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Cybex Talos S Lux All-Terrain Stroller - Soho Grey

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Venture off-road with the Talos S Lux all-terrain stroller: an outdoor stroller for all the challenges of family travel. The Talos S Lux stroller has a large and luxurious seat with enhanced side protection for your child. Cobblestones, forest paths and hiking trails can all be navigated with big puncture-proof all-terrain wheels and smooth all-wheel suspension.


  • Luxurious seat
  • One-hand fold
  • Free Windstopper
  • Supreme XXL canopy
  • Puncture-proof all-terrain wheels


  • Length: 35.8 in
  • Width: 23.8 in
  • Height: 45.7 in
  • Folded length: 30.7 in
  • Folded width: 24 in
  • Folded height: 17.3 in
  • Weight: 31.5 lbs lbs


Machine washable cold, delicate cycle, mild detergent. Hang dry. For more information, see user manual.

What's included:

Windstopper, car seat adapters, cup holder, and rain cover

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Verified Buyer
Stylish and practical!
April 26, 2024
Honestly - I had my doubts when reading some of the reviews and questioned my purchase.
But after receiving the stroller from Albee Baby and trying it out, I’m super pleased!
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  • - SMOOTH ride. When I say smooth, I mean smooth. We took our daughter outside for a walk in an area that was bumpy and I know our old stroller would have STRUGGLED trying to stroll through. The Cybex was so easy to navigate!
  • - Stylish. I mean, what more can I say? It’s a beautiful looking stroller
  • - Accessories. I appreciated that it came with a rain and wind guard
  • - The XLL canopy comes super in handy.
  • - Once you get the hang of folding, it’s a breeze.
  • - It’s heavy. Yes. I won’t lie, that thing ISN'T the lightest
Pennsylvania, Johnstown
March 22, 2024
Beautiful stroller , horrible suspension!
  • Color, weight, accessories
Best Uses
  • Smooth floor
  • Suspension
Liberty lake, Washington
Verified Buyer
Super comfy, but huge.
February 22, 2024
We had a Doona, but decided it was time to get him used to something new before he outgrew the Doona. We live in an outdoorsy are with lots of parks and trails and all four seasons. We wanted something that could handle the environment and keep him comfortable. This is a great stroller for that. It's just REALLY BIG, even when folded.
  • -Handles snow well.
  • -Came with rain cover and wind cover.
  • -The belly bar opens and can be taken off.
  • -The handle extends and retracts.
  • -Looks really nice.
  • -Steers well.
Best Uses
  • Great for environments with heavy snow.
  • -Huge.
  • -Was a bit difficult to put together.
  • -A little hard to fold down. Need practice.
  • -The cup holder keeps threatening to spill my coffee. Not super sturdy.
Poorly designed and least comfortable stroller we ever had
January 16, 2022
I bought it six months ago. It's been nothing but trouble ever since. I will start from good side, the only good feature is suspension. Bad sides: 1) very hard to collapse;
2) needs a big trunk to be carried;
3) lacks a basic add ons (like a cup holder);
4) looks as if built by engineers who never had children.
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Verified Buyer
Cybex is the best, Albee is amazing!
April 21, 2021
This stroller is made for not just comfort but also protection from the elements with a shade from wind, rain and the cold included. It’s durable, adaptable for different parents heights and smooth. I highly recommend this stroller! And Albee, you followed through with your delivery- better then the major departments stores I also ordered from. I will recommend not only this stroller but the company as well!
Selma, TX
Steers Like A Dream
January 17, 2021
This stroller is beautiful. The bonus accessories it comes with (windstopper, rain cover, cup holder) are a nice addition too. My favorite feature is how well thing steers. It is SO easy to navigate around one handed and the puncture-proof tires hold up so well to different terrains. I also loved how huge the canopy is and how it can be adjusted all the way back or even removed when not needed. I also need to give a shout-out to the strength of the adjustable foot rest. My 3-year-old (aka Mr. Independent) insists on climbing in and out on his own and that thing held his weight without any issues! A few things I struggled with- the first was folding it one-handed. Sometimes I couldn't get both sides to engage at the same time to fold. I also found the stroller to be heavier than I was expecting for a stroller of this size. Lastly, I found the straps to be difficult to adjust- though after messing around with them for a bit, I was able to figure them out.
