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Nuna COVE Aire Go Playard - Camel
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Give baby a space of their own no matter where you are. Travel with our COVE aire go play yard that doubles perfectly as a bedside crib thanks to its slim silhouette, so you can keep them close overnight even in tight spaces. Whether you’re visiting Grandma or vacationing at your favorite resort, COVE aire go is an ideal travel companion that quickly opens and folds with just one hand.

The evolutionary design starts with a full-size bassinet. As baby gets older, simply unzip the bassinet and remove for the perfect play space. The Advanced air design™ provides 360° ventilation for ultimate airflow from every angle with all mesh sides, floor and mattress, keeping your little one refreshed at all times. With the ventilated mattress, heat is pulled away from your baby, leaving them feeling refreshed.

Travel smarter. Travel with COVE aire go, where baby feels right at home.


  • Advanced air design™ allows airflow from every angle with all mesh sides, floor and mattress.
  • Use COVE aire go beside your bed overnight, and let the ventilated mesh mattress pull away both heat and humidity from your little one as they snooze.
  • Sets up and folds easily with one hand—the bassinet even folds while attached!
  • Easily converts from a bassinet to a play yard.
  • Slim silhouette offers a space-saving solution for bedside use.
  • Triple layered mesh mattress, fresh thinking mattress design
  • A chic look—perfect for home and away.
  • Perfect for traveling. Sets up and folds easily.
  • Unique zigzag legs pop cot open quickly and easily.
  • The bassinet folds with the frame. No need to remove before packing up.
  • Unique zip-off bassinet is easy to detach for play yard use.
  • Triple layered mesh mattress, fresh thinking mattress design
  • Ventilated mattress panels easily remove for deep cleaning.
  • Zip-off mattress cover is machine washable and dryer safe.
  • Above-ground base keeps baby draft-proof.
  • Skid-proof feet keep sleep quiet and still.
  • Sturdy, aluminum zigzag frame
  • Woven threads blend together to create an easy-to-clean fabric featuring a soft, subtle texture.
  • No extras needed—even the GOTS™-certified organic sheet is included.
  • Travel bag included. Easy carry handle makes toting it around a breeze. 

Recommended Usage:

Bassinet: up to 15 lbs. Discontinue when infant pushes up on hands and knees or rolls over

Play yard: Up to 30lbs OR 35 in.

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Goliad, Texas
Verified Buyer
July 11, 2023
We love it! We love the feature of the bassinet on the top .
  • Very sturdy and nice material
  • The mat is kind of hard, smaller in size than normal play pens .
Agoura Hills
Verified Buyer
Wonderful bassinet/playpen combo!!
December 22, 2022
Great bassinet And playpen combo! A bit heavy though for travel! Size good for smaller rooms! Sturdy!
  • Compact storage, combo usage
Best Uses
  • For newborn next to your bed! As a playpen on the go, but beware, a bit heavy, but sturdy!
  • a bit on the heavy side
Dover, NH
Verified Buyer
Top Priority on the Gift Registry
May 7, 2022
I purchased the Nuna COVE Aire Go Playard for my daughter. She is expecting her first baby in August, and she was over the moon when it arrived.

