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Baby carseat
By Nouchee
from Anchorage, AK
on January 14, 2023
Fabric and color are to be expected. Its cool how it came in with another color we can switch into. I loveeeeee the material on this carseat! Can't wait for the little one to use it.
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Feeling of safety!
By Jill
from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
on January 13, 2023
Verified Buyer
Very fast shipping and delivery! This base is exactly what we needed given we have two cars. All of the features make us feel much safer about transporting our baby.
Triv stroller and car seat
By Tony
from WI
on November 17, 2022
Great product, quality, ease of use, light, handy!
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Nuna Pipa lite lx+ Pipa series base
By Katelynn
from Indiana
on November 17, 2022
I knew I wanted this carseat when I found out it was the lightest on the market. The merino wool is so soft and comfortable for my little one. The dream drape is probably my second favorite part of the carseat besides it's light weight. When he is napping I can just pull it down and he is not bothered at all! Another perk to the dream drape is when taking him out I don't have people wanting to touch him and stick their heads close to the seat to have a look. This may be a pricey carseat, but it is definitely worth it!
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Love how sturdy they feel
By Mackenzie S.
from Maine
on November 17, 2022
Love these bases they're so easy to install and such high quality
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love this base!
By kasey
from auburn, MA
on November 16, 2022
easy to use & high quality with multiple settings that you can adjust as your little one grows.
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Easy install
By Arlen
from Hydro, Oklahoma
on November 8, 2022
Verified Buyer
So easy to install!
Safe and easy to use
By Meghann
from Denver, North Carolina
on November 6, 2022
Verified Buyer
Great car seat and base. Safe and secure. Would recommend!
  • East to install, secure
  • None
so far so good
By Emma
from Nantucket, MA
on November 2, 2022
Verified Buyer
fast easy shipping. exactly what I needed for my husbands car! cannot wait to use
2 Car Seat Bases are a MUST!
By Chandni
from Ballwin, MO
on September 19, 2022
Verified Buyer
Purchased an extra base to keep in my husband's car and it is 100% worth it!! Definitely a must if you plan to move your carseat from car to car
Expensive but happy with the purchase
By Cassie
from Portland, OR
on September 10, 2022
Verified Buyer
We feel that the base is a little overpriced, but we've very glad to have a base in our second vehicle. Easy to install and really secure for baby!
By Andrew
from Lubbock, TX
on September 6, 2022
Verified Buyer
This one of the best car seat bases on the market. Its very easy to install and is very sturdy. You can't go wrong with this product offered by NUNA!
Great car seat base
By Kelly
from Seattle, Wa
on August 16, 2022
Verified Buyer
Easy to install and works well in both of our cars. Car seat clicks in well and we're happy with how its functioning.
Easy to install Nuna Car Seat Base
By Kilian
from Illinois
on April 15, 2022
Verified Buyer
Easy to install. Seat snaps into base easily. Works great.
Excellent Car Seat Base
By Dan
from Rockton,
on March 19, 2022
Verified Buyer
We got the pipa LX lite car seat and the base that came with it is much bulkier than this one, and does not feel nearly as secure. This one holds the car seat in approximately the same position, but is much narrower than the stock base. This is great if you have boosters next to the car seat, but if you're trying to get a little more room in the for the driver - no luck here. I really do appreciate the solid installation and robust seatbelt restraint options.
Perfect base
By Jenna
from Cincinnati, Ohio
on February 2, 2022
Verified Buyer
So easy to use and compatible with our car seat
Great features
By LauraAnnRN
from Timberlake, NC
on November 15, 2021
I have been using this stroller with bassinet for a month now and absolutely love it. Was easy to assemble and use the bassinet. Canopy is smooth to move and has great coverage. Positions for sitting are at great angles and safety straps are durable, and easy to use. Wheels are durable and I have used this system on pavement, dirt, and sand once. Maneuvers well. Well made. This system has everything for comfort and ease while looking chic. Great value for the well system. Perfect for travel and even for city living.