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Metairie, Louisiana
A luxury stroller with everything I wanted & more!
January 13, 2021
The Cybex Talos S Lux stroller is the true definition of a luxurious full size stroller. I'm a mother of two kids: one infant (20 lbs) and one toddler (30 lbs). Both kids uses this stroller and love it. I've been using this stroller for weeks and I'm still in love with it since the day I got it! If I had to pick one stroller, this would definitely be it. I'm a petite mom so what I look for in a stroller is the ease of use, comfortability while sitting/sleeping, and durability/functionality. This stroller had all I was looking for and more! Out of the box, the stroller was easy to set up and the directions were clear. The overall product after setup was such a beauty! Based on the looks, it definitely portrays a sleek and high-end stroller, even my husband was amazed. I was impressed with the frame/structure because it's very well built. When my infant first sat in the seat, I felt how the stroller seat was so comfortable. My infant usually cries for me to pick her up but she was unbothered in the stroller (definitely a plus!). The adjustable leg rest was a nice feature for my toddler since she has long legs. I love the leather belly bar and I can attach toys or a fan when needed. The belly bar can also be detached if you don't need it, which comes in handy when my kids get older. The leather handlebar is adjustable, perfect for my 4"11 height and my husband's 5"6 height difference. The oversized back wheels gave such a smooth suspension that you can use one arm to steer. So far, I have taken it around a few places (due to COVID-19), from around the neighborhood, parks, and zoo. Pushing the stroller on the sidewalk and on grass felt no different because the suspension felt like the stroller was gliding. The zoo had plenty of bumps on the road but neither myself or my kids felt much. I am impressed with how deep the seat reclines back that if my infant naps, she would be just fine and comfortable. The seats are reversible so I can push the kids facing the outside or towards myself. This is a plus if I want to see her when she's sleeping and it's so easy; just hold down the side buttons and lift! The canopy is also a great size where you can unzip if more cover is needed. There are a few mesh openings in the canopy so I can view my kids and it gives them a nice breeze. The storage basket is spacious, it had enough room for my diaper bag and changing pad and extra! I love that the seat is set higher so I don't have to lean over as much. We have used it as a "highchair" on some occasion during our outdoor dining and the belly bar rest right on the table. Our infant was comfortable in the stroller while eating at the same table as us without sitting in a hard, wooden highchair. As a full size stroller, it is a bit on the heavy side being over 30 pounds but it wasn't a problem for me since the only time I carry it is taking it out my trunk and putting it back in. I haven't had any major accidents or spills in it besides the usual food crumbs but that was easy to clean regardless. Accessories such as a wind stopper, rain cover, car seat adapters and cup holder were included in the box. Some of these accessories are usually sold separately so I'm glad they were included. I haven't used the wind stopper or car seat adapters so I can't comment on that. Closing the stroller is a true one-hand fold and the upright self-standing stroller is amazing! So far, I haven't had any issues or dislikes with this stroller. Overall, my kids feel safe, comfortable, and stylish (mama too!) in their Cybex Talos S Lux stroller and I recommend any parent looking for a full-size stroller that this is the one!
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What I Like about the Talos S Lux Stroller
January 3, 2021
We received the Talos S Lux by Cybex right before Christmas. We were really excited to try it out. Below I list what I love, like, and what I don't like.
But First, I want to say this is the first stroller we've had that thought about our child's comfort AND the parents comfort. For us strollers or similar ride-a-long devices have been horrible for us - we would find our child leaning to the side almost immediately, looking very uncomfortable and definitely with bad posture plus ready to be carried after a short time. In the Talos S Lux, our child looked comfortable, smiled the whole time and didn't ask to be carried. Each time we took out the stroller, it was the same experience, which was a comfortable ride and big smiles - and that's really what matters. It makes my heart happy that we finally have a comfortable ride and makes any negatives seem small.

