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Love this car seat
By Julie
from Chicago IL
on August 7, 2022
Verified Buyer
This is absolutely the best car seat we have found. The kids love it too. I love on hot days itís not burning hot and youíre able to just place the kids in it. Super easy to clean and stylist. The only complaint I wish the price was lower.
Nuna Exec
By Katie
from San Diego, California
on August 6, 2022
Verified Buyer
I got this about a month ago, and have loved having it! Itís fairly easy to install, and the material is extremely soft and comfortable. Iím definitely getting this again when I have my second kid.
Quick shipping, just what we were looking for!
By Taylor
from Wilmington, North Carolina
on August 5, 2022
Our babe was maxing out of her infant seat quickly, and I was set on the Exec! This seat has met all of our expectations plus more. It was a quick install, and our girl looks so comfortable in it! I ordered this seat one morning, and it arrived the next afternoon, I was so surprised. Albee Baby had the quickest shipping I found anywhere. I definitely recommend this seat, and will be using this store for all our future needs.
So easy!
By Whitney
from Ashland, Kentucky
on July 31, 2022
Verified Buyer
When moving from the infant seat to convertible car seat we knew wanted something easy to use. We were unhappy with our infant seat and wanted something more user friendly and really comfortable for our baby. The exec has it all! It installs in less than a minute (after reading the directions to know what to do lol) and it is so easy to adjust positions. Not to mention it comes with an extra set of certain paddings and inserts! Our baby falls asleep in the car and we were having issues with his head dropping before this seat. Now I donít have to worry about that because of the recline positions. We also loved that the hazel wood color matched our vehicles interior. Everything about it is much nicer than other seats we compared to. I know itís pricier, but itís SO worth it!
  • Extended rear facing, extra inserts, SUPER EASY install, rear facing all the way to hbb, washable, premium materials used
Amazing car seat!
By Alyssa
from Berlin, New Jersey
on July 27, 2022
Verified Buyer
Loving this car seat! My kids like it better than a comparable Britax seat
LOVE Nuna!
By Liz
from Indiana
on July 23, 2022
Verified Buyer
Amazing car seat with fantastic safety features, quality materials, and seat versatility to last your child a loooong time. Definitely worth the investment!! We love that it has higher weight/height limits in rear facing mode (50lbs or 50 inches). My 4.5 year old is 42 inches and we are so thankful to still have her sitting in the safest position possible. Plus the seat is crazy easy to install even when using the preferred seat belt installation method.
We love our nuna
By Taylor
from DOUGLASVILLE, Georgia
on July 17, 2022
Verified Buyer
Worth the money!!!
Do it!
By Kayla
from Meridianville, Alabama
on July 16, 2022
Verified Buyer
If you're on the fence about this seat, don't be. No regrets. It's comfortable for my girl. It's safe. It's perfect. Worth the price.
  • Comfortable, high quality.
Best seat!!
By Ryanne
from yorktown, Virginia
on July 4, 2022
Verified Buyer
This seat is very easy to install!! the fabric is super soft and even came with an additional set of infant inserts. The box it came in was super thick cardboard so you know the seat stayed safe in shipping. It allows for large amount of leg room and doesnít take up a ton of room front to back.

the only negative is the crotch strap is required rear facing and it falls off really easily.
Albee is the best ever and so is NUNA
By Stacey
from Santa Cruz, CA
on June 21, 2022
Verified Buyer
This carseat is the epitome of luxury! I am so glad I used Albee, it got here quick and was exactly what we needed. 10/10 would recommend Nuna for the long haul for carseats. I wish I had something this nice to sit in! HAHA
So comfy!!
By Courtney
from Woodward, Oklahoma
on June 13, 2022
Verified Buyer
My 3 year old would literally scream in his last Britax car seat and fight to get out.
Since we travel over 4 hours to my parents often we decided to upgrade to the nuna exc. I am so glad we did!! He loves it so much no more screaming and fighting! He can put his feet up and stay comfy!
The installation was so easy! We decided to order another one for little brother!
Customer Images
  • Comfort
  • Stylish
  • Safe
Best Uses
  • Long trips!
  • Magnetic seat belt holders do not work.
Exceeded expectations
By Alexis
from Baltimore, MD
on June 3, 2022
Verified Buyer
I chose this car seat based on safety ratings, slim profile, and comfort. It has exceeded my expectations and despite concerns that my very tall child wouldnít fit well, he fits great!

