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Your little one isn’t so little anymore and it’s time for a bigger car seat. But even though the days of wrestling your toddler into the seat have come and gone, having a booster with the versatility you need for trips to get ice cream is of the essence. That’s where the RodiSport comes in. It’s a belt-positioning booster and a backless booster – together as one.

The RodiSport Booster is specifically designed for children from 40-100lbs. As a belt-positioning booster, it gives kids the opportunity to buckle themselves in with the easy-to-use vehicle shoulder and lap belt guides that help keep the belt properly positioned. After all, the desire to be independent starts at such a young age.

As your child grows, there’s a 7-position, one-hand headrest adjustment for a better fit. Why should the little kids get all the room and comfort in the back seat? Your big kid deserves to be comfortable, too. And when it comes to comfort, the RodiSport also has multiple recline adjustment options. 

When another growth spurt makes way, you can remove the back support and quickly turn the car seat into a backless booster – in a matter of seconds. This gives you the flexibility for your child to ride longer in the same seat. That’s one less car seat you’ll have to run out and get when the time comes.

The RodiSport Booster is all about convenience for you as well. With our rigid LATCH connectors, the seat installs easily and stays in a fixed position, so the seat remains secure. And the removeable padding goes right in the washer and dryer.


  • Keeps children safe from 40 to 100 pounds and up to 57"
  • Remove the back support and quickly turn the car seat into a backless booster
  • 7-position, one-hand headrest adjustment for a better fit
  • Easy-to-use vehicle shoulder and lap belt guides that help keep belt properly positioned
  • Multiple recline positions for added comfort and a better fit in vehicle
  • Rigid LATCH connectors provide the easiest, quickest installation and ensure the seat stays in a fixed position in the vehicle
  • Removeable padding is machine washable and dryer safe
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Valentine, Nebraska
Verified Buyer
Great Booster
February 7, 2024
Easy to install and looks sleek. I also love the the tall back is detachable for sometime in the future!
Verified Buyer
Great Booster
March 20, 2023
Great transition from the Maxi-Cosi Pria. My kiddo says he feels super comfortable in the RodiSport! Would definitely recommend.
Verified Buyer
Fits perfectly
March 4, 2023
I put my infants car seat in the middle seat and her sister in this booster. She still has enough room for both seats and someone to sit in 3rd seat
Verified Buyer
Kids and mom approve!
March 2, 2023
We've had this for 1.5 years now. My kids all love it and often argue over who gets to sit in it. The fabric has held up very well, especially compared to the other backless and harness boosters that I have had: it still looks almost new. The cup holder is easy and convenient. Headrest is easily adjustable.
Verified Buyer
Great Booster Seat
February 17, 2023
Bought for my 5 year old and she can easily buckle herself. It’s very easy to install and not very heavy. Love that it’s not bulky.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
New York
Verified Buyer
Narrow Comfy Seat
February 8, 2023
The seat is great for my 4 year old. Also narrow and sleek which was important to be since i only have a 5 seater car.
Rockland, MA
I wish I got this sooner!
October 24, 2022
Look no further, this is by far the best booster! It is comfortable, sleek, easy to clean and super easy to install. I love that it clips right in and has a removable cup holder. This booster seat does not take up a ton of room and fits flush to the seat with no gap. You can also remove the back as your child grows to have a back less booster seat. This comes in two pieces and is so easy to click together to add or remove the back. My daughter was previously in an adjustable car seat and says she is much more comfortable in this and so far has fallen asleep on every car ride.
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Test R.
Test Review
Test Review
September 8, 2022
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Denver, CO
Wanted to love but limited recline didn't fit our vehicle
August 25, 2022
The limited recline settings meant there was either a huge gap between back of booster and base of seat or a huge gap btw top back of booster and top of rear seat. There are only two places where the seat 'clicks' into place. I have a 2022 F-150 lightning.
I ended up putting this in my 2016 Subaru Outback and the older, pria convertible carseat in the truck. My kid is about an inch from maximum height on the Maxicosi pria convertible so I am not sure what we'll work out when it's time for a booster for the truck.
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Twin M.
New York
Verified Buyer
Solid High Back Booster
August 8, 2022
We have rigid latch Cleck Foofs in my car so we have big shoes to fill. We wanted to start our twins in a high back booster in my husbands car (as second seats) to get them use to buckling and unbuckling themselves. My two requirements are high safety ratings, narrower profile, and rigid latches.

We plan to keep them in the cleck seats in my car until they max them out- we are close so we hoped this would give us an easier transition.

We tried a rigid latch Dino high back booster and it was constructed so poorly down to the latch mechanism. We sent that back and gave this a whirl.

