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Doona Infant Car Seats

Let us introduce you to the Doona Infant Car Seat. This is the first car seat that is also a stroller. Yes, you read that correctly--it’s a car seat that transforms into a stroller. And it’s not just any car seat. Or just any stroller. This hybrid has been tested to meet the strictest US & EU standards for car seats, strollers and hand-held carriers.

How does a stroller that changes into a car seat also secure itself perfectly into your car? The Doona LATCH Base is compatible with the Doona Infant Car Seat. The secure click-in and click-out mechanism lets you know that it’s installed and safe. When you are not using this as a car seat, click it out of the base and in seconds you have yourself a stroller that’s ready for adventure with your little one. And you can do all of this without waking up your baby. 

Is the Doona Infant Car Seat a Good Car Seat?

Well, let’s see. 

  • Good Design Award Winner

  • Mother & Baby Award Winner

  • Innovation Award Winner

  • Prix De L’Innovation Baby Cool Award Winner

  • European Product Design Award Winner

The Doona Infant Car Seat is one of the most desired car seats around, year after year. It’s perfectly safe as your main car seat, but it is just so simple and makes life much easier for parents. Who doesn’t love that?

The Doona comes with the LATCH base, infant insert, head support & seat protector. 

The Doona Color Selections

The Doona Infant Car Seat Color Selections Include:

  • Desert Green

  • Flame Red

  • Grey Hound

  • Midnight

  • Nitro Black

  • Racing Green

  • Royal Blue

Product Specifications for the Doona Infant Car Seat:



    • 39" L x 17.3" W x 32.2" H


    • 23.6" L x 17.3" W x 26" H


    • 16.5 lbs 

    • Latch base weighs 10.3 lbs

Age & Weight Limit

  • 4 - 35 lbs 

  • Max 32" in height. Rear-facing only.

Why We Stand behind the Doona Infant Car Seat

We think the thing that gets glossed over with the Doona is that this is a comfortable infant car seat and stroller. It has such a unique and interesting design that gets constantly talked about, but as parents you’re probably wondering if your child is going to love being in the car seat. In short, we hear parents talk about how much they love their Doona, but even more so about how much their child loves the Doona. While we don’t expect newborns to describe the seat in detail, their willingness to relax and sleep and just take in the world while seated in a Doona Infant Car Seat is enough endorsement. 

For parents looking for something easy--especially if you’re taking your baby everywhere, this is a super easy and safe car seat and stroller that saves time and energy.