Highly recommend!
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sacramento, ca
One of the better diaper pails
August 4, 2021
This diaper pail is one of the better diaper pails out there compared to other competitors. What stands out is that you can use your own plastic bag. I do believe the steel pail does handle smells better than others as well.
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Good value
August 1, 2021
I bought the Ubbi for my new grandaughter, my son and his girlfriend. They really like it,
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New York, New York
Verified Buyer
Great Diaper Pail!
July 7, 2021
This diaper pail is great, it totally keeps in the smell and I love that it can fit any type of trash bag. My previous pail had special bags and it was an added frustration. This looks great in my daughter's room too!
Winston Salem NC
Excellent product all around
July 7, 2021
We had this product for 1.5 years and then the lid did break. Customer service is excellent and had us back up and going in no time. Couldn't be better.
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Seattle, WA
The Poop Castle
June 23, 2021
We have nicknamed our Ubbi Diaper pail "the poop castle". It's a fortress keeping the stinkiness of dirty diapers sealed in tight. It gets the job done and has a nice minimal design that works without any complicated gadgets or baggies. Love it!
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New York
Great product and customer service
June 15, 2021
Great product! I've been using this product for almost two years and have been extremely pleased with it. I've even recommended it to other families with newborns as well.
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New York, NY
Love my pail!
June 2, 2021
I got my pail a month ago and the marble feature is so beautiful. It looks great in our bathroom and locks out the smell extremely well! The customer service was also exceptional as I had a few questions prior to my purchase.
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Great service
May 30, 2021
Love our Ubbi, unfortunately the handle starting breaking a year in. Customer service responded promptly and replaced it without hassle.
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Fantastic product!
May 20, 2021
We own three of these and they are wonderful! Customer service is also the best we've ever dealt with. Highly recommend.
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North Dakota
Verified Buyer
No stink! No extra bags.
May 12, 2021
Holds the stink! Fits regular trash bags! It’s worked so wonderful for my twins!
Costa Mesa, CA
Stylish and Money Saving
May 3, 2021
I purchased the Ubbi Diaper Pail primarily to avoid having to keep purchasing the refill bags for the other diaper pail we previously had. However, after receiving the Ubbi and realizing the size and design fit us much better, my husband and I agreed that the Ubbi was a great purchase. The capacity for diapers is large and we like being able to use our own bags instead of buying expensive refill bags. Plus, the ease of just sliding the lid open with one hand (and locking it so our 2 year old stays out!) is very helpful. With a few questions answered by Ubbi's wonderful customer service, I am impressed. Overall, it was a great purchase!
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Would buy again.
April 19, 2021
Love the simple and modern design. Doesn't look like a frumpy diaper pail.
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New Jersey
Replacement Ubbi
April 17, 2021
We received the replacement Ubbi a few weeks ago and we are still having a smell issue. We are probably going to purchase a different brand since this is our second Ubbi with an odor issue.
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Columbus, Ohio
Works great, as long as you follow instructions
April 12, 2021
Love my Ubbi! I was putting the trash bag around the lid, but after having a smelly nursery realized it was on wrong. It goes over the white flap inside. Now, NO SMELL! Big party in my house. I love how the Ubbi doesn't require special bags or deep cleaning to remove smells. Just use it as instructed and it works!
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Rockledge, FL
So helpful!
April 8, 2021
I received this pail as a shower gift and really liked it! A little over a year later, part of the hinge broke (for no reason that I could find). A quick email with customers service and they sent me a new pail! The new one is working great.
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Colorado Springs
Would buy again
April 2, 2021
Best diaper pail ever. I'm so glad we decided on purchasing this product. The handle broke after 6 months of use and their customer service was amazing. They immediately sent me a brand new one.
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Amazing customer service
March 26, 2021
Got one years ago for first child. Had second baby 3 years later and the top hinge broke. It was outside warranty time but gave me AMAZING customer service and a coupon to help with the purchase of a new one. Happy camper indeed
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Lexington Ky
Verified Buyer
Great quality
March 19, 2021
With our first baby we had one of the plastic diaper Paul’s that requires the special bags. The quality was very poor, would often need to have my husband fix it for me.