She was very impressed with the quality and looks of product. All it needs now it the little bundle of joy!
I love it
September 9, 2021
I love the nuna cove aire go play yard. This play yard is perfect for anyone with a little one in my opinion. I love how easy the set up was, it doesn't take up Huge amount of space in your home, and my favorite is the play yard padding is breathable so your not stressing so much about your little one in their play yard.
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Norton, OH
Perfect for on the go!
September 9, 2021
I have a couple of different pack n plays or play yards, but nothing from this brand. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I really like it! It's a lot nicer looking then most, and kind of modern. It was soooo easy to put together and didn't take long at all. It does have the bassinet option, which we are using for our baby right now. The mattress is firm and snug and even came with a sheet. It can also be unzipped for easy washing which is awesome. Depending on what you want this for the size may be an issue. It is quite a bit smaller than my other play yard. I can put our 6 week old in other one sideways with room to spare. I cannot at all in this one. So I will be switching them out soon and using this one for on the go. It will work out great because none of the grandparents have one. It is super easy to put up and down, you only need one hand! It would be perfect if you don't have a lot of space. So like I said, it just depends what you want it for! Overall I is a really nice, quality play yard that is easy to use. I would absolutely recommend it!
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Green Bay WI
Perfect for camping or hotel rooms
September 4, 2021
This "modern pack n play" is very high end and suites our family perfect in regards to our camping trips! Our RV has a smaller loft where our kids typically sleep; we were reluctant about the play yard fitting but it actually did! It has wonderful features such as Vented mesh sides so you can rest easier knowing that there shouldn't be any interference with their sleeping. It also folded out so much easier than typical place and plays. I actually look forward to bringing this play yard places and unfolding it/collapsing it! I don't have any complaints what so ever about it in regards to faults or improvements
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Houston, TX
Really Awesome
September 2, 2021
I was really excited to try this play yard. I was looking for something to use for when my nephew comes to stay at my house. The top of it has a bassinet for the baby to sleep in and the bottom of it is a play yard for when the baby is older. My nephew stays at my house 3 days a week. He is 4 months old and fits nicely inside of the bassinet. The material is really breathable and easy to clean. It is also really lightweight and easy to fold up and carry. My daughter is 4 years old and she can sit comfortably at the bottom of the play yard.
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Palm Beach Florida
I love it!
September 2, 2021
I absolutely love this. My house is not big it's quite small so what I found out about this product I knew that I had to get it. My baby is able to sleep next to me. This product is perfect to travel anywhere to grandma's house, to keep at home, and to even go on vacation. It's quite easy to open and fold you just need one hand to do that which is very convenient for me. The bassinet holds up to 15 pounds and the play yard holds up to 30 pounds or 35 inches. This is the best thing that has ever been invented and I love it so much. The bassinet holds up to 15 pounds and the play yard holds up to 30 pounds or 35 inches. This is the best thing that has ever been invented and I love it
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Chicago IL
COVE aire go play yard
September 1, 2021
I received the COVE aire go play yard. This bassinet is a 2-in-1 play yard. Its perfect for easy travel and stay at home. Its perfect for keeping your little one safe and sound for a nap or safe playing.
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Damascus MD
Nice great travel crib!
August 28, 2021
So very comfortable and soft! Our baby loves it. Easy to set up and take down. Since this is my 3rd baby, I have quite a bit of experience trying different cribs and so far this is my favorite! My only complaint is that for the price, they could add a toy or musical mobile. Not a huge deal since I have detachable ones from my previous kids. Very easy to use and i love that it's easy to set up. I had a different crib that was a nightmare to take down so we ended up just leaving it open all the time. With the Nuna we can easily take it down and take it with us when traveling.
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Reno, NV
Perfect set up for ant new parents.
August 27, 2021
The Nuna cove aire travel play yard and bassinet is a great set up for any new parents or grandparent. It's a fast and easy set up. It's packs away nice and tight to be easily stored away. It's a grow with me set up because it does come with a bassinet.
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Fantastic play yard
August 26, 2021
COVE aire go play yard is really nice. Easy to set up and use. Fits in a variety of places and doesn't take up a lot of space but is also still very roomy for my baby to play in. Easy to move around but is very sturdy. I would highly recommend!
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Hampstead, NC
Beautiful Play Yard!
August 26, 2021
I love this play yard! It looks so nice when it is up, that it really blends in with most decor in my home. It makes me very excited knowing that I can take this when we go to visit family later this year and will not be stressed about putting our baby down on any open bed to nap. The fabric is very breathable, and it really is an upscale play yard. Definitely worth picking up if you travel a lot or need an extra nap space in your home.
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Maple Grove MN
Easy to set up and move around
August 24, 2021
We are finally traveling again, and the Nuna COVE Aire Go is absolutely amazing! Our family of five (4 yrs, 2 yrs, and 6 months) have been on two-weekend trips with this and our 6-month-old baby girl sleeps better than anyone else. It takes up such little space in the van and is set up within 5 minutes. There are no small parts to fiddle with, comes with the sheet which securely Velcro's to the mat, and is washable. The only thing I noticed with this (and other play yards we've had) is that you should air it out for a few hours to a day before using it. I absolutely love this and recommend it to anyone who travels or needs to move it from room to room frequently.
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LOVE the 3-in-1 options!!!
August 24, 2021
I have found that I would much rather buy one item that will take care of my kids needs than constantly be looking for something else (researching, price checking, ordering etc).

