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Orlando, FL
Verified Buyer
Traveling made easier with littles
July 12, 2024
Makes traveling much easier with littles. So grateful to have found this product!!
  • Easy to carry and use.
Marina, California
Verified Buyer
Got me through PCS season!
July 12, 2024
This car seat was great for travel and everyday use while we waited for our household goods to arrive from overseas during our PCS from Japan to California. It is easy to use and it's small size made it easy to maneuver through airports. The only issue I had was the croch area is a bit to tight, especially for boys.
Bay Area
Verified Buyer
Great investment
July 4, 2024
Super lightweight and easy to install. We bought it for travel but our kid ended up liking it enough for everyday use.
Alexandria, Virginia
Verified Buyer
Travel game changer
June 17, 2024
Bringing our own car seats on trips is important to our family and this changed the game!
New York, NY
Verified Buyer
Fantastic travel car seat!
May 22, 2024
We are thrilled with this car seat! So lightweight, easy to install, and has allowed us to travel so much more. Highly recommend it!
Gets the job done for travel car seat!
May 3, 2024
We love this car seat! Our 2y8mo old can use and he’s 99th% for height and weight! He’s definitely not as comfortable as he is in his regular car seat but for travel this just cannot be beat!! We take it with us so we don’t have to deal with sketch rental situations when traveling.
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Nice design
Best Uses
  • Travel
  • Not super comfy
Los Angeles, California
Verified Buyer
Great seat but be prepared to install
February 12, 2024
Amazing concept and great travel car seat for toddlers. The first time we used it was on a trip to NYC in an Uber and I’ll be honest and say that in crazy JFK ride share trafffic I felt a lot of pressure to install the seat quickly. It isn’t hard to do but in the dark in a car you’re not familiar with, it can be more difficult since we had practice with our cars at home. When we used it in a rental car at the airport it was much easier since we were in a parking lot and had all the time we needed :)
  • Lightweight, folds up easily.
  • Not for situations that require you to be fast
Verified Buyer
So Compact and Lightweight
September 14, 2023
This carseat is great for travelling. It can be a little confusing to use so I recommending testing it out before you travel. The crotch strap is very short and was tight for my 3 year old, but he was okay with it for shorter drives on our trip. For the price, it really should come with a travel bag. The separate travel bag for the WayB is pricey so we hand carried this on the plane.
  • Lightweight, Compact
  • Small Crotch Buckle, No Travel Bag Included
Austin, Texas
Verified Buyer
Makes travel easy!
September 7, 2023
Ablee shipping was quick. Our second purchase of the WAYB - makes travel with our toddlers a breeze!
Verified Buyer
WayB Pico
September 5, 2023
We purchased this car seat to use as a travel car seat. It’s so light weight and compact it makes it simple to transport through the airport. We received our order quickly with no problems at all. My son loves it!!
  • Lightweight, compact, portable
Best Uses
  • Travel or everyday use
Denver, Colorado
Verified Buyer
Best for travel
May 28, 2023
This is so great for travel! Easy to install and easy to use. Love it.
Verified Buyer
Great travel car seat!
May 26, 2023
Love this travel car seat, very light weight & compact. Made traveling a breeze! Would definitely recommend!
Verified Buyer
Excellent car seat
May 14, 2023
Fabulous car seat. Also due to its design, our child sits further back so he has more leg room. Highly recommend.
West Virginia
Verified Buyer
Works well.
March 21, 2023
Very good
Charlotte, NC
Verified Buyer
Perfect for everyday use and for travel!
December 27, 2022
bought 2 of these for my car w a 3rd row. they are amazing for everyday use for larger toddlers when you need 3 car seats in a row. We get compliments on them all the time and the kids beg to sit in them.
Verified Buyer
Perfect for travel
November 21, 2022
Light weight and easy to use. Great for travel! Love the colors. I wouldn’t use as an everyday car seat but easy for grandparents or someone just need to transfer a seat to for the day or so.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and secure
Holladay, Utah
Verified Buyer
Must buy!
October 16, 2022
Love this seat! Super easy to use and take places.
Verified Buyer
Must have for air travel!