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Best stroller, well made, comfortable for baby.
By Darlenexoxo
from Henderson
on November 9, 2021
The Nuna - TRIV stroller + bassinet bundle is honestly the best stroller I have ever owned. The stroller comes with a bassinet that is well made. The material is durable. I am able to easily attach the bassinet on my own and put it in my car. I love the cover to cover my baby while she's in the bassinet. The seat is easy to install as well. I love that I can fold the actual stroller part with one hand by pulling a leather band. The stroller is light and easy to put in my car as well. The baby cover attaches magnetically to two magnets on the side of the bassinet. The bassinet is easily removable by pressing to buttons down on the side of the stroller. The bassinet is light as well. I love the leather detail. I have received many compliments about my Nuna stroller. It is easily cleaned and easy to push. The stroller rides so smooth and is definitely light weight.
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The best stroller combo
By Lishaann23
from Chillicothe, Oh
on November 9, 2021
This is the best stroller combo I have ever used. It had so many amazing different features. The bassinet part is great for small babies and I love that it has the car seat attachments with it. The stroller is great and so high quality. It took me a 2 weeks to figure out how to make the wheels turn but got that figured out and now it's even better. Best stroller combo on the market.
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Great product
By Terrilyn
from NC
on November 8, 2021
I love this Triv stroller and bassinet bundle. It was easy to open and use. It is very durable and sturdy. It is perfect for my baby. It is made out of good materials. It is easy to wash off and to store. Thank you Tryit sampling.
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Wish it had a cup holder...
By Noeticeye
from Henderson, NV
on November 6, 2021
I got this stroller and bassinet bundle for my 4th baby. This is definitely a Cadillac when it comes to strollers with it's smooth ride, being so lightweight, easily folding compact, and all of the thought out bells and whistles. This bassinet is soft and very nice as my daughter likes to only sleep laying flat, so I can take her out on a walk while she naps in this. I do not feel comfortable letting her sleep in this overnight though, even though its been "tested for overnight sleeping." Here's where I have an issue... This bundle does not come with a cup holder! I need a cup holder! Even if I just have a bottle of water, I don't want to constantly have to bend over and grab my bottle out of the bottom basket. A cup holder is something that everyone would use, but this bundle does come with two rain jackets, one for the bassinet and one for the stroller seat. I live in the desert where it rarely rains, so I will never use these rain jackets. Why are these included and not a cup holder. I just think that for the cost of this bundle, a cup holder is not something that you should have to pay extra for. I think that the rain jackets should be sold separately for those that will use them. There is also a small zipper pocket behind the seat and another little pocket inside the bassinet where you can put you phone and things. I feel like a bigger accessory bag that hangs from the stroller handle would be nice, and not something that should have to be purchased separately. I think that my favorite feature is the adjustable handle so that both my tall husband and my short self can comfortably push this.
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Best Thing Ever
By Crusher07
from Milwaukee, WI
on November 6, 2021
I received my Nuna TRIV stroller + bassinet bundle about three weeks ago! Let me tell you this stroller is the best thing they came up with! This stroller is easy to use change and put together! You can use from infant to toddler! They have are regular stroller then you can pop that off and pop the bassinet open and pop it on you can also unlock the bassinet with the baby in it and place the bassinet down and the baby can still sleep in it while you fold the stroller up! It also carries carseats! It also came with plastic rain covers for all three different set ups! It might be a little bit more money but in the end it will add up! I'm so in love with this Nuna TRIV stroller! Best thing ever!!
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best travel system ever!
