Nuna AACE Belt Positioning Booster Car Seats

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Nuna AACE Car Seat and Accessories

It’s not often that the word “beautiful” and “booster seat” appear in the same sentence. But Nuna took on the challenge to create a seat that not only exceeded safety standards and provided heaps of high-tech features, but that also was as attractive as it was functional.

Meet the Nuna AACE booster car seat.

Inspired by Dutch designers, Nuna products are known for their sleek lines and undeniable modern flair. They also boast some of the smartest design features in the industry. The Nuna AACE proves that great design requires both beauty and brains.

What sets this car seat apart is the unique 3D growth™ system. With one-hand adjustment, the booster can grow up (with a height-adjustable headrest), grow out (expandable shoulder pads to accommodate the major changes in the first years of life), and grow on (adjustable seat depth to give plenty of room for longer legs). What this means – whether your child is using the high back or no back booster, is that the seat can effortlessly grow with your child.

In addition, the AACE also features ventilation panels within the shell for a breezy, comfortable ride, and specialized foam side impact protection pods that absorb energy for extra protection. 

From baby to big kid, sleeping to playing to watching the world go by – the Nuna AACE provides the highest standards of safety, easy installation and adjustment, and a cushioned comfy ride for all the little ones in your life. And it’s attractive to boot.