Albee shipped so quickly!
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Ease of install
  • Slim profile
  • The cost is higher than others, but worth it to me.
No chemicals plus all stages.
By Daniel
from Clearwater, Florida
on May 30, 2022
Verified Buyer
The main reason we got a Nuna seat is that they don't apply any kind of chemicals to their materials, especially no fire retardants! Rate as one of the safest chairs out there, again not only for security but also from chemicals.

The second reason we got especially the EXEC was that it just covers all stages for our growing girl, if you get each stage you will spend more money than if you just get this all in one.

When you get the chair, you will take it to the hospital and they will do a test with your baby on it, they will seat your baby and make sure is secure and fit and they will adjust it for you for the first time for the ideal fit of your baby. All the nurses were super hype with the Nuna Exec and one of them even say that is exactly what they have for their own baby!

The last detail was the rest foot, yes, not a big deal but I'm thinking about the conform of my baby in the future and this is something most chairs do not have.
  • ? WIll last for all the stages of your growing one when riding in the car.
  • ? The chair comes with extra cushions in different colors so you can change the look, that was a nice surprise.
  • ? Super easy installation and feels very sturdy (using the seat belts)
  • ? Peace of mind that you will get a chair feels like it just hugging and protecting your kid all around
  • ? Small one, not a big deal, I installed the chair on the middle seat and the seat belt clicker is on the way on the cup holder so I cannot closet it all the way.
Even Better Then The Nuna Rava
By Kate
from New York City
on May 30, 2022
Verified Buyer
As a happy owner of the Nuna Rava for over three years, I wasnít planning on buying a new seat for our four year old, especially at this price. However for the last year Iíve noticed my daughter trying to prop her legs up on something when in her car seat (the back of the front seat, side door, etc). When I saw that the Exec had a foot rest, was slightly narrower than the Rava, and converted into a booster seat, I decided to take the plunge. The Exec didnít disappoint! It has all the washable and safety features of the Rava, but with the additional perks. If it had been out when my child was younger we would have been one and done with this model, so if you have a baby or one in the way, just hard stop and get this seat!
  • - safety
  • - leg rest
  • - washable
  • - comfort
Best Uses
  • One car seat from baby to booster!
  • - price
  • - takes up more space lengthwise (front seat has to be moved up more) if your kid likes to have their legs straight. But we have a smaller type car.
Love it!
By Sarah
from Kalamazoo, Michigan
on May 29, 2022
Verified Buyer
We have had Ravas in the past and the Exec takes things to the next level. My kids love them, very comfortable. They're like first class airline seats and very easy to install, just like all Nuna products.
Great Convertible Car seat
By Menawer
from Ridgewood, New Jersey
on May 28, 2022
Verified Buyer
Great Convertible Car seat, functions and features as described, baby seems comfortable in it, has less side obstruction as the baby is able to enjoy the side view better.
100% recommended
By Michael
from California
on May 10, 2022
Verified Buyer
We purchase this carseat for our infant and so far she loves it! Very comfy! Super easy to install. Only took us 5mins! I highly recommend!
  • Pricey? I would say but albeebaby offer mil discount so that actually helps a lot with the price.
love the Riveted model!
from Maryland
on May 7, 2022
Verified Buyer
My 85% baby was complaining at 7 months in the Nuna Pipa, and I knew I needed to upgrade to the Exec for better ergonomics. Baby loves the Exec and it was soooooo much easier to install than the Nuna Pipa base, which was hard to latch into my Chevy Bolt. Took only a few minutes to use their belt to anchor it. Love the luxury feel of the fabrics. Comes with 2 sets of infant inserts, which we don't need. Only 4 complaints so far: #1. If need to put down the other seat in the back down to haul a larger item, the plastic cup holder stem on the Exec gets in the way of that, so I have to move the carseat over 1 inch; #2. I've hit my baby's head already a bunch of times on the car door frame because the Exec sits high and the car roof is maybe low, so to get the baby in and out, it's a very tight squeeze. I'm really hoping it will get