May 10, 2022
This travel car seat is amazing! Was hesitant to pull trigger based on cost but I’m so glad I did. We traveled to FL with our toddler and this seat was a lifesaver! So lightweight and portable! Also easy to install and uninstall in Uber or taxi from airport to our final destination. Comes with a travel bag to transport and easily fits in large suitcase when folded. Green color very pleasing and gender neutral. Our toddler measures in 75 percentile for height and was still able to see our window while strapped in. Would really recommend to anyone looking for a travel car seat option.
South Carolina
Verified Buyer
Awesome for car and airplane
March 15, 2022
We use this when we fly once a month from the east coast to the west coast. Definitely buy the backpack carrier. Easy setup on the plane and it’s FAA approved. Then we use it in the rental car. The installation is a breeze.
Los Angeles, California
Verified Buyer
Lightweight car seat
January 10, 2022
Looks good and works as described. However I don't know how it holds up in an actual accident. The crotch buckle is still too short and was uncomfortable for my oldest child. This would be of good use when traveling, and for compact packing, but I think it's just fine to use a lightweight convertible car seat (weighs the same as the WAYB Pico) and an inexpensive bag to carry through the airport. It's too expensive unless you're traveling with your kids a couple times a year, which I don't think many are doing at the present moment...
Sean A.
Portland Oregon
Verified Buyer
Low profile
December 28, 2021
Great seat for smaller cars with expensive leather upholstery. Lightweight and easy access.
  • Lightweight
Verified Buyer
Easy to carry
December 26, 2021
Light weight and essay to carry after use
  • Five point harness
Richmond, Virginia
Verified Buyer
Amazing for travel!
November 29, 2021
Things I love:

1. Truly fits into a backpack- easy and lightweight
2. Yes it is expensive, but when you consider the hassle of checking a regular carseat or the cost of renting at your destination- this makes a lot of sense!
3. It is super easy to use on a plane, and it made my toddler feel like he was in his carseat (i.e. he didn't feel like he could ask to get out and he didn't try)

One annoying thing, as others have mentioned- the crotch strap is too short and that will limit the time we can use this as each kid grows. I don't know why- hopefully they improve this.
san francisco, California
Verified Buyer
Best travel companion
November 28, 2021
I have borrowed my friend's seat one too many times and finally got our own one of these! My child much prefers this over the more "standard" travel car seat and as parents, we love it for the ease of bringing it around!

Purchased mostly for travel but very much useful for carpool/the occasional "additional kid to pick up from school" scenario, or visiting family.

I dont know why I held off on buying it for so long!

  • - Very lightweight!
  • - Easy to bring around when we travel and/or when an extra seat is needed
  • - Install has a learning curve, but is fairly easy once you learn how to do it
  • - Sits much lower than all seats do, so some kids who are used to looking out the window may need to get used to not seeing anything
Tulsa, Texas
Verified Buyer
November 7, 2021
We love this carseat for travel and everyday use. Super easy to install and uninstall. Holds up great and company was quick to replace when we had an issue with the headrest.
Verified Buyer
Love it
October 8, 2021
This car seat is perfect for traveling. We also purchased the backpack, and it fits perfectly inside!
Verified Buyer
September 12, 2021
I have a smaller almost 3 year old that needed a carseat for the middle 3rd row seat of our Lincoln navigator. First off the carseats safety seems very poor. The design is not comfortable even for a small child, I can't imagine larger children sitting in this at all. The price is completely overrated for the overall quality of the carseat. This carseat does fit in the middle seat however makes it extremely difficult with its design to buckle the other seats, which makes the other kids horribly frustrated. I am a mother of 6 kiddos. I have used many different styles and brands of carseats, and this is by far the worst carseat that we have ever own. Actually this is the only carseat that we can say we dislike.
Verified Buyer
Game Changer!
September 9, 2021
This car seat is a must if you travel! No more lugging a heavy car seat through the airport again! Very easy to use and so light!!!
Best Uses
  • Travel
  • Price
Verified Buyer
So far so good
May 23, 2021
Albee gives an awesome healthcare discount, so I happily took advantage of that. I wish we got this sooner bc we’ve had it for one week abs it’s been used several times already, primarily by the nanny. It’s very sturdy yet light weight. It buckles in tightly to the car, so is actually not THAT easy to take in and out. It’s also not very easy to fold for storage. But that’s ok. This is going to be staple during the summer when we travel more. I also wish it came with a booster seat so that my 2.5 yo could see outside the window like in her usual car seat.