It is much better made, feels solid- while still being easy to handle and our kids say they are comfortable. Price point is much better than our clecks, but we do not feel safety has been compromised. So far they have only used them minimally in dads car and installation was a breeze.
Verified Buyer
Great booster seat
April 25, 2022
I bought one of these for my oldest daughter. She is in the third row of our SUV so I really needed something she could easily snap herself in and out of with minimal assistance (nobody wants to see this mama crawling over the back seat during a 100 degree Texas summer). She manages it with little difficulty and says her seat is comfortable. The cup holder is handy, too. I’m about to buy 2 more for my sons since everyone is fighting over who gets to sit in it now 🤪
  • Easy install
  • Convenient cup holder
  • Easy belt access for kiddo to snap themselves in
  • High backed but still appropriately sized to fit in the third row of an SUV
  • Adjustable
  • Go with the lighter color if you live in hotter climate (the black one gets hot)
Verified Buyer
Easy to install!
February 25, 2022
This is great, easy to install, decently light weight and great for my child to get buckled and unbuckled on her own!
Annapolis, MD
Verified Buyer
Downgraded seat vs. RodiFix - potentially unsafe armrests
December 11, 2021
Maxi Cosi discontinued their popular RodiFix seats, which we have, and we opted to try these for our younger daughter. The armrests drive me nuts. They make it hard for the girls to buckle themselves in, and I have to remind them to be sure the lap belt isn’t overtop then armrests - a potentially fatal flaw. The seatbelt alignment mechanism is a downgraded plastic hunk instead of a latch. The seat padding isn’t nearly as cushy. You could call this maxi cheapi instead…
  • Poor design. Downgraded features. Hardly the quality we expect from this brand.
Knoxville, TN
My daughter loves this seat
December 3, 2021
I recently received a Maxi-Cosi rodisport booster carseat in midnight black for my 4 year old daughter to try. My daughter absolutely loves this booster carseat! It's super comfortable and easy to use. Installation took a whole 1 minute if that. This seat is a booster carseat, which means that you can remove the back and it becomes a regular booster seat. It uses the seat belt in your vehicle instead of having its own belts like a standard carseat. It has belt holders to keep the belt positioned safely for your child. It also has arm rests and a cup holder that can detach. Then behind the backing there is a hamdle you pull and then can adjust the height of the back. It has nice plush headrests that support your childs head very well. I took it on a family trip from Tennessee to Indiana and my daughter was completely comfortable and safe. She was able to sleep well in the seat. I love the high quality material it's made with and it's easy to clean and soft to the touch. I am so happy we tried this seat and i absolutely recommend trying this for your little one.
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Excellent booster!
November 13, 2021
Couldn't be happier with the quality of the fabric, the comfort of the seat, and the overall feel. Feels sturdy and well made.
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Perfect Booster!
November 12, 2021
Out of the many booster seats we've tried (I have 4 children) this is my favorite! It comes out of the box all together and easy to to install. There is a latch attachment which keeps the seat from sliding all around. I like the armrests and the detachable cup holder. My daughter gives it 2 thumbs up on comfort also. This seat fits from 40-100 lbs and a max height of 57".
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Verified Buyer
Maxi-Cosi RodiSport Booster
November 10, 2021
This booster is awesome. Comfortable. Easy to put together. Love that the bottom booster locks in to the safety bar in the seat; main reason we got this one. Booster stays stable. Seat belt adjustment works well
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Megan M.
St. Louis, MO
Sleek & sturdy
November 10, 2021
This booster seat is a big step up from our previous one in terms of quality and design. I love how the black blends in well with my car's fabric unlike vibrant colors in other booster seats. The fabric is high-quality and the design is sturdy, especially with the LATCH connectors. Some things I miss with this booster seat compared to our previous one are the cup holders and ease of setup. This one only has 1 cup holder and it's pretty small compared to others, but it is removable (great for cleaning) and can be attached to either side which is a huge plus. If you're looking for a booster seat that's easy to transfer between vehicles, this is NOT the one for you. Although the LATCH connectors do make it very secure, it makes it more difficult for quick/easy install or removal. I love that it can grow with my child as he gets older and bigger. Overall, this is a great booster seat that seems durable & safe to last through the years as my son grows.
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Roseville CA
Absolutely amazing booster seat!
November 10, 2021
Wow! I'm blown away by this booster seat! It's stylish, easy to install, and looks oh so comfortable for my boy! I like that it fits very well into my SUV without being able too bulky. Just the perfect amount of softness to it. Material looks very easy to clean ( we haven't done it yet ). I also like that it's darker on the bottom so definitely a huge plus for hiding messes, and the color is really nice for the kids. Highly recommend this product
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Love this booster
November 10, 2021
I received this Maxi-Cosi RodiSport Booster Car Seat in exchange for my honest review. The booster seat was easy to install. I love the booster seat has a latch connector so you don't need to buckle the seatbelt when it's not being used. My 4 year old daughter loves her new booster seat. She said it's so soft and so comfy. She also, loves the cup holder. The seat is also very easy to clean. I would definitely recommend this booster seat to a friend!
Customer Images
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Nice design
November 10, 2021
Love the colorway and its a nice comfortable design. My son just mainly uses the booster. Love the latches in the back to easily secure the seat.
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Langhorne, pa
November 6, 2021
My son really liked the maxi-cosi rodi-sport Booster car seat. He seemed very comfortable and liked the arm rests and cup holder.
Customer Images
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Best COnvertible Carseat
November 5, 2021
My toddler loves this. It doesn't take up space. It slim and sturdy. I love that my toddler is comfortable and it's conviértanle.
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Atlanta, Ga
Great car seat
November 5, 2021
We really like the Maxi-Cosi RodiSport Booster Car Seat. It's not bulky and fits nicy beside other seats. My son likes that it has a cup holder (that can attach to either side) and I like that the seat is adjustable so it can recline.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
San Diego
Great seat!
November 3, 2021
We've had maxi cosi's car seat line from birth on and I absolutely love them! They're user friendly, safe, and well cushioned. This booster was the perfect next step for my youngests transition. It fits well, it's bulky and the cup holder works perfectly for his water bottle. They come in great colors, as well. Absolutely love this brand!
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Sacramento, CA
November 2, 2021
When I first got this car seat I was skeptical because it does not have built in seat belt straps. I was thinking that it's going to be a clumsy fit on my 3yo. I was completely wrong. The grips on the car seat where you strap the seat belt to fit my 3 yo perfectly. Making the car's seat belt fit her size. I love that it will evolve to just a booster seat. The set up was really easy.
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Hanover, VA
Great booster with comfortable head surround.
November 2, 2021
My son (4 years 8 months old) tried this booster seat to see how it matched up to his diono radian. The Maxi-Cosi wins hands down. It's easier to install, makes buckling up a positive experience, and the head surround is comfortable. We also like the cup holder. It can go on either side and stays attached to the seat.
We tried the booster in a Toyota Sienna and a Toyota Corolla. Fits great in both vehicles, and moving from one to another wasn't challenging.