By carebear7381
from Sacramento, CA
on November 2, 2021
I got my baby's travel system as a gift and I didn't like it as it is two bulky and also there's so much pieces to use the stroller. I have been looking for a compact and easy to use scroller that I don't have to attach/remove another accessory for the stroller. I am very happy I got this travel system/bundle. This came at the perfect time and I can't stop raving about it as it is way better than my baby's old travel system. This set came with the stroller, a stroller seat, bassinet and attachments to use with the bassinet and infant carseat. Since my baby is already 9 months old. We really don't need the bassinet. But it is perfect for new born or infant that doesn't have seating and standing skills yet. I like that it can be easily attached to the stroller rear facing or forward facing and the bassinet has a canopy for more protection from the sun or cold and also for more privacy especially when the baby is sleeping. Material is soft and stitches are sewn well. It can easily be stored and doesn't take so much space in the car. The stroller can also be used rear facing or forward facing. Use the attachment appropriate for the stroller then attach the stroller with it. I like that I don't have to remove the stroller seat to fold it. Seat folds with the stroller. Stroller seat also has a canopy that is extendable and has mesh window so you can see what or how your baby is doing. I also love that that the harness is magnetic so its easy to secure your baby. It has a pocket on the back with zipper opening to store your valuables like keys and cellphone. I love the leatherette hand bar. It adds to its aesthetic. Seat can also be reclined. Easy to fold. Just recline to the lowest point and pull the leatherette handle. It is very easy and convenient to use. This momma and my baby are both very happy with this! I highly recommend.
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Great stroller
By Aprilglass
from McKinney Texas
on October 29, 2021
This stroller was very easy to put together. The instructions were very clear too.

I love the bassinet. It has a soft fabric inside that is comfortable for my baby. The sides are taller, so it protects against wind. The canopy is movable. It also has rain cover. It folds.pretty flat, so very easy to transport.

The stroller can be used long term. The seat is removable, so you can use seat or bassinet. The seat reclines quite a bit. The seat also comes with rain cover.

This stroller is easy to fold, one handed, just grab the leather strap and pick up. The whole unit folds instantly.

It has a larger basket on bottom to hold everything you need for your outing.

It pushes well and rhe wheels glide great. I love this stroller, and that it will grow with my child. The only con is no adapter to add 2nd seat! I still recommend it!
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Lightweight and sturdy
By Vpjeep91
from Salt Rock, wv
on October 28, 2021
I was so excited to get my stroller, it's lightweight and still solid feeling! It folds compact, but doesn't lock into the folded position. The down falls would have to be that it has no cup holders, I usually take a bottle and a drink with me everywhere so it's majorly inconvenient to have no where to put them! It can't be folded with one hand either, so you have to leave the baby waiting in the car seat prior to folding/unfolding. It's very stylish and has a big basket under stroller for your bag, overall I love it!
Customer Images
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Heavy duty, very nice
By Ashrose
from undisclosed
on October 27, 2021
This is my favorite stroller I think I've ever had! Its soo nice and so heavy duty the quality is amazing. It took a minute to figure out all the features but I wasn't disappointed! Its rides so smooth and collapses for easy storing. I will say it's kinda large so probably best fit for an open space vs narrow spaces. I love that it can face either toward you or away. Baby looks comfortable and it reclines. Love it.
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By Saiyanprincess1984
from Louisville, KY
on October 27, 2021
This stroller bundle is the best thing ever! I have 9 kids so you can imagine the types and number of strollers we have used over the years. This one by far is the best and wish I had it with all my children. This stroller has all the bells and whistles with safety and comfort all combined. It has the stroller, the bassinet and a piece that allows you to just use your infant carrier. Very simple and easy to add each piece and change out. I love when you take apart each piece has a handle for easy carry and storage. The bassinet is good for a baby that can not roll over. It has nice thick padding to make it comfortable for your little one. I love the cover for it as well that zips over the bassinet and keeps baby protected. The stroller piece is sturdy and top of the line. I've never had or seen anything like it. The buckle is my favorite part of this piece of the stroller. Another amazing thing is the handle is adjustable! Like this is the best so you can adjust to your height and be comfortable as well. The umbrella can be extended as well which is a nice feature for keeping wind and sun off your baby. I feel my baby is protected, comfortable and safe while using each piece of this bundle. This is the best top of the line stroller that is a must have for any parent. It glides so smoothly, like butter. The wheel lock is a beast and there is no moving it unless you pick it up to move it. It holds up for everyday use and I highly recommend for anyone in the market for a stroller.