Best Uses
  • Travel, nanny trips
Verified Buyer
April 19, 2021
This is the way to go if you are traveling with a 3 year old... feels so much safer and more solid than other lightweight travel options out there. It's easy to install, durable, and compact for storing. That said, this is not made for every child. My lanky - tall and skinny - 3.5 year old fits well and rides very comfortably; but we would not be able to use this for my other child who is not as string bean-y. I suggest packing this in a wheeled suitcase (we used a hard shell carry on) if you do not use this on the plane. We have done both. Or, perhaps purchase the bag that is made for it... I have heard good things.
Hudson, OH
Verified Buyer
Perfect for Porsche
March 13, 2021
My husband wanted a car seat that my toddler could use in his Porsche 911 and this fits the bill. It's so much easier to install than our britax click tight car seat and our toddler loved being able to try it out. I think that this will come in handy for traveling once COVID restrictions lift a bit in the future as well.
  • lightweight
  • easy to install
Best Uses
  • cars with small back seats
  • expensive compared to other seats
Sioux Falls, SD
Verified Buyer
Easy toddler travel solution
February 26, 2021
I had been eyeing this seat for quite some time, my 2.5yr old is now big enough where she met the size requirements so I finally pulled the trigger and we are loving the convenience of this seat! The install is super easy, and has allowed us to use Uber/Lyft with no concerns. The folded seat fits easily in the basket of our stroller, so we haven’t had to worry about carrying it around. I purchased this seat in the middle of our travels, so we will use it flying home and I was concerned that it wouldn’t fit on my airport car seat dolly, but it fits perfectly! I am looking forward to installing this seat easily on the plane. If you are an avid traveler, and are considering this seat, you won’t regret it at all!
  • Easy install
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
Best Uses
  • Uber/Lyft
  • Airplane
  • None yet
Chicago IL
Verified Buyer
Great quality, light weight travel seat
February 18, 2021
I’m impressed with this seat. Not only is it super light weight and sleek, the quality is amazing- as it should be at this price point. I feel comfortable using this as a backup seat in Daddy’s car for the few times he needs to bring our 4 year old to activities but also look forward to its ease and convenience while traveling.
My daughter is always complaining that her back is hot, this seat seems to allow the airflow that our other car seats lack.
We chose the Albee exclusive woodland color and I’m so glad we did, it’s so unique and beautiful.
  • Lightweight, sleek, airflow, compact for travel, easy to install and adjust
Best Uses
  • Travel, backup seat, grandparents, babysitters etc
  • Price point is a little higher than I?d like for a travel seat
Salt Lake City
Verified Buyer
Great for multiple car seats in a row
January 30, 2021
I bought this so I could fit 3 car seats in the back row and it is perfect for my purposes. I’m also excited to have it for travel as it’s super lightweight.
Simi Valley, California
Verified Buyer
Great travel car seat for space saving
January 4, 2021
We have been faced with traveling internationally during Covid with a busy 22 month old. This seat was a life saver. We didn’t want a bulky car seat as we were going for several months and US car seats are not legal in our destination. We used it to restrain our busy boy on our first packed domestic flight and then for take off, landing and meals on our long haul flight. It was perfect for our needs and we will continue to use it as a travel seat until we no longer need one. I read a lot of reviews about the crotch strap being annoying, this may be the case for kids not in diapers but it didn’t bother our boy who is on the larger side.
Customer Images
  • Compact, easy to install, light, has a clear FAA approved sticker and a clear belt bath for installation on the airline.
Best Uses
  • Airline and car seat when flying to destinations you are allowed to use them. They should be good in taxis etc
  • It is a small travel seat so doesn?t have the comfort of a more padded seat
Verified Buyer
compact and light
November 27, 2020
This is my second purchase for my second child. They are easy for travel and easy to install.