I was also tired of keeping up with having enough special bags. We decided on this because we did not want another plastic one and loves that you can use regular bags. So far so good. The quality is great. It’s much better looking , and just using a regular trash bag is very convenient .
Best diaper pail!
March 13, 2021
I never knew I could love a pail as much I do this one! Compared to others on the market, this one is sleek, retains the smell (until you open it!), easy to open and load. I love that you can use any trash bags but still buy the Ubbi bags because they are large and easy to tie.
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Los Angeles, CA
Classy Diaper Pail and Helpful Customer Service
March 8, 2021
I love the look of the diaper pail, and love that you don't have to buy special bags for it. I will say that you do need to change it out about 2x a week, because it can smell! To clarify, the actual pail can smell, it really does keep the smells inside. Also, when I had issues/questions, they had excellent customer service.
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Whippany NJ
Don't waste your money
February 28, 2021
I am on my second Ubbi pail and for the price this is not worth it. For newborn diapers it was totally fine but once my little one starting eating solids, the diaper pail simply cannot contain the stench. It reeks beyond believe. I have had to throw two expensive pails out. Do not waste your money.
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Fantastic customer service
February 26, 2021
I originally had an issue with my first Ubbi I contacted Customer service and they sent me a brand new one with zero hassle... By far this is the best baby pale I have ever had or owned. You will not be disappointed
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Verified Buyer
Buy this!
February 19, 2021
I just had a baby and this has been a life saver! I put in one of those scented baking power drops at the bottom so it really helps with smell. Overall I would 100 percent recommend for nursery room!
Easy to use and clean
February 15, 2021
Our diaper pail lasted for a little over a year before part of the plastic hinge broke. I was impressed and grateful for Ubbi's customer service - they asked for some information and replaced the pail for just the shipping fee. The pail is easy to use and easy to clean because of the material and the design. I like that I can smoothly open and close it with one hand. We purchase the replacement bags because they aren't expensive and they last a long time, but it's nice to have the option to use whatever bag we have on hand in case we run out.
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Great customer service team!
February 12, 2021
There was an issue with our Ubbi pail not sealing properly. The team quickly responded to my issue, making sure my claim was legitimate and replaced it with a new one.

Our new pail is great! We are very happy with this product and the team
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Product l.
New York
Amazing product
February 11, 2021
We love our Ubbi! The diaper pail is such a necessity in our home that when a tiny piece broke inside and hindered our ability to close it tightly, we contacted the company immediately for a replacement. The customer service is top notch. We received a new product in a week, and are very happy with the experience.
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Love my Ubbi pail!
February 11, 2021
I have tried 2 other pails over the years, and the Ubbi diaper pail is the best! It is beautiful, stylish and matches my daughters nursey perfectly. It keeps the odor in much better than any other pail, and you can use your own trash bags instead of needing to buy special ones like other brands. So happy with this purchase, I highly recommend this brand!
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Danielle B.
Indianapolis, IN
Overall pleased
February 4, 2021
We've had the ubbi for a few months now. After issues with our first one, we got another. Overall the smell is contained to the inside of the pail, but once used the inside smells so bad that I hold my breath when opening. i like that it locks so my two year old can't open it and that you don't have to buy special bags and to go in it.
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No smell!
January 5, 2021
This is the diaper pail that I keep going back to with all of my kids! It does such a great job keeping the room fresh. There's plenty of space and I like that I can use my own garbage bags. Highly recommended!
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Verified Buyer
Sturdy, small and effective!
December 27, 2020
Terrific diaper pail, built from solid steel (most are usually plastic,) and the perfect size. Small foot print but tall enough to hold plenty of diapers. The best part is it can use any standard kitchen trash bag. Sliding door works with ease to lock in odors.
  • - solid steel construction
  • - can use any kitchen trash bag
Best Uses
  • Works with any room in the house. Cloth or disposable!
  • - small door opening
Syracuse, NY
Great product and amazing customer service
December 23, 2020
We've always loved our Ubbi diaper pail because of how sleek it looks, and how well it traps those diaper smells. When we had an issue with ours, the customer service rep we worked with was truly amazing. Rachel was kind and helpful. Ubbi is the best and very well made, but also what keeps us buying is their customer service. Thanks!
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