easier to get the baby in/out once we eventually have it forward-facing. My baby is now almost 21 lbs. and back-facing, but his legs already look a little cramped. I can't imagine having a kid back-facing up to the suggested weight limit because the legs would be awkwardly placed. Note, this is my 1st child, so it's also my first convertible car seat -- I have no comparison; #4. Despite having multiple recline settings, it only looks like there's a 1-2" difference between the settings for back-facing, so even on the biggest recline, my baby's head still flops forward at least once a week when he's napping. Wish the recline were greater, but maybe it's my car model paired with this car seat that affects the angle. Lastly, the "Riveted" colorway appears to be eggplant purple/black to me online, but it's actually black and dark brown -- very classical color combo. It comes with a faux brown leather quilted foot rest cover that can be removed and easily wiped down, which I love.
By Nana A.
from Atlanta
on April 14, 2022
Verified Buyer
My 21 months loves his new car seat and sleeps well in it.
Best Uses
  • Long and short distance travels.
  • Stylish
Perfect for our long trips
By Angela A.
from Houston
on April 12, 2022
Verified Buyer
I got this for my 3year old and she loves it. We travel a lot and Itís perfect for our long trips.
Nuna is Amazing
By Alison
from Massachusetts
on April 11, 2022
Verified Buyer
I just have to say we own multiple Nuna car seats, and the main reason is the safety offered by them. We have a toddler with medical issues, and extended rear facing is extremely important, we can go to 50lbs with this seat and heís 3 and still has plenty of weight to go before that happens. He loves the car seat and says so comfy - we love the safety features. In addition it might seem expensive but factoring in you use it for 10years thatís under $100 a year, or you can buy multiple seats over the years and pay even more than this.
  • Safety
  • Comfortable
  • Extended rear facing
  • It?s heavy
Worth it!
By Stephanie
from Charlotte, NC
on March 31, 2022
Verified Buyer
Once I chose the EXEC,. I didn't look back.. so happy with our purchase. Kid loves it, easy install, appealing to the eyes and best of all nontoxic!
By Sarah
from New Jersey
on March 3, 2022
Verified Buyer
Wow I do not regret this purchase! My little one is so comfortable and the seat is very high quality.
Great quality
By Trisha
from Iowa
on February 21, 2022
Verified Buyer
We just love Nuna. We had a Nuna Pipa infant carrier that we just loved and this EXEC is just perfect for our little boy.
Perfect for my toddler
By Jess
from Chicago
on February 7, 2022
Verified Buyer
We had the Rava and I was debating on whether to get another Rava for my second child or give her my son's Rava and get my son an Exec. After months of research, I decided to get the Exec and I'm so glad I did! It's pricier, however, you really get what you pay for. It's a GREAT car seat and I wish I got that the first time! Also, Albee Baby shipped it out so fast. So happy with my purchase.
Perfect car seat!
By Shawna
from Cleveland, Ohio
on February 2, 2022
Verified Buyer
This car seat is beautiful. It is the Nuna quality you would expect. It is so roomy, but has cozy padding for baby, yet does not take up much space in my compact SUV. I canít imagine a better car seat!
Customer Images
  • Compact frame, ease of install, easy to adjust, extended rear height and weight limits, 10 years of use, strap clip holders
Best Uses
  • Birth to child booster
  • None found
We love it!
By Traci
from Charlotte
on January 30, 2022
Verified Buyer
We now have a Rava for our 1 year old and Exec for our 4 year old and itís amazing. We wonít need another seat since the Exec will take us though both kids. Worth the investment from that perspective.
Great carseat
By Kristin
from California
on January 15, 2022
Verified Buyer
Highly recommend this carseat, we also own a Nuna Rava and decided to upgrade to the EXEC with our 8 month old. We love it. Like all Nuna's it is super easy to install, comfortable and I love that its made of wool and non-toxic. This will be a great seat to last several years and even with multiple children. Highly recommend even at the high cost.
Great carseat
By Andrea
from CORAL SPRINGS, Florida
on December 9, 2021
Verified Buyer
We got this for my 10 month old baby, to switch from the nuna pipa, and it did not disappoint. Really love that it has a secure fit in any kind of car. Although is a bit heavy, you can tell it's made out of premium materials, the baby loves it and we as parents love it too!