  • light
Best Uses
  • travel
New York City
Verified Buyer
Great for people in the city/on the go
October 17, 2020
My wife and I bought this since we live in NYC and do not have own car. We really like how easy it is to install in ubers or rentals and the fact that my son finds it comfortable for 1+ hour trips. Only negatives I have is that the seat is low, so my son can't see out the window, and the locking mechanism for the seat are both metal, so it's already getting a lot of wear and tear, and we've only used it a handful of times. Overall I 100% recommend.
  • Easy installation.
  • Comfortable.
  • Compact and fit under most full size strollers.
Best Uses
  • For anyone in the city, or anyone who needs a compact and light car seat.
  • Seat is low.
  • Locking mechanism already has wear and tear.
Ly H.
Houston, TX
Verified Buyer
LOVE everything about these car seats
October 14, 2020
I've been wanting to buy these ever since they were on Kickstarter but the price of them has held me back. Saw that these were on sale and had to snatch them up ASAP. They did not disappoint. We used to have 2 very big and bulky travel car seats and hated everything about them. These WAYB were a godsend. They are so lightweight and small but very sturdy and secure at the same time. Win win. So quick to set up in our rental car and easy to take out. These save us so much time and effort. We love to travel and will be using these car seats from now on. Our two toddlers also love sitting in these too.
Castle Rock, Colorado
Verified Buyer
Bottom seat belt too short
October 11, 2020
This is a great idea in theory but for the price I wish it had been designed a bit better. I have a little guy who is 3 and a half and small for his age but the seat belt that comes up through his legs is too short so it lands down on his crotch so he can’t put his legs together. And he can’t press the button to let him self out when we get home. So that is disappointing. Otherwise it is very light and simple to use.
  • Seatbelt between legs is too short and needs to be like 1 inch longer.
Verified Buyer
Like the sustainability, but not very user friendly
September 24, 2020
This seat was purchased as our alternate car seat in my work truck, and to use during flights (this was just before Covid, ha!). I was drawn to it by the portability and use of sustainable materials. We have yet to test it on a plane (damn you Covid), but it seems like it would be great for that. As a seat, it's...fine. The website states that it meets all US standards regulated by the NHTSA and FAA, as well as FMVSS 213 and 302. I guess my heart rebels at the thought that the gossamer mesh head- and backrest on this seat are equivalent to the mega coccoon of plastic and styrofoam in our everyday britax seat.

But I think I crossed into irritation at this seat with the straps. In a nutshell, they do not slide easily and are a bear to adjust. The top tether was especially difficult, which may be compounded since the seat is installed in the back of a pickup cab. The strap WILL NOT slide through the pinch point metal loop where the tether hook is attached. And for some reason I find the other four strap adjusters (2 for the bottom LATCHes, and 1 on each side for the seatbelt harness) nearly impossible to adjust. It's like you have to pinch the buckle and push the strap through to make it slide. A 2-hand operation, and EACH SIDE of the harness needs to be adjusted. So every ride involves cursing and elbowing the child in the face as I adjust the strap on the far side of the seat.

I do like all the thought that went into making sure the straps and accoutrements would be tucked away when the seat is being toted. The bag the seat came with ripped immediately at the handles, so if we ever fly again, we'll have to come up with a new way to tote it around. This seat is alright, beautiful to look at, and I appreciate the sustainability angle, but still not a perfect product. I would recommend to a friend who likes to travel, but would let them know my hangups.
Chicago Illinois
Verified Buyer
Very light
September 21, 2020
I really like it, it’s very light so perfect for traveling, easy install. The only thing is that the clips are hard to take off when unbuckling like I had to do it two 3 times and I still would not be able to get it off, I tried it on the airplane also and I went with United and I’m guessing because the seats are smaller he was pushed to much to the front, he looked awkward so I took it off .
Kathryn W.
Verified Buyer
Exactly what we needed
July 29, 2020
We were looking for a safe car seat that would fit in a truck in the middle seat for a trip we were taking. This seat is perfect. It is also perfect for airplane travel and folds up nicely. The only downfall is when our toddler fell asleep we had to find a way to support her head as it doesn’t recline like her other car seat.
  • Small
  • Folds up nice
  • Great for travel
Best Uses
  • Trips
  • Planes
  • Needing to fit 3 seats in a row
  • Not good if kids fall asleep
  • No cup holder
  • Buckle clip between legs seems too close to body- but if had this problem with five point harness in boosters too.
