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Silver Cross Dune Strollers

In the vibrant stroller scene of May 2022, the arrival of Silver Cross's twins, the Dune and Reef models, caused quite a stir. Though seemingly identical siblings, each sporting the same stunning looks and compatible accessories, their personalities truly shine upon closer inspection. While the Reef is a wanderer at heart with larger wheels perfect for traversing city and country alike, the Dune is the urban sophisticate, its smaller wheels gliding with elegance across city pavements and tarmac.

The Dune, right from its inception, breathes the luxurious air of an exclusive stroller. Do not be fooled by its compact size—it's a veritable chameleon, effortlessly transforming to carry cots, car seats, and toddler seats as your little one grows. Its vast array of accessories are shared with its sibling, the Reef, offering a myriad of choices for every family's unique needs.

Notably, the Dune is a testament to eco-conscious luxury. According to the artisans at Silver Cross, each seat is a testament to sustainability, created from 35 recycled plastic bottles. The bassinet, too, is an environmentally friendly haven, using 24 plastic bottles, and the first-bed carrycot is made of 12. Both fashion and sustainability go hand in hand with this model.

The Dune's lie-flat seat is ready for your newborn right out of the box, effortlessly adjusting from a perfectly flat position to a toddler-friendly upright position. It's a breeze to change the seat from forward- to rear-facing, secured with a simple press of buttons on either side. Lightweight yet sturdy, the seat flips and locks into place with an effortless grace.

Silver Cross Dune and Accessories Colors and Styles

  • Silver Cross Dune Stroller + Compact Bassinet - Glacier

  • Silver Cross Dune Stroller + Compact Bassinet - Stone

  • Silver Cross Dune Stroller + Compact Bassinet - Space

  • Silver Cross Dune Stroller - Glacier

  • Silver Cross Dune Stroller - Stone

  • Silver Cross Dune Stroller - Space

  • Silver Cross Dune Compact Bassinet - Glacier

  • Silver Cross Dune Compact Bassinet - Stone

  • Silver Cross Dune Compact Bassinet - Space

  • Silver Cross Dune / Reef Newborn Pod - Space / Orbit

  • Silver Cross Dune Newborn Pod - Stone

  • Silver Cross Dune Newborn Pod - Glacier

  • Silver Cross Dune/Reef Footmuff - Space

  • Silver Cross Dune/Reef Footmuff - Stone

  • Silver Cross Dune/Reef Footmuff - Glacier

  • Silver Cross Dune/Reef Footmuff - Earth

  • Silver Cross Dune/Reef Footmuff - Neptune

  • Silver Cross Dune/Reef Footmuff - Orbit

Silver Cross Dune Specifications

  • Suitability: From birth* up to 55 lbs

  • Dimensions: 30" L x 23" W x 36-42.5" H

  • Dimensions Folded: 27" L x 23" W x 11" H

  • Weight: 25.3 lb (Chassis 15.3 lb + Stroller Seat 10 lbs.)

Is the Silver Cross Dune a Good Stroller?

The Silver Cross Dune is a high-quality, luxury stroller. It offers a range of features that promote comfort, adaptability, and convenience. For example, its lie-flat seat adjusts smoothly to accommodate a newborn to a toddler, it's easily convertible from single to double stroller, and it boasts an easy-to-use magnetic safety harness system.

Moreover, the Dune's eco-friendly design, employing fabrics crafted from recycled plastic bottles, exhibits Silver Cross's commitment to sustainability. The large storage basket, ventilated canopy, and adjustable handlebar all add to the stroller's user-friendly design.

The suitability of the Dune, however, would ultimately depend on your personal needs and lifestyle. For city dwellers and those frequently navigating smooth, paved surfaces, the Dune's compact size and urban-focused design could be a perfect fit. But, it may be less suited for those who frequently traverse rough or uneven terrain due to its smaller wheels.

Security is a non-negotiable, and the Dune shines in this regard. Its magnetic safety harness is simplicity and brilliance rolled into one—a near-magical click, and your child is safely tucked in, with no fear of accidental pinches. To release, simply press the side buttons of the buckle together—an easy task for an adult, but an impossibility for a child.

The Dune does not skimp on comfort. The harness at the back of the seat adjusts easily for an optimal fit. The straps may be slender, but they are sturdy, easily adjustable, and cushioned strap protectors ensure your baby's comfort and security.

Why We Stand Behind the Silver Cross Dune

Every detail of the Dune speaks of thoughtful design. The large canopy provides ample protection from the elements, with a zip at the rear for further extension when needed. Additional sun protection is provided by a pull-out shade at the front of the canopy. A mesh peep window at the rear easily slides up and down for extra ventilation on warmer days, and a sunsail attaches to the handlebars in rear-facing mode.

The Dune also sports a spacious under-basket, ready to swallow a large diaper bag and shopping items. Its maneuverability is exemplary, boasting a luxurious, grippy vegan leatherette handlebar that adjusts with a one-handed motion. The smooth-rolling wheels and spring suspension offer an effortless push, and its tight cornering ability is truly impressive.

Collapsing the Dune is mostly a two-handed affair, but the process is straightforward, and the folded stroller stands on its wheels, ensuring a clean handlebar. A small leatherette handle offers easy portability, and its compact dimensions leave ample trunk space for your other necessities.

Last, but certainly not least, is the carrycot. Designed for newborns, it has a super soft interior for your baby's delicate skin and is exceptionally spacious. A fitted cover shields your baby from the elements, and vents at the rear offer extra airflow for hot weather, making the Dune the perfect companion for your little one's urban adventures.

Suitable from birth, straight out of the box, Dune is the next generation of Silver Cross strollers – created with the modern family in mind. Intelligent, sustainable and minimalist in design, it maneuvers nimbly around busy streets, getting you from A to B with ease. What’s not to like about this?