veredict: so far, so good
Waited and worth it!
By Serena
from Bay area, CA
on December 9, 2021
Verified Buyer
I knew this was the carseat I wanted and I really wanted this color (lake), especially if I was going to be staring at it for 10 years. I was getting really impatient but it finally came back in stock at albee baby and I bought it immediately! It's a love.
Our favorite
By Marissa
from Arona, Pennsylvania
on November 23, 2021
Verified Buyer
This is our favorite car seat. We will be buying another one again when the time comes.
luxury, safe car seat
By Ana-Maria
from Delaware
on November 20, 2021
Verified Buyer
this car seat looks amazing, feels luxurious and itís super safe. Very easy to install. It also comes with extra cover just in case you need to use the carseat and wash the covers.
All in all, it is amazing!
I was looking for a brown car seat to match the interior of my car and this one was by far the best I found.
  • luxury feel
  • safe
Best Uses
  • keeping our babies safe while traveling
  • expensive
Love it
from Ohio
on November 7, 2021
Verified Buyer
Easy installation once figured out (read the manual first!). Once installed, itís very secure. Materials are top notch and comfortable for the baby. Simply love it.
Great purchase
By Amanda
from Los Angeles
on October 20, 2021
Verified Buyer
It really is executive. The fabric is super soft. I love that itís an investment that will transition with my child until she no longer needs a car seat/booster. It so durable and I can see why itís got great safety reviews. Definitely worth the investment.
Our favorite carseat!
By Demetria
from Lodi, CA
on October 19, 2021
Verified Buyer
After multiple different carseats and brands, this is by far the best! Easy to install, uninstall, adjust strap height, wash, and put back together. It is slim so we can fit 3 across. Love the high weight limits. Currently have my 3.5 yo (30lbs, 38in) RF still in it with leg room, he has no complaints of being uncomfortable. My 5 yo (46 in, 44 lbs) is FF with 5 point harness and still room to grow. She loves the leg rest and complains when she has to ride in the back up carseat because it doesn't have that. Once a color I like is back in stock, I'll be ordering another for our little one on the way. It is expensive, but I think of it as an investment, my kids will be using them for years.
  • slim, weight & height limit, easy install
  • price
Absolutely amazing car seat
By Colleen
from New York
on October 14, 2021
Verified Buyer
We have gone through a number of car seats (britax, clek, chicco and other nunas) but THIS SEAT. This seat is by far the best. So easy to get that secure install. My baby (okay sheís 5) is so comfy in it. The fact that it rear faces until 49 inches is amazing. I wish we had this seat all along.
Customer Images
Perfect! Love the color combo!
By Jordan
from Spring, Texas
on October 7, 2021
Verified Buyer
We recently received the EXEC and love it! We have the nuna pipa and rava already and loved this addition. Our daughter recently outgrew the pipa and was sizing up, the exec wasnít an option when we originally bought our rava, but wow. We love that this is the last seat we will have to buy for her! It is also a little more slim (width) than the rava and fits great in our car (both the exec and rava) are in the back row comfortably of a Lexus RX 350. I love the upgraded magnetic buckle holders when not in use (as opposed to the rava pockets). The foot rest is also different and longer will definitely accommodate our children with long legs! The slip cover is a cool feature too, instead of having to clean the whole seat you can clean the slip cover. Overall, love the exec and highly recommend!
Pricey, but worth it
By Cynthia
from Los Angeles, CA
on October 4, 2021
Verified Buyer
This was my first Nuna item and I am so impressed with the quality. It's pretty amazing you can remove all the cloth to launder it. This is a must with kids since it's inevitably going to get food, dirt, sunscreen, etc on it. I know the $700 price tag is pretty steep, but in the long run, you end up saving some money since you won't have to lug around a separate infant car seat, then a convertible car seat, and then a booster. I was getting really frustrated having to store all those items while the babies got bigger.
By Kelsie
from Bismarck nd
on September 26, 2021
Verified Buyer
This is the best car seat Iíve used thus far. Very simple to install, plush, and safe! My toddler loves his new seat he would cry in the clekk, no tears in the Nuna!
Does not disappoint
By Amee
from North Tustin, Ca
on September 4, 2021
Verified Buyer
We upgraded to this car seat for my 2 year old. We needed an extra car seat, so we retired his old one for the extra, and replaced with this one. He absolutely loves it, I can tell he is way more comfortable. It has a smaller footprint too in our car that has limited room, especially now that we are adding another little one. Iím excited that it grows with him until he no longer needs a car seat/booster. We will definitely be purchasing a second one when our newborn out grows her current Nuna pupa infant car seat. Hands down our favorite brand of car seats.
  • Easy to install
Best Uses
  • Smaller spaces
Very nice car seat and great service
By Katrina
from Colorado
on August 29, 2021
Verified Buyer
I've always had great experiences with Albee Baby! But this time around, we ordered a variation of this car seat, which was cheaper, and the shipping kept getting delayed. Our twins were growing out of their infant car seats and my husband and I were counting on the car seats being shipped when they first told us. I reached out to Albee Baby, and to fix the issue, they upgraded the car seats to the new color variation and didn't charge us, and we received the car seats within the next few days. So, not only did we invest in some very nice car seats, but Albee Baby for sure took good care of us and through the difficult situation. The car seats themselves seem very comfortable, given our twins fall asleep in them every day when we pick them up from daycare. The different ways to adjust the car seat gives you alot of options to ensure making your baby comfortable and still secure. The materials (cloth, harness, everything) seems very high quality. I would highly recommend this car seat and purchasing from Albee Baby!
Amazing car seat
By Jahnai
from Boston, Ma
on August 11, 2021
Verified Buyer
Purchased this car seat for my son knowing it would be his last car seat. Love that it grows with child. Looks very high end.
Worth the price
By Paige
from Denver
on April 30, 2021
Verified Buyer
When you are pregnant during COVID you have more time then ever to over-research car seats and other baby gear.