I received this product in exchange for an honest review.
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Audrey P.
My Daughter Loves It
October 31, 2021
She immediately commented how much comfier it is than her previous car seat. Easy to use and high quality materials. This is our second Maxi-Cosi seat and both have impressed me!
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October 31, 2021
This booster car seat is everything I wanted and more. It is lightweight (big plus when moving in and out of vehicles), comfortable (my toddler never complains when getting in and out of it) and it has a removable cup holder which makes it so easy to clean if something were to spill. I highly highly highly recommend this, I have tried tons of different car seats and booster seats and this one is definitely the best one.
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Safe and Easy to Use
October 31, 2021
My daughter was using her convertible car seat as a booster before switching to the RodiSport Booster seat. She is 6, and struggled to buckle herself into our old seat since it was so wide. Moving the old car seat to another car was also difficult . The RodiSport Booster seat is so easy for her to buckle herself in. She is clicked in no time, even in the dark now! The clips to keep the booster in place are fantastic, and the seat is light enough to move if needed. I would highly recommend this booster seat! I received this free to use for an honest review through BzzAgent, and will be recommending this to others.
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Solid seat
October 31, 2021
My daughter had another brand of high back booster when we received this to try out. The rigid latch made this seat so easy to install. It's great that it reclines and doesn't slide all over my back seat. My daughter says it's comfortable
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Los Angeles, CA
October 31, 2021
This is a great booster seat! It feels very sturdy even though it's lightweight. This seat is also very easy to install and feels very secure once it's in. My daughter said the seat is comfortable and she no longer complains in the car! There is ample room for her legs and I can see us using this seat for a long time. I would highly recommend this booster!
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Joliet IL
Comfortable and compact!
October 31, 2021
This is a very nice booster seat. The quality is well made and sturdy compared to the other booster seats I've had. It's slim and fits nicely in my car with another booster seat. It can recline and easily adjust with the height. My son said he's comfortable. It is lightweight so it's a plus whenever I need to switch vehicles. Easily install as well. Highly recommended.
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The A.
Aliso Viejo, CA
Perfect for my 3 year old
October 29, 2021
The Maxi-Cosi Rodi booster seat is great for long legs - especially my 3 year old (who's 3.5' and 52 lbs)! It fits perfectly in my Hyundai Tucson, lightweight and easily converts to a backless booster. As far as installing the seat it has the LATCH connectors to secure the seat. I like the polished pebble cushion color and best of all the padding comes off so you can easily wash it clean. It also has a removable cup holder so if you needed the space you could take the cup holder off. My daughter says this seat is very comfortable, so overall I'm very pleased.
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Safe and Secured
October 28, 2021
Wow, my son loves this booster seat. Very spacious and provides safety needs while riding on these dangerous highways!! I told my friend about this brand and she is looking to buy one for her 2 toddlers. Awesome manufacturers, its soft and the kids love it.
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Salt lake city, Utah
Cozy, comfotable seat
October 28, 2021
My daughter was so excited to get this new booster seat. It is so comfortable compared to her old one. There's plenty of cushion for comfort and it looks really good. She especially likes that there is a cupholder for all her drinks. I like that it is safe and sturdy. It appears to be really well made and not at all flimsy, so I know she'll be safe in a crash. The other thing I like is that it is so tall so she can use the back for a long time which is much nicer than her previous one. We really love it!
Customer Images
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Great seat, but not the right fit for us
October 28, 2021
My 8 year old daughter was so excited to get this booster seat. The installation was a breeze - I could not have been happier with how easy it was to install quickly and securely. My daughter said it was very comfortable.
Unfortunately, she was not able to reach far enough down to buckle herself in like she can in our other booster, so we will try it again in a few months. It would be great if the sides were slightly lower or something, but as is, she just can't buckle herself in to this one no matter how hard she tries. We were very disappointed because it's such a nice seat, very well made. I'm glad we had the opportunity to try it out.
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Homer Glen, IL
Amazing seat!
October 28, 2021
My son I was at the limits for a 5 point harness so I was needed a high back booster to replace his current seat. The RodiSport Booster is for kids 40-100lbs so I think this will be the last seat I have to buy for him bc when he is big enough it can be used as a backless booster seat! He can easily buckle himself in properly bc the seat has guides. The headrest is adjustable and the seat reclines and he loves that!