Gardena, California
Verified Buyer
Versatile Traveling Must Have
April 15, 2020
I have taken this car seat on a 14 hour international flight to Asia. It came in very handy on the flight especially when I was traveling alone with a 2 year old. My son has always been active but this seat kept him in place during the long flight. When he wanted to relax, I just let him out of the seat and play at the foot rest area. When I arrived in Taipei, Taiwan, it was a cinch to take it with me whenever I needed to be riding in a car. It was a relief for me, for I did not have to look for car seat rental or to beg a family member to spare one during our stay. :)

Just a friendly reminder based on my own experience. When checking in for your flight, some airlines may give you grief on taking the car seat on the plane and want you to check it in instead. Just show them it is indeed FAA approved for in-flight use. The indication label is located on the flip side of the seat. Another problem I ran into was in-flight seating arrangement: A car seat can only be installed on a window seat so be sure of it when you book your flight. I did not know about it when I booked my flight but I was lucky enough to switch with the window person.
Irvine, California
Verified Buyer
Awesome compact light weight car seat
February 18, 2020
We just bought this one for our 2-yr-old to use in our sedan and so far we all love it! We usually take her in our SUV with a Clek installed but since it is super heavy we find it inconvenient to move the seat to our sedan when we have the need. WAYB has always been on our watch list since the beginning before it is even being sold in the store and we are glad to finally made the decision to make this purchase!
  • Light weight, compact, does not take up much room in the car, easy to install/remove/adjust, great for travel
Minneapolis, MN
Verified Buyer
Compact and easy to use
February 15, 2020
Nice seat to use for travel. Light and easy to fold. Not sure what we did before this!
Denver, Co
Verified Buyer
We travel a LOT
February 9, 2020
So we travel a lot for work and lugging a real carseat around, renting a car with a car seat for an additional fee or even traveling somewhere and trying to find one for sell for a great price was hard. This has been soooo GREAT and out LO loves it!
Los Angeles, CA
Verified Buyer
The best!!
January 29, 2020
I drive a Porsche Carrera S and the backseats are super small. I plan to use this for travel and have been using it in my car. Man oh man has it made life so much easier and my little girl is super comfortable!! There’s nothing that compares to having a simple, super comfortable, compact, safe car seat. I love this. It’s a game changer.
  • Size, comfort, compact, sleek, quality, easy to clean
Best Uses
  • Small cars, travel
Verified Buyer
This are the best car sits ever!!!
September 15, 2019
I have a five and a half, three and a half, and one and a half years old kids, we went to Europe, and used the chairs in the plane (8 hrs), in the train (3 hrs average) and in the car.
The sits were not only very comfortable but also very light to carry and install, the cover bag is very convenient for carrying them plus you can add staff on them since they are backpacks.
We are very happy with this chairs and we can’t wait for our next trip to SA to use them!
Highly recommended!!
Brooklyn, New York
Verified Buyer
So convenient & functional
September 4, 2019
Just used this for the first time on a 14 hour round trip and very pleased. I was worried about my toddler napping but she slept well- the head support for this is more upright than a regular car seat though, so we had to support her head/neck with a rolled up blanket. As she gets older I’m sure this will be less of a worry. I really love that the seat covers are washable for spills. I also discovered I can use a ‘mommy hook’ to clip onto my travel stroller without it tipping- even without my kid in it! Game changer for city/car-free living.
  • Washable covers
  • Very light and compact
  • Clips onto travel stroller
  • Head support for napping
Verified Buyer
most space saving and light weight carseat
August 18, 2019
I was looking to purchase another car seat for my kid then I saw WAYB Pico. I didn't know a (forward facing) car seat can be so light and still pass all the safety tests. I decided to give it a try and so far I really love the fact that it is so easy to use and so light to carry around if necessary. We are planning to travel and now I don't even have to worry about renting a car seat, or not being able to keep my kid safe in a taxi or on an airplane.
  • super light
  • easy to setup
  • small foot print
Best Uses
  • great for small passenger cars, won't invade neighboring passenger's space like all carseats in the market
  • safety harness isn't as easy to adjust as other car seats, but it's not really a negative given the design
Customer Q&A