In this case it really paid off. We are very happy with this seat and expect to be for years to come. Itís great looking, easy to install and will grow with our baby boy making it so much easier. I was impressed by the footprint in the car, I can see how it would work three across.

I trust the Nuna brand and love the Albee Baby service!
By Abbigail m.
from Eustis Florida
on April 28, 2021
Verified Buyer
This company never fails to impress with their amazing products . The most top quality seats I have ever owned as a mom of 3
Extremely Impressed
By KP N.
from New York City
on April 22, 2021
Verified Buyer
I never write reviews but this car seat is worth the time! We purchased another convertible car seat for our son who previously had been a very good car traveler. The convertible seat absolutely did not agree with him so we decided to do some additional research to find another highly rated, very safe seat that would be more comfortable. He is a happy, comfortable and fuss-free traveler again! Additionally the size of the seat is very compact, whereas the seat we had before was challenging even in our very large SUV. We are so relieved and would recommend this seat over and over. We spend a lot of time on longer car trips on the weekends and this is worth every penny, not to mention it will grow with him over time, eliminating the need for many subsequent seats in the future. We are thrilled with the purchase and as always, Albee Baby's shipping is so fast and reliable. Always a wonderful experience.
Gorgeous car seat. Cadillac of car seats
By Jill M.
from Falmouth ME
on April 4, 2021
Verified Buyer
I canít say enough about the great quality of this item, gorgeous material, every safety feature, every convenience feature. Buying a second one in June just to have in my vehicle so we donít need to switch out when babysitting.

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