Maxi-Cosi Lila Double Stroller - Nomad Black

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Maxi-Cosi Lila Double Stroller - Nomad Black
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El Paso, Texas
Verified Buyer
Its Okay
July 12, 2023
Ehhh I wish Inwould have just spent the extra $200 on a wagon. The stroller overall is great, its smooth, and good qualty. You cant fold it with both seats attached. So if I want to take it to the store I have to take both seats off fold it then load it up and unload reassemble in a parking lot and the same when we get home. Its truly not woth the hassle. Get a wagon if you can fit it in your vehicle. I keep it fully assembled at home for walks around rhe neighborhood. Plus its. Ulkier than I’d like for a car
Verified Buyer
Love it!
May 30, 2023
This stroller has such a smooth ride and was so easy to set up. We love the bassinet feature too. I would definitely recommend this product.
  • Smooth ride
  • Easy set up
  • Easy folding down feature
  • Double
Best Uses
  • Every where
  • Bulky
Verified Buyer
Almost great, would still repurchase
May 27, 2023
I would give it 5 stars but manoeuvring gets really hard when using it with two kids and also the fact it didn't come with some sort of parent tray wasn't my cup of tea. Otherwise we (my husband and I) really like this stroller, its really convenient and preforms better than our wagon, mainly because older sister would try and get up to go to baby sister all the time, so with this one since each child is facing a different direction we don't have that issue anymore.
Construction and material wise I really like the stroller and it also works well with nuna pipa carseats.
  • material, construction
Best Uses
  • siblings, smooth terrain
  • harder to manoeuvering with two kids
Brooklyn, NY
May 12, 2022
I bought a stroller on October 31st from Buybuy Baby on 3rd ave in Brooklyn . Cost me around $1000.
It turned to have a problem, the seat doesn't set up, it stays down all time. I took it back a week later. The store told me I have to contact the company directly. I did with all the details and pictures. I asked the company the send me the defaulted parts to change them, and I provide them with my cellphone and everything and never got a response till this day.
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Fit's perfectly
March 9, 2022
Maxi-Cosi Lila Ultra Compact Stroller & Maxi-Cosi Lila Modular Stroller fits perfectly on the stroller. I love the design. I feel fancy. I would recommend this sturdy and sleek designed addition.
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Staten Island, NY
Nice stroller, a few things I would change
March 7, 2022
This is a nice stroller that feels higher end. I like many of the features- that it can recline fully, face you or face out, the ability to switch to a double stroller.

There are some things I don't like. The cup holder for parents is in reach of my toddler which is a recipe for chaos.

It also doesn't come with any type of parent console.

It doesn't not fold very compact and takes up a lot of trunk space.

But overall it is a nice stroller.

The duo seat adapter is what converts it to a double stroller and I like that I can buy an adapter to use my chicco infant seat with it
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Great addition to the stroller
March 1, 2022
This addition is the whole reason to have this stroller for my family. We have a newborn and wanted a stroller that can accommodate 2 children of various ages/sizes. It was easy to initially set up and when it is it feels very secure. I do not worry about it falling off. It comes with strong secure safety belt that my child can not open. The front bar in the pics can be taken off and replaced with a snack tray. Well crafted and makes the stroller system complete for my family.

Review for the stroller itself
First off I have to say I really like this stroller is a nice sleek beautifully designed kid toting equipment. My brodads are jealous!
This stroller is much better than the first one we had for our planned baby but now that we have an oops child we needed a stroller more versatile and can tote around 2 kids. The Maxi stroller is large enough and well designed enough to do just that but it does come with a large footprint so you need to have space in your trunk. Compared to strollers I find this to be on the lighter side of them.
I really like the fact that you only need one hand to fold it up which is great for us parents that most of the time have our hands full. Although it is easy to fold up I find it hard to release the sets from the base of the stroller. I do like the basket at the bottom for it holds a lot of items so I don't have to carry them somehow. The seats come with the extra cushion to make sure my baby is secure and can't roll around. The nice thing is it is removeable making the seat good for many years as my child grows.
With the oversized wheels on the back it is easier to go up curbs, on the grass or if you need to go in the dirt. Like everything it has a few flaws but all in all I highly recommend this stroller system. I know, my family will use this stroller for many years!
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New Jersey
Nice but some flaws
March 1, 2022
We really love this second seat as it is comfortable and stylish, however it is not the easiest to put on or take off. You also cannot easily fold the seat up for storage in trunk so it does take up a lot of space. The protective sticky piece that comes with it (to protect the stroller frame) is not good at all. It does not stick or stay in place...see photo. So while we do like this option to convert the stroller for 2 kids, it's not the best out there.
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February 25, 2022
I'm absolutely in love with this stroller as a duo. The second seat is pretty much just like the original, very comfortable for the child. It installs to the stroller very easily with the attachment provided. I have not a single negative thing to say about this stroller or the second seat! A phenomenal stroller!!
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New York
Great seat
February 22, 2022
This stroller makes it very easy to travel with multiple children. It's a bit bulky but very easy to push.
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So Easy to Attach!
February 20, 2022
I have had several double strollers, and this one is my favorite! The second seat was easy to attach, and the seat is just beautiful! Sometimes when two seats are attached to a stroller, it's very hard to push, and I didn't have any trouble with this one, even with two toddlers! I will be using this stroller often, and it looks very durable!
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Lansing, MI
Great Modular Addition
February 18, 2022
This was a fantastically done addition to the Maxi-Cosi Ultra Compact Stroller. It is a well made product that seems like it will last a long time and for multiple kids.
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Las Cruces
Amazing extra seat
February 17, 2022
This extra seat is perfect for our amazing stroller. As we have 2 kids close in age, we are able to use it as a double, yet it is not wide and pushes so well, and when we want it as a single, it comes off so easily. I definitely recommend for anyone who needs a double.
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New Jersey
Great For Two!
February 17, 2022
So easy to attach the second seat & go! The stroller is so lightweight even when pushing both kids. My only complaint is that this attachment seat has a lower weight limit than the original stroller seat. Other than that I could not be happier with this stroller & attachment kit.
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Love the second seat
February 17, 2022
Let me tell you if you have multiple kids then you need this stroller and additional seat. It's so sleek and easily attaches. I was so worried about having to do it and it was seriously a piece of cake. My kids are comfortable and have enough room with both seats as well. It's truly an exquisite stroller. Highly recommend as a veteran mom
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Comfortable, but complicated
February 12, 2022
The duo kit is a bit complicated to set up. It does require some rearranging and extra pieces to snap on. If I don't use the extra seat for awhile, I have to watch the video to remind myself how to set it back up.

