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MPS Publishers Con Pollo Hardcover Book

Style:MPS Publishers Con Pollo Hardcover Book
MPS Publishers Con Pollo Hardcover Book
MPS Publishers 5 More Sleeps til Christmas Hardcover Book
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MPS Publishers Jimmy Fallon's DADA, MAMA, and BABY Board Book Boxed Set
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Con Pollo: A Bilingual Playtime Adventure is an engaging and hilarious picture book that serves young readers as an introduction to basic Spanish vocabulary, brought to life by superstar team-up Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lopez.

Meet Pollo, a friendly little chicken who just wants to play. And play, and play, and play all day!

Pollo makes any activity more fun. Why just go to the beach when you could go to la playa con Pollo?

Do you want to play soccer, or play fútbol con Pollo?

Do you want to go dancing, or bailar con Pollo?

Whatever you decide to do, you're in for a busy, adventurous day with your new friend, Pollo!

Illustrated by Andrea Campos

Praise for Con Pollo:

"A balance of pedagogy and pure visual fun, smartly gauged for budding curiosities and short attention spans." —Publishers Weekly

"A hilarious read that also serves as an introduction to Spanish vocabulary." —People

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