This play yard is exactly that. We have used it for a bassinet when my baby was a newborn and now using the top for a safe place to nap. The bottom we use as the play yard.

You'll be able to tell right when you unbox it it's made very well. It's sturdy yet not very heavy and you can unfold it with one hand! We take my kids to my parents and it's easy to fold up and put in the car. My mother loves it as she can easily switch it around from the nap area to the play yard. It's very easy and quick.

Overall we are VERY happy with this and love the multi-functions. It's made well and really feels like a parent help design it!
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Atlanta, ga
Super convenient!
August 21, 2021
I recently received this Nuna Cove Aire Go play-yard and love it!! It's by far one of the most high quality play yards I've used and I've had many through out the years. My baby plays comfortably in it while having enough room to still move around. I love the simple but still stylish look of the Cove Aire Go. It's easy to wipe down to clean and one of the easiest play yards to take down and bring with you on the go when traveling. It has a bassinet option for younger babies and with its slim design you can comfortably fit it by your bed! I love Nuna products and the quality, if you're looking to buy a play yard, look no further!
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Great pack and play
August 20, 2021
Luxurious look to it. Soft breathable material that meets all safety standards. I'm using it as a bassinet now and have no issues. I like that it comes with a sheet because other brands don't include that. It's also super easy to set up and pack up if you're on the go. I have no issues I love this!!!
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August 20, 2021
After 2 kids, and a much cheaper travel pack and play, we gave this one a try. Our family had a staycation last weekend and we brought this. It's so slim, so hardly took up any space in our hotel. My son slept incredibly in it! He's already 20 months and I really wish we would have bought this sooner. We have a few more trips planned this year and this is definitely coming with us. We love our nuna car seats and now this play yard!
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Fort hood, Tx
Wow! Best play yard I've ever owned!
August 20, 2021
I'm a mom of 3 and for my 3rd child I wanted to find products that were easy to use and safe! I was blessed to try this play yard out for my son & wow! It's lightweight yet won't tip over. It's easy to open & close for travel or to move into another room. The mattress doesn't make baby hot but is soft. But the best pet is that it converts from a bassinet to play yard. This play yard has everything you need, so no need to buy l any extras.
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Los Angeles, CA
Better than all the rest!
August 19, 2021

This is the most thoughtful and tasteful play yard/bassinet I have ever used! I can definitely see that the designers of the Nuna Cove Aire Go had vast experience with the existing play yards and bassinets on the market, and thought of a solution for each of the design flaws. I personally used the Halo Swivel Bassinest and then when LO grew out of that, transitioned to the Graco Pack-n-Play as a full-time crib, and also traveled with the Graco PNP. However, now that I've used the Nuna Cove Aire Go, I 100% would have used this from the beginning! Here are each of my reasons:

Aesthetics - Nuna is definitely the maker of the chicest baby gear, and this is no exception. The soft lines and beautifully neutral fabric of the Cove are in stark contrast to the eyesore sharp rectangle shape (reminds me of a train car) and the horrendous patterns of the Graco PNP.

The Mattress - Extremely well made and washable! My biggest gripe with the Graco PNP was that the mattress is a board with a thin layer of foam on top, and the foam eventually sinks in the middle because it is on top of a hammock structure for the bassinet. My LO was basically sleeping on a cardboard dent, not to mention breathing in whatever chemicals the foam was off-gassing. The Cove mattress, however, is so sturdy that there is no chance of a dent forming in the middle, and when it is time to deep clean the mattress after multiple spit ups, I can remove the mattress cover and put it into the washing machine! With the Graco PNP and Halo mattress, you cannot take it apart, only spot clean. In addition, if your LO likes to burrow his face into the mattress, you have no worries because the mattress is ventilated, kind of like those seat cushions used in expensive desk chairs. The mattress is also fitted perfectly against the sides so I don't have to fear any toes, fingers, or noses getting stuck in between.

The Fitted Sheet - I love how the sheet fits PERFECTLY around the mattress and there is no bunching up whatsoever. The fitted sheet even has velcro sewn onto it so you can match it exactly to the mattress. I disliked how with the Graco PNP sheets, they did not fit well, the sheet would bunch up near LO's nose because she tends to claw the sheet as she settles herself to sleep and I was worried the sheet would impair her breathing. I have no worries with the Cove sheet. It is organic cotton and supremely breathable, however, the material is so breathable it is very thin and I'm a little worried it won't hold up to frequent washing.