Once it's set up though, it is compact, easy to steer and maneuver, and my kids are really comfortable in it.

It just faces forward-- I've seen other strollers have the ability to face both ways, which I'm not sure I'd actually use if this one had the same capability.
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Jefferson t.
February 10, 2022
The setup was super simple to add to the carriage. My kid loves it and is very comfortable. Amazing attachment for an already great carriage.
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Ease of 2
February 9, 2022
My only complaint is that the front seat has a lower weight limit. I mean I know why with how it attaches, just wish it was slightly higher...even 40. My 3 year old can't sit up front, yet hates being in the back because she can't easily get out. I'd say if you had 2 under 2, you're golden though. The stroller still drives like a dream!
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Excellent addition
December 13, 2021
I love that the Lila stroller has this option to add on. I have a newborn and twin toddlers so being able to let two of them ride is great. This is an easy set up and lightweight!
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Tucson, AZ
So comfy for my toddler
December 10, 2021
My toddler who used to be an only child is now 2 and she loves sitting in this seat. She can get in and out with ease and the best part is that my 9m old is comfy and cozy facing me at the same time!
Customer Images
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Houston, TX
Easy to Install
December 9, 2021
I got the Lila because I needed the double stroller option, but I also wanted to have the option to easily remove the extra seat if I only had one kid in tow. This extra seat for this modular stroller has met those needs. It is very easy to install and provides a comfortable ride for my toddler.
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American Fork, UT
Love our duo seat!
December 7, 2021
Love having this duo seat addition to our Lila stroller! We have 2 little ones who are always on the go and this double stroller setup has made our outings much more seamless! I think it's important to note that the duo seat had a slightly lower weight limit than the main stroller seat, so just keep that in mind if you have an older child who will be using the stroller regularly! I just have my lighter baby sit in the front in the duo seat - she loves the view! Very happy with our double stroller!
Customer Images
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Christina P.
Excellent Double Stroller
December 6, 2021
This is the perfect double stroller! The second seat is super easy to pop on. I love how the seats sit up really tall so my littles are upright and can see their surroundings! It's not bulky at all and glides really smooth.
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Top quality
December 5, 2021
Amazing quality, super comfortable and easy to assemble.
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Customer Q&A
6 Questions & 5 Answers
from Los Angeles asked:
July 1, 2023
Does this stroller fit 2 infant car seats? 
Only one.
Submitted by: caren singer on July 2, 2023

from Fall River ma asked:
June 24, 2023
Does this stroller come with 2 seats?

Submitted by: caren singer on June 26, 2023

Jaclyn Jimenez
from NY, NY asked:
June 14, 2023
Is this also compatible with a Cybex Car Seat ? 
It is not.
Submitted by: caren singer on June 14, 2023

from Nm, NM asked:
October 24, 2022
What is the difference between the frequency black and the nomad black? 
Frequency Black;  fabric on the outside of the stroller is designed with a highly reflective pattern. This makes you and your baby visible to motorists in the dark.
Submitted by: caren singer on October 24, 2022

from Saint paul asked:
August 9, 2022
Does this come with the second seat?
Submitted by: caren singer on August 10, 2022

from Los Angeles, Ca asked:
April 27, 2020
Is this stroller compatible with 2 infant car seats? 

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