It was easy to install using the LATCH connectors so I don't have to worry about removing the seat (safety reasons) when he's not in the car with me. And one of the best parts is that the padded parts are removeable and can go in both the washer and dryer. So easy!
Customer Images
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New York
Very impressed
October 27, 2021
This booster seat is very impressive. Not extremely heavy. My son said it's "comfy" and I have felt secure with him in it. It was very easy to install. I am very happy. The only reason I gave it 4 stars was because none of the cups we use in the car fit.
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October 27, 2021
My six year old is on the small side and he LOVES this seat. He said it's very comfortable and it looks great in the car. Very nice quality, we are so excited about this seat for him.
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Great seat, combfortable and safe!
October 27, 2021
We have quite a few different booster seats for our 6 year old since he transitioned out of the 5-point harness. We have them ranging from backless booster up through a 4-ever that range between $20 and $400 in various sized vehicles from a mini van to a little Mazda 3. This seat is great. It fits well in all of them and holds my son in safely and securely and the belt positioning built-in is much safer than the little cheap clip that gets added on afterwards that does not work well from some of the cheaper seats.
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Easy to Install
October 25, 2021
I was looking for a seat that was light and easy to transfer from one car to another, The quality is great. It feels very secure which i was worried about when transitioning from a 5 point harness to a booster. I am impressed with the overall comfort of this as well, so far no complaints.
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Jessie H.
Love this booster
October 22, 2021
After years of using the similar Britax models I can attest that this is a great booster seat for your bigger kids still needing safety. The cushion is thick and I love that the body is one thick molded piece verses many attached pieces. It's heavy and sturdy while not being too heavy to move from car to car. The fact that it easily shifts heights and converts to a backless booster is helpful, also. But my absolute favorite part is the latching system. No straps to adjust! There are bars that push out for the latches to provide a super easy install without squeezing your hands behind for removal. Game changer!

And - My 5 year old agreed that it was super comfortable!
Customer Images
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Boston, MA
Love this seat!
September 14, 2021
I bought one of each of the Maxi Cosi belt-positioning boosters for my tall five-year-old. This one fits in my tricky Camry (weird headrests in that car), and my son finds it very comfortable. It also feels sturdier than the Rodifix for some reason, and it is more supportive for his long legs.
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Rowland Heights
Perfect Color, Compact & Comfortable
July 15, 2021
After research everywhere online, I couldnt find any single review about this Rodi Sport booster seat, but I took a chance to buy 'cuz it can recline, looks slim and I like the color. Im super happy with this booster seat, the color is perfect with my car's interior color. The cushion is soft and my son said it's very comfortable. As you can see in the pics, it doesnt take much space in the 2nd row, very compact and lightweight, no more bulky baby car seat. Plus it's detachable to use for later age. Hopefully this review can help others to decide. Very recommended!
Customer Images
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Customer Q&A
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from Nyc asked:
March 2, 2022
What is the width? 
  • Measures 20" L x 19" W x 26" H
  • Weighs 13 lb.
Submitted by: caren singer on March 2, 2022