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JetKids by Stokke BedBox V3 Travel Bundle - Full Moon

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JetKids by Stokke BedBox V3 Travel Bundle - Green Aurora
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JetKids by Stokke BedBox V3 Travel Bundle - Full Moon
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The BedBox™ + Crew BackPack™ bundle is the perfect travel companion for your next family holiday.

Fun and functional with ample storage, BedBox™ holds all your child’s must-haves. Once packed, let your little one ride it (or pull it) through the airport, train or ferry terminal for stress-free transport. Once the seat belt sign is off, BedBox™ transforms from a suitcase to a bed in 5 simple steps.

The Crew BackPack is designed to grow with you child, offering an extra 2 L (122 cu. in.) of expandable storage via a hidden zipper. Fit for everyday use or travel around the world. From preschool or kindergarten to another continent, Crew BackPack can be used alone or compliment your BedBox travels. It also features a pull-out seat pad, convenient for day trips to the park or hiking trips in nature.


Before you go

  • Personalize the BedBox™ with the stickers included
  • Spacious interior to store essentials for the trip
  • NEW FEATURE: Practical storage room inside the lid

Getting around

  • Shock-absorbing front swivel wheels allows excellent maneuvering
  • Multi-purpose adjustable strap permits carrying or pulling the BedBox™
  • Top handle for child to hold while riding
  • Tired feet can rest on the comfortable foot ledge

During travel

  • For use in planes, trains and ferries, where a seat extender is convenient
  • Universal and fits most standard economy seats in aircraft
  • The extendable lid elongates the seat to create a larger surface area
  • Mattress and soft side panels create a comfortable space on the seat
  • Seat belt can be used whether lying down or sitting upright

Camp Backpack Features

Benefits for your child

  • Easy to expand, with just a single zipper
  • Padded shoulder pads for comfort
  • Chest strap for comfort while carrying
  • Reflective material for added safety, so your child will be seen when outside
  • The pull-out seat pad provides extra comfort so your child doesn't have to sit directly on the ground
  • One large and two small pockets for organization
  • Detachable captain stripes for the ultimate aviator look

Features for Parents

  • All needed parts come included - backpack, dust bag, name tag and seat pad
  • Easy to wipe clean because of its water-repellent material
  • Lightweight; travel friendly; compact enough to fit in the JetKids™ by Stokke® BedBox™
  • Easy to tuck away and saves space when not in use
  • Sleek Scandinavian Design

Part of a travel system

  • Compact enough to fit in the JetKids™ by Stokke® BedBox™
  • Can be used fastened to the outside of the JetKids™ by Stokke® BedBox™
  • Can be fastened to the back of most airplane seats
  • Available in colors that match the JetKids™ by Stokke® BedBox™ for a chic travel look

The JetKids by Stokke Bedbox includes:

  • Adjustable Strap
  • Mattress
  • Crew BackPack™
  • Bedbox™
  • Pull-out seat pad
  • Detachable captain stripes
  • Two sheets of decorative stickers


  • DIMENSIONS: 18.1" L x 7.9" W x 14.2" H
  • WEIGHT: 6.6 lbs
  • USAGE: Ride-on functionality: 3-7 years; Bed feature: over 2 years
  • MAX LOAD: 77 lbs
  • CAMP BACKPACK DIMENSIONS: 8.7" L x 4.7" W x 10.2" H
  • CAMP BACKPACK USAGE: 2–7 years
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Verified Buyer
Nice kid luggage
April 3, 2024
Nice and sturdy, a little pricey but liked it.
Christina C.
New Orleans, Louisiana
Verified Buyer
Super cute
October 13, 2023
Super cute! My 2 year old loves it. Must use packing cubes to make the best use of space. We have a flight next month so looking forward to putting it to use.
  • Bed box and suitcase.
Best Uses
  • Use packing cubes to organize essential needs
  • Pricey and small.
Verified Buyer
Great purchase
September 12, 2023
My kids love their JetKids suitcases and backpacks! They have made a huge difference for our over the ocean travels. The beds are fun and it's nice for the kids to have something to put their feet on for long flights, but the real value is in the roller case that acts as a fun ride throughout the airport. Kept the kids busy and happy, and carrying (some of) their own things.
  • Perfect for long flights and adventures through the airport. This made getting to the gate so much fun for the kiddos.
Best Uses
  • Rolling through the airport
  • Expensive; possible durability concerns if well-loved
Issaquah, Washington
Verified Buyer
Fun for the kid and good quality
July 14, 2023
Bought this bedbox in Jan and finally opened it yesterday. We've not travelled on a plane yet but so far my daughter (she's 26 month) loves it. She's been having a ton of fun pushing and riding it around the house. Every time we fly together, she loves to push my carry-on suitcase through the terminal, which can be hazardous since it's upright and tends to fall. I can see she'll be busy pulling her own and leaves mine alone next time. Oh and there's the backpack... she loved packing her own backpack with her books and lego "babies", and she's already discovered the expansion zipper.

