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Doona Infant Car Seat Base

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  • The Doona Base can be installed in the vehicle either with the LATCH system or with the vehicle’s belt.
  • Height adjustment mechanism and easy-to-read Level Indicators ensure proper seat angle adjustment and positioning.
  • LATCH connector system facilitates quick and simple installation and easy release.
  • Integral Belt locking clips enable snug and effortless vehicle seat belt installation.
  • Doona Installation Indicator confirms that Doona is safely locked in position.
  • Compliant with US regulations FMVSS 213.
  • Infant Weight: 4-35 lbs
  • Infant Height: up to 32 in
  • Product Dimensions: 9.6 x 15.7 x 20.9 in
  • Product Weight: 10 lbs
Product Reviews
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25 Reviews
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Stephanie P.
Tucson, AZ
Verified Buyer
Doona base
March 4, 2024
We bought to have an extra for our second car. Works as it should, we prefer using the base for the car seat.
  • Easy install
Hobart, Indiana
Verified Buyer
Must have for more than one vehicle
November 30, 2023
We bought this extra base to go with our Doona so we each have a base In our vehicles and can use one car seat. It's so much more economical and installation is a breeze.
  • 2 bases 1 car seat... versus 2 separate car seats. So economical. You could also do 3 bases 1 car seat if needed.
  • Installing it was a breeze. Super sturdy and safe.
Best Uses
  • For more than one vehicle this is the solution and cheaper option.
Verified Buyer
Easy installation!
September 10, 2023
Everything doona is excellent. This base is so easy to install and switch between cars. I love our doona car seat so much and highly recommend purchasing!
Miami, FL
Verified Buyer
Must-purchase if you have one Doona and two cars
December 15, 2022
Purchased to put in our second car since our Doona is the only car seat/stroller we take anywhere! Very easy to install and seems very secure.
  • Easy to install, car seat clicks in very easily. The Red and green indicator button lets you know for sure if your car seat is secure or not.
  • The release button is a little difficult sometimes.
Abilene, TX
Verified Buyer
Doona Infant car seat base
November 3, 2022
Easy to order and received in timely manner. Already purchased Donna Stroller so needed base for another vehicle
Shreveport, Louisiana
Verified Buyer
Easy installation
October 13, 2022
Easy to instal and it’s a very sturdy and heavy duty base.
Laurel , MT
Verified Buyer
September 3, 2022
Great base!
Midland, Texas
Verified Buyer
So easy to use
August 2, 2022
The extra base for this Doona car seat is a blessing, it's so easy to use and perfect for a first time mom! My son and DIL love it!
  • Easy to use and safe for the babe!
Verified Buyer
Perfect Extra Base
April 24, 2022
I love having a base in each of our cars to allow for easy transfer of the Doona car seat. This base is easy to install, and makes taking the car seat in and out of the car simple. Super fast shipping - received 2 days after I purchased!
  • Easy to install
  • Allows for easy transfer of the Doona car seat between different vehicles
Chicago, Illinois
Verified Buyer
Incredible and convenient
March 17, 2022
Love the ease of using this with the doona. We now have one in my car and my husbands car for easy transfers
San Diego
Verified Buyer
Fast shipping!
January 4, 2022
This base was out of stock everywhere else I looked. I was able to this not only a great price but also with incredibly fast shipping.
Cathy E.
Shallowater Texas
Verified Buyer
Doona infant car seat base
January 3, 2022
Got it way quicker than anticipated! Great service, exactly what we ordered.
Verified Buyer
Easy and great
July 16, 2021
This base is so easy to install, it’s great if you have a second person that frequently drives with baby so you don’t have to keep moving the base over. Comes with a seat protector too, and easily latches to the car seat.
Louisville, KY
Verified Buyer
Perfect for second vehicle
March 3, 2021
Great purchase for second vehicle so that we don’t have to keep moving the base from one car to other. Not too bulky or heavy, easy to install and fits nicely in Tesla back seat
Vanna W.
North Dakota
Verified Buyer
Must Have for Dual pickup/dropoff
November 20, 2020
While the Doona can be strapped into another vehicle safely without a base; if you have two parties as primary travelers, it is worth having a base in each vehicle for easy in and out with a push of a button.
Knoxville, Tn
Verified Buyer
Doona addition!
June 2, 2020
Bought to go into second vehicle to transition from one car to the other! Waiting in baby to get here and to get this show on the road! Love the new Doona!
Verified Buyer
very nice to have extra bases
December 4, 2019
Pricey but very convenient if you have 2 cars.
Carmel, Indiana
Verified Buyer
Easy to use
November 15, 2019
We love our Doona and the base is very easy to use.
Debbie S.
Nederland, Texas
Verified Buyer
Great product
March 30, 2019
The Doona car seat/stroller is a great product.
Davis, California
Verified Buyer
Love my Doona!
March 17, 2018
We love our Doona. The base makes it super easy to get in and out of the car!
Allison I.
Verified Buyer
Excellent Customer Service
December 23, 2017
Fantastic service, quick delivery and would definitely order again. Love product as well!
Springfield, MA
Verified Buyer
So easy!
October 22, 2017
So easy to connect and disconnect. Anyone can do it. Bought an extra one for my husbands car
Anna F.
Verified Buyer
August 1, 2017
Love the Doona car base it makes life so easy with a baby ! You go from car seat to stroller with a push of a button! It's easy to use !
Verified Buyer
Easy to use...Works like a charm!
July 23, 2017
I bought a second car seat base and I am so glad I did. It makes it soooo easy to get the seat in and out of the car and I don't have to worry about taking the base out and putting it into the second vehicle. It has the metal clamp hook up so it was super easy attaching it in my SUV. It's so easy to push the release button to get the seat out and wha-la, you are on your way. Anyone getting the DOONA and you two vehicles, I highly recommend getting a second car seat base.
  • It is so easy to hook it up to the metal car seat hooks in the more newer vehicles. It's so easy and quick to get the seat out of the car with this car seat base.
Best Uses
  • Every day helps to make getting the car seat out of the car and putting it back in the car a BREEZE! It's so easy to set up in your vehicle.
  • I really don't have any cons for this.
Columbus, OH
Verified Buyer
Easy use
January 14, 2016
The best part about the base is how it disconnects from the car seat. There is no complicated "squeeze and struggle" latch. One of my favorite features of the Doona car seat.
  • Struggle free use.
Best Uses
  • Daily use
  • I haven't found one!
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