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The UPPAbaby® G-LITE® Umbrella Stroller

The UPPAbaby G-LITE is the lighter version of the G-LUXE stroller. It is so light that at 11 pounds, you can carry this umbrella stroller over your shoulder (the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles recommends no more than an 8 - 12 pound bookbag for an 80-pound student, so you can imagine how easy this stroller is to carry around for an adult). There are maybe one or two lightweight strollers on the market that weigh less than the G-LITE. 

The stroller is designed for children from six months until they reach 55 pounds, which should more than cover the early and toddler years.  

Why Parents Target the UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller

For parents that need a quick, on-the-go solution at a very affordable price point, trading some of the over-abundant, luxury frills for convenience just makes total sense. For parents that have a more luxury-style stroller option for major outings, it would not be cost effective to dive into an additional high-end, every-option-included umbrella stroller to serve as a second stroller for simple trips out and about to the store. In that sense, between the great price and UPPAbaby-quality offerings, the G-LITE holds a serious place in many parent’s baby gear lineups between the jogger and the high-end, full-size stroller. 

Storage is a key item on the G-LITE, with a parent cup holder + ample storage space. On a lightweight stroller, parents typically give up storage for lightweight flexibility, but the UPPAbaby G-LITE delivers a notable storage area that bucks the trend of lightweight stroller storage areas. It has a capacity of 10 pounds.

The sunshade is not as robust as other offerings from UPPAbaby--there are no peek-a-boo windows like you’d find on the VISTA or CRUZ, but with 50+ SPF and a generous reach, it’s in line with other offerings at the lightweight stroller level.

The UPPAbaby G-LITE Color Selections

Stroller Color Selections Include:

  • Jake (Black/Carbon)
  • Denny (Red/Silver)

UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller Safety

UPPAbaby products meet the most stringent industry standards required by the Juvenile Product Manufacturing Association (JPMA) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). 

Why We Stand Behind the UPPAbaby G-LITE Umbrella Stroller

With UPPAbaby’s quality and eye for design, a stroller at this price offering is still world’s above other baby gear companies’ similar offerings (many times at a higher price). It’s a great way to own a piece of the UPPAbaby world without diving into more expensive options, and this stroller will likely (and quickly) become your go-to stroller if you have multiple stroller options at home. 

The G-LITE comes with a five-point harness, removable seat pad and washable fabrics, it’s ready to go right out of the box (so perfect to order and send to a hotel room). It has an all-mesh seat back and sun canopy, so this stroller is ideal for warmer temperatures. The lower price point on the G-LITE is not an indication of lower quality, as it still is one of UPPAbaby’s proudest offerings.

If you already are using an UPPAbaby or other brand’s full-size stroller and need something that simply isn’t so much work, this 11-pound wonder will more than fulfill your needs. It's also ready to go out of the box, which makes it easy for last-minute travel purchases.