Since we were at home, I got her to try the bedbox with a sofa chair and she completely gets the idea without me explaining. The construction and quality are pretty good and sturdy for how light it is. The slide panels on the top section were initially too tight and I had to loosen up the screws a bit but works perfectly now.

So much fun to just see how excited she now has her own backpack and suitcase just like the grown-ups. Can't wait to go on a real trip with her with this.
Brooklyn, NY
Verified Buyer
Worth it
January 3, 2023
I love this item for the plane. It really enabled my kid to properly sleep on the flight. The only thing I don’t love about the item is walking through the airport with it. We still need to bring our stroller so that means one of us has to carry the jetBox. But overall it is worth it since we use it for long haul/over night flights.
wilmington, North Carolina
Verified Buyer
Rolling In Style
June 20, 2022
We Absolutely love this JetKids Bedbox Travel Kit!!! This little travel cart was the talk of the airport. We had at least 5 people stop us and ask specifically where we got it and how great it was and I heard dozens of people comment on it to their travel partners about it. Our daughter rode it around the entire airport from the curb to the gate. She put her favorite games and Knick knacks in it blinged it out with stickers and her name. It fit perfectly just the exact size of width of the airplane seat. She was VIP….It stretched out so she could put her legs out like first class. We can’t wait to travel again. Pulling her was easy…sooo much better than a stroller that you have to check at the gate and deal with afterwards .The backpack is the perfect size for her, all her gear and light enough she could carry all her own stuff. The Package together is perfect.
Customer Images
  • Stylish
  • Well made
  • Design is very specific and well thought out.
Best Uses
  • Stylish Travel buggy and carry on bag for a toddler/young child.
  • The pulling leash could be a tad longer for tall people.
Verified Buyer
Very cute and useful
April 16, 2022
Just received mine 2 days ago. My 5 years old gives it a try and she loves it. It’s pretty sturdy, and she can roll around on her own easily. The backpacks is small, but it can extend a little longer. It’s good size for her. The only down side is I wish it has some sort of folding step so that when we are at the airport we can pull her and she can rest her feet more comfortable.
Customer Images
South Carolina
Verified Buyer
If you travel often buy this!
March 15, 2022
We travel about once a month. We have used the jetkids bed box for over a full year. Our daughter rides on it through the airport, we pack all of her snacks, toys, pillow, blanket, and the bed box cushion inside the box. She also will sleep once we are in the air which she’s never done before buying the bed box. We use it on any flight over 3 hours.
United States
December 27, 2021
First of all i have to say that i love some of the stokke products, i have 2 high chairs plus one bathtub. So i was pretty confident when i bought the stroller, but i was so disappointed it is made by cheap plastic that does not fit very well it do not close properly and turning to a bed is a nightmare, everything seems to fall apart, nothing stays where it supposed to. The "bed" piece was falling all the time. Totally worthless i would never ever buy this again, i wont want it even for free, actually we just gave it away.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
United States
I would never buy any product from Stokke
June 25, 2021
The bedbox luggage is very unsteady. When my kid was riding on, the luggage was kept losing balance. Besides that, take customer service is not fair. the return is such a hassle. you have to email them for a return request and it takes several days to respond to you, but their policy is just a 14 days return. Overall I'm not satisfied with either the product or customer service.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
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