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Great Stroller
By junkemail1913
from Joplin, MO
on October 27, 2021
We love this stroller! It is very light weight and so easy to open and close. I can open and close it with just one hand. The baby is really enjoying the bassinet. This stroller is really well made and also very stylish.
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Such a pretty stroller set
By Tiny151
from New York, NY
on October 26, 2021
Love the look of this stroller. Looks so luxurious and rich. Love that this grows with baby, starting with a bassinet for when they are newborn and then a child seat when they are older. Great maneuverability. Very easy to fold by myself and unfold. Perfect for city living.
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Perfect and amazing!
By Nancythi92
from Los Angeles, CA
on October 26, 2021
Oh my god this is the best stroller ever! I love the sleek look of it and I love that it comes with an extra bassinet. The best thing is that the stroller is light weight and easy to handle and push around. The buckle part and strap is easy to use. My baby absolutely loves her new stroller and so do I. It is also easy to put away in your car and just light to carry around.
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best stroller ever
By mhall08
from undisclosed
on October 26, 2021
I received this stroller combo from Try it Sampling and i absolutely love it.It was easy to set up with the bassinet on it. It's so simple to put down, you push the bassinet down, and simply pull on the strap and it closes. Easy to do one handed. The fabric is soft and it has plenty of cushion. Ive used it in the grass, dirt, sand/rocks, at the ball field and it works well in all of those places. Definitely the best one ive ever used.
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Easy to move (crowd-friendly)
By MJ2021
from Maple Grove MN
on October 25, 2021
Worth every penny!! This stroller is so light and easy to move around. We got this a few weeks ago and have been to the zoo, Mall of America, IKEA, and daily walks in the city. It is so easy to get around people and has plenty of room for my 7-month-old. I really like the canopy and how easy it is for her to tap a nap on the go. This is also an excellent choice for short and tall people, I'm 5'2, and my husband is 6'4.

I can't wait to use the bassinet in a few months with my 4th baby! :)
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Awesome stroller!
By Analan
from Raleigh nc
on October 25, 2021
We LOVE this stroller. We have a larger one for when both kids ride, and this one for single kids trips and it's awesome! Super easy to fold and carry. Very high quality and sturdy yet light. Great smooth ride, and super ways to steer. This is the lightest Nuna so it's great for people that need to transport a stroller around a lot. Also I LOVE the little zipper storage on the back of the seat And the foot of the bassinet! So clutch!
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Functional and easy to use.
By Cinderella A.
from Northern Iowa
on October 24, 2021
This stroller combo is incredible and easy to use for new parents. I feel my little one is secure and comfortable while I am pushing them. This is heavier than your average stroller, but it makes up for the functionality of the stroller. Really durable. Great for Jew parents.
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Amazing Stroller!
By Jthai
from Rockford, IL
on October 24, 2021
This is one of the first stroller that I got for my little boy and I couldn't be more impressed. Very easy to assembled and very easy to remove the bassinet, makes it very easy when the baby is sleeping and transitioning him. Overall very lightweight, comfortable, and cute to use! 10/10 recommend.
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Amazing stroller !
By LoveATX
from Austin, TX
on October 24, 2021
This was the 4th stroller I've opened and tried. (A few were given to me and one I bought.) all of them were hard on me! One didn't collapse at all. Another I had to take apart to put it in my trunk. This stroller was everything I need and then some. I love how easy it is to open up and take down. I have a baby on my hip and I can open and close it with one hand. The handle is adjustable which I'm thankful for bc I'm tall and my feet hit the wheels as I walk if the handles aren't big enough. My baby also loves this stroller she takes great naps in it and plays when she is awake. If you are wondering which stroller to get it's this one!!
