Silver Cross 2021 Wave Single-to-Double Stroller - Zinc

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Silver Cross Coast / Wave Additional Stroller Cupholder
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Beautiful two-tone melange fabrics and tan leatherette details elevate Wave 2021 to a new level of refined luxury.

Upgraded for 2021, Silver Cross’ most loved single to double travel system just got lighter, sleeker and allows your family stroll for even longer!

Its One plus One® system lets you convert your single stroller to carry both your newborn & toddler at the same time—with no need to purchase anything additional.

With 7 configurations straight out of the box and optional accessories to create up to 30 modes in total, Silver Cross’s Wave is here to help future-proof your strolling needs for your growing family.

Weight capacities of up to 55 lbs for both its main & tandem seats mean that your strolling can be double the fun for years to come. Read on to learn how Wave 2021 stands out from the rest.

One plus One® System | 7 Modes Included!

  • Starts as a single stroller with included bassinet
  • Converts to a double with newborn & toddler (7 Modes)
  • Switches easily & quickly between modes
  • No additional purchases needed!

30 Flexible Modes:

  • Allows you to double or triple up
  • Perfect for growing families
  • Add on an additional tandem seat*
  • Add on an additional bassinet*
  • Add on car seats (thanks to adaptors)*
  • Add on a ride-on board*

1 Exclusively Silver Cross Mode:

  • Bassinet facing parent while tandem seat faces world
  • A mode that most parents find a must during certain phases of parenting

Wave Carries it all—up to 187 lbs! Thanks to weight capacities of:

  • Main Seat - 55 lbs
  • Tandem Seat* - 55 lbs
  • Basket - 33 lbs
  • Ride On Board* - 44 lbs

Feature-Packed Frame:

  • Patented two height riding positions elevate & bring baby closer to you
  • Four-way dynamic suspension
  • Smooth, easy-action fold
  • Height adjustable handlebar
  • Strong & durable Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Frame


  • Faces rearward & forward
  • One-handed, multi-position reclining seat is roomy & robust
  • Adjustable calf rest & integrated footrest for added comfort UPF 50+ extended hood with pop-put sun visor & peek-a-boo window
  • Suitable from 6 months up to 55 lbs

What's Included:

  • Magnesium and aluminum alloy frame
  • Bassinet + Apron
  • Main Seat Unit
  • Bamboo Seat liner
  • 2 x Rain covers
  • 2 x Mosquito nets
  • 2 x Bumper bars
  • 1 x Cup holder
  • 1 x Pair of Tandem connectors

Recommended Usage:

  • Bassinet: from birth
  • Main Seat: 6 months to 55 lbs


  • Frame : 22 lbs
  • Bassinet : 8 lbs
  • Main seat : 4.4 lbs
  • Open Dimensions: 43 L x 23 W x 37-43 H
  • Folded Dimensions: 37 L x 23 W x 15 H
Product Reviews
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7 Reviews
Ratings Snapshot
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East Emlhurst, New York
Verified Buyer
Wonderful stroller for growing family
July 1, 2022
Stroller is very well made, chassis is really sturdy and used fabrics are amazing quality (bassinet liner and matress are removable and washable, as well as seat liner). I previously purchased Uppababy Vista, but then cancelled the order and got Silvercross Wave because I find it far superior. There is more possible configurations with Wave, and what is most impornat you can put bassinet on top and toddler seat (however you must purchase additional tandem seat) in lower position. Also, the tandem seat is bigger than in Vista and holds a child up to 55 lbs (20 more than Vista).
Wheels are really nice and steering is easy. Also, this stroller is literally a tank, well built, sturdy, and large enough to comfortably fit 2 children, so if you are looking for something lightweight it is not the best choice.
  • Beautiful
  • Sturdy
  • Bassinet can be on top
  • Easy steering
  • 3 years warranty
  • Good suspension
  • Hard shell storage basket
  • Lots of configurations
  • Heavy
Aurora, Illinois
Verified Buyer
Fantastic Stroller!
July 1, 2022
I am obsessed with this stroller! It is so luxurious and comfortable for my baby. I love how it can turn into a double stroller when the next baby comes and it is so easy to work with!
Verified Buyer
Stroller for 2
April 14, 2022
We chose this stroller primarily for the higher weight limits and tandem uses for 3 kids from newborn to 6 years. It does ride really smooth and is great quality. I liked the bug nets it came with being in S FL. The basinet has been very handy and feels luxurious. We felt like the advertisements were a little misleading for the out of the box use and tandem configurations. I didn’t realize we would have to buy this listing, the car seat adapters, AND an additional “tandem seat” to use in the lower position when we already had the toddler seat and bassinet it came with. I definitely wouldn’t have purchased if silver cross and other video reviews were more up front about this. Overall it’s a good stroller but one of those purchases I look back on and cringe a little. If it’s in your budget then go for it! High quality, comfy kids, and decent basket with pockets and covers.
  • Quality
  • Smooth Ride
  • Basinet
  • Pricey
  • Doesn?t include everything needed
New York
Verified Buyer
Wonderful Stroller
October 23, 2021
I decided to get the SilverCross instead of the Uppababy because of the higher lower seat weight limit, the greater number of seat/bassinet configurations, and the dimensions (slightly narrower than the Uppa). I've been using it for 4 months now and have been very happy with it. Living in the city, I find it maneuvers very well (the cross bar just under the storage space is handy for going over curbs), and it's been a game-changer when grocery shopping. I wanted to get one stroller for it all that will last a long time, rather than multiple short-term strollers so, for me, the SilverCross was the right call.
  • Maneuverability
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Pricey
Metairie, Louisiana
Verified Buyer
Love it...but...
July 20, 2021
I am madly in love with this stroller. I am happy that I bought it, but for me there is one big problem in this stroller. this is "balancing" of this stroller. it is perfect stroller for cities with no bump roads. . if you have bumpyroads in town, it will be difficult. I called customer service and they sent me to silver cross. I called silver cross. sent them an email with a video, but they explained , that this is done so that the baby does not feel the bumps. but in practice, it is not true. My baby is shaking very hard. I have had experience with cybex before. And I will say that balancing is much better than in the silver cross.
  • Beautiful
  • maneuverable
Best Uses
  • Perfect for roads with no bumps
  • Little heavy
  • poor balancing
Elizabeth B.
Santa Cruz ca
Verified Buyer
June 9, 2021
So far we are loving this stroller
  • Solid
  • Beautiful
  • Lots of compliments
Best Uses
  • All day every day
  • Can not figure it how to attach the seat to the lower attachment point
Cincinnati, OH
Verified Buyer
I Love My Silver Cross Wave Stroller Set!! <3
March 2, 2021
I love my Silver Cross Wave Stroller set. After endless comparing of strollers, travel systems and car seats, I decided the Silver Cross Wave set was the best choice for my new family, and I was right!
The bassinet is the real reason I picked the Silver Cross Wave. It's approved for overnight sleeping, which has come in handy so much.
But it's so much more than a place for my baby to snooze!
We absolutely love taking the baby for a stroll in the bassinet around our neighborhood, or the local parks. I like that my baby isn't strapped in her car seat, which is very confining, when we walk around. She has room to stretch out, and even take a nap if she wants.
The basket underneath is enormous, it's got plenty of room for my purse, her diaper bag, and there's pockets in the basket for the car seat attachments .
We get lots of compliments on it when we're out, which feels very validating. It's such a darling and unique way to get around.
We bought the matching bassinet stand and She still naps in the bassinet every day at almost 5 months old. It's extremely handy to have a bassinet on each floor of our house.
Our baby is too small for the stroller seat yet, but it looks so comfortable, I'm sure she will love facing the world in her big girl seat!
When we're ready to expand our family, we will already have a sturdy, stylish bassinet for a newborn, and a seat for first born. We'll be ready to hit the town!
Customer Images
  • It's gorgeous and stylish! The tires and suspension are what won my husband over. It's 100% smooth sailing when we stroll around. The basket is enormous, I think it holds up to 30lbs of gear. The bassinet is not only cute, but multifunctional, the baby can stretch out and is comfier on walks that being in the car seat. Be ready for lots of compliments and admiring looks from other Mommies :-)
  • A skateboard can be added for a bigger kid who's outgrown the stroller seat, so this is a fantastic choice for growing families.
Best Uses
  • Best for growing families! After your kid outgrows the stroller seat, you can add a skateboard that attaches
  • Best bassinet for looking and feeling great while strolling.
  • It's HEAVY, weighing in at 30lbs! And it's bulky. I'm not sure how well everything will fit in a standard car, as opposed to an SUV. We have a Honda CRV, and the bassinet and stroller chassis take up the entire trunk area. You need lots of attachments to add a car seat, for the lower and upper positions.
  • The hardest part of picking out this travel system was finding a compatible car seat. We ended up picking the Cybex Aton M car seat, because that car seat works with Maxi-Cosi car seat adapters. But once we settled on the Wave, and the Aton M, everything works extremely well together.
Customer Q&A