Safety - I was always afraid of stubbing my toes or tripping over the extremely long legs of the base of the Halo, but with the Cove, I don't have to worry about that because the feet are short and set beyond the edges so there is no way I would run into them.

Ease of use - INCREDIBLY easy to set up, literally with one hand and with the bassinet inside. To travel with the Graco PNP, you have to disassemble the bassinet which takes some time and also run the risk of losing one of the rods which would render the bassinet useless, not to mention the time to reassemble it once you get to your destination.

Size - The Cove Aire Go is similar in height and length to Nuna's larger model, the Sena, but differs in width as the Cove is 5.5 inches narrower. However, I appreciate that it is narrower because I can push the Cove through doorways! I was always frustrated with the Graco PNP because I couldn't run my robot vacuum as it is too wide to fit through the doorway. Also, if LO was sleeping in the PNP, I couldn't move the PNP into another room to keep an eye on LO. The Halo was just too heavy to move at all.

Overall, the Cove Aire Go is better than purchasing a [ bassinet + travel pack-n-play + crib ] because you can use the Cove for all three products, and it outperforms any other brand! The thoughtful features not only make your life easier, but allow you to have peace of mind that your LO is safe while sleeping or playing, which is absolutely priceless.
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Erie, PA
Play yard
August 19, 2021
This play yard was purchased for an easy and lightweight crib for our camper. It works perfectly. It is compact when folded up and easy to store. It is durable for baby and safe. I would recommend this product to a friend!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Irving, Texas
Best gift for new parents
August 18, 2021
I bought this a month ago and am happy so that I did. First of all it's foldable, light weight can be used from infants till 3 years. Very easy to setup bed and converted into playard. We can use as bassinet as well as playard. I'm really surprised and satisfied with its usage. We just love it and highly recommended for all friends and family. Value for the money.
Customer Images
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East liverpool ohio
Great product!
August 18, 2021
I recently got one of these and it's really nice! Very simple to set up out of the box, easy to fold up and put away. My little one sleeps great in it. I love having something that's so easy to fold up and take with us when visiting family
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Port St Lucie
It's Awesome
August 18, 2021
I really love this new COVE aire go play yard! Its easy to transport which makes it easy for traveling and quick trips. I love that it can be used as a bassinet and then a play space as my baby gets older. I would most definitely recommend this product!
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Manchester, NH
August 17, 2021
First thought when I saw this play yard was this is the best, high quality play yard and bassinet I have ever owned. The material is amazing and thick, but what I'm thankful for is that the inside of the play yard is machine washable, which makes my life much easier and saves me time, because my baby drools a lot, so I can just throw it in washing machine on gentle cycle and relax. Another thing that surprised me is that it included organic sheet, which makes it breathable and perfect for my sons sensitive skin. The whole structure of play yard is pretty unique to me, cute, solid bassinet turns into play yard for older babies in seconds is a life and space saver for me, as I can have both in one. The set up is easy and takes literally a few minutes, I do it by myself with no help or any problems. Overall, I'm glad I have it, I think it's going to take care for my baby's sleep for a long time.
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August 16, 2021
This is the perfect pack n play/playard for a new baby or a toddler. I love how easy it is to set up!! It takes up a little more room than I would like in the car for travel, but it's nice that it can pack up so easily. It's so helpful to have a safe place to put baby down!
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Great travel bed
August 15, 2021
The Nuna - COVE aire go play yard is so easy to put up and take down. The mattress is just right and the mesh gives me comfort doing that there is plenty of airflow. My baby does great sleeping in it at grandma's house.
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M F.
Washington, DC
So far so good?
March 17, 2021
Our baby isn't here yet but we plan to use this as a bassinet in our room during the early days and then a travel crib as he ages. No complaints on the product and it looks well made but again, haven't really used it and am a FTM so have nothing to compare it to. It is also apparently discontinued after being recently released and I'm not able to find why online which is somewhat concerning.
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Pompano Beach, FL
Easy and fast
March 11, 2021
Nuna products are my favorite because they are easy to use. The cove aire folds and unfolds so quickly and easily, and the lounger attaches smoothly, and has different incline options. The ease of use with this play yard, compared to others, is worth every penny!
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You need it
March 11, 2021
Best purchase we made for the baby of everything. Safe comfy incline was great for his reflux
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