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By Tammylis
from Milford ct
on October 24, 2021
I absolutely love this stroller and bassinet combo. It's one-handed folding is amazing. The bassinet is removable and collapsible! You can attach the babies infant car seat to the stroller as well. It's made super sturdy but it's super lightweight. Baby can face towards you or out to see the view. Has full recline and also has adjustable foot rest.
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By Citlalli
from Desert hot springs
on October 24, 2021
This is so amazing, you can pretty much adjust every part of it to your liking. It's not all bulky and heavy and it's easy fore to pick it up and load it in the car. Would highly recommend this product for any mom to be
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Excellent stroller and bassinet!
By aly05
from pa
on October 24, 2021
So happy with this bundle set! I really love the Nuna brand and this stroller and bassinet combination is fantastic. It is really high quality, looks super sleek and modern and is just a great product. Couldn't recommend this enough!
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Great features
By Kygirl775
from Kentucky
on October 23, 2021
This is the best baby stroller plus bassinet combo I've ever used and seen. It is such a life saver when you are on the go. It's so light weight and it folds up and stores very easy. You can do fold it with just one hand. The bassinet is so nice to use that all it takes is one click to detach it and put it back together. It's very easy to store in your car and take it with you when your on the go. It pushes very easy. I love the cover that is above it so it helps keep the sun and wind out of your baby's face. This is great to take on a walk or to the grocery store. You will absolutely love this stroller/ bassinet as a combo. The bassinet detaches very easy where you want to keep your baby feeling comfortable and safe.
Customer Images
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Great for babies to toddlers
By Quana
from Richmond, VA
on October 23, 2021
I love it. I couldn't wait to take it out of the box. Everything was nicely packaged in the box with the instructions. I had no problems with putting it together. I like how it's so easy to change it from a regular stroller to a bassinet. I really enjoy the option of clicking my baby car seat on it. My baby is a new boy and he likes sleeping in his car seat more than anything else. I like the fact I can roll it through my house and have a walk with my baby. The base part where the wheels and what you put the car seat on is not so big that it won't take up so much room in my car. If I have my 1-year old with me, I can click on the regular part of the stroller. It's nice as well because 1-year-old likes looking back at me and now he can face me if he likes.
Customer Images
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The Best Base for NUNA
By Sarah
from NJ
on July 7, 2021
Verified Buyer
I have an additional base that came with my NUNA Pipa but this one fits closer to the seat and has adjustments for weight. The fact that it sits up against the seat allows the passenger side front seat to recline more without touching the carseat.
Great Car Seat Base
By Robin
from Pennsylvania
on May 11, 2021
Verified Buyer
This base was very easy to install and made us feel that our baby was even safer with the stability leg. Having the base made moving the seat between cars very easy. Would 100% recommend to a friend.
Love the reward point system!
By Haley R.
from AR
on April 21, 2021
Verified Buyer
Fast shipping!
By Nicole
from Maryland
on April 14, 2021
Verified Buyer
This base is amazing and super easy to install and get the perfect fit.
from Maryland
on April 7, 2021
We love how high quality this seat is. I do wish it could be used on planes like the other Pipa models, but other than that a great option if you are looking for something super lightweight!
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Extra base
By Boy M.
from San Francisco Bay Area, CA
on April 7, 2021
It was easy to install and I love the stability leg.
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I adore this stroller!
By Ashley J.
from New York, NY
on April 1, 2021
It's so light, and super easy to fold up and carry. The minimalist style is right up my alley. I love that it didn't come with too many extra pieces, it was very straight forward to put together and works seamlessly with the Nuna car seat!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Libby
from Eureka, CA
on March 31, 2021
Best Carseat, I really enjoy that my baby is safe and comfortable.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Amazing seat!
By Cara S.
from Scarsdale, NY
on March 31, 2021
We LOVE our Nuna pipa lite LX. It has been a lifesaver this past year of the pandemic. I'm able to quickly clip it onto our UB minu as a snap and go and use the dream drape to create a barrier between baby and the world. It's also so light! We've been able to successful use it for an entire year.
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