I love the ability to have a forward facing or rear facing pre-installed seat. This is something that comes in handy from infant through toddler and beyond. It's genius and generous. We could easily install the seat facing either direction.
I love the foam foot rest. It was comfortable in various positions for our toddler.
I love the extended canopy complete with peek-a-boo window. This helps greatly with any weather situation.
I love the wheels. It was very apparent when we travelled through grassy, bumpy hills that it was easy to push and didn't feel like the grass was getting caught in the wheels. We also noticed the suspension gave our child a smoother experience, which was an added bonus.
I love that the seat can be adjusted to full-laying or full-upright. It makes it great at any age and easy to find a comfortable position for your child.
I love the smiles and the comfort of my child during each ride.

I like that the unboxing and assembly were easy and took about 5 minutes.
I like the leather handle bars. It's a sophisticated and stylish design feature.
I like the adjustable handle bar, which works great for either taller or shorter people.
I like that the child's hand rail swings away to help load/unload the child.
I like the Large basket for personal items. Great for diaper bags, purses, backpacks,etc.
I like the overall look and feel of the stroller. It is sturdy and reliable.

I don't like:
Collapsing the stroller takes a lot of practice. It is not intuitive, it requires 2 hands, and is at least a 2 step process. We struggled with this each time. To collapse, first make sure the wheels are unlocked and facing outwards (this is to ensure it can stand alone without toppling over); next slide the white button on top of the handle bar while pushing button under the handle bar and apply downward pressure - all at the same time; finally, fold the seat by using the latch on the back of the seat - this is the same latch that allows you to adjust the seat position from laying to sitting.

It is heavy. This is not a stroller you can quickly retrieve or store away. Give yourself a couple minutes. And I wouldn't recommend this for grandparents.

It also takes a lot of room inside a vehicle or trunk. So, you would need to consider the dimensions of the stroller and your vehicle before deciding on this purchase.

There isn't a cup holder/accessory tray included. I don't mind buying an accessory, but it seems this should be a standard item at this day and age.

Instructions are not the best, we used YouTube to assemble and also to learn how to collapse the stroller. So, I feel this came be improved.

I don't like how the shoulder straps adjust and must be stored behind the shoulder padding. This system typically becomes sloppy as time goes on and gets in the way.
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Evansville IN
Great stroller
December 31, 2020
I really have enjoyed this stroller. My daughter (2.5) has decided this is her favorite of all my strollers. The huge sunshade is fantastic and I love the seat recline that locks into any position not just a select few "clicks". The belly bar folds down and to the side so it's not sticking out if not in use which is also a huge plus compared to some of my other strollers. I love that all the accessories just come with it and are not an additional purchase you have to make. The only negative I can find is how large it is when folded. It's pretty large and luckily I have a large SUV, it will not fit into my husbands trunk of his compact car.
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New York, NY
Almost all features I look for!!
December 30, 2020
The Talos S Lux stroller exceeded my expectations. After owning and/or trying 6 strollers, I found one that has almost all the features I've always wanted:
(1) a deep and large seat which makes strolling with toddlers very comfortable for them. Also, the stroller last longer as it can be used with taller toddlers;
(2) under seat storage large enough to put a large backpack or large groceries bag;
(3) telescopic handle. The possibility to choose the height makes pushing more comfortable. Also, with a second one on the way, I hope to be able to use a ride-on board without compromising much the space for me to push;
(4) extra large sun hood with windows for ventilation. The very first day I used the stroller was during the winter storm in New York and the hood proved to be very much useful and needed to protect my child from the snow and wind;
(5) included rain cover which ensures the perfect fit. It is pretty annoying to have to use a lot of creativity and extra pins, Velcro or cord to adapt an universal rain cover which never has the good shape. I just wish the included rain cover had a zipper to make putting the child in the stroller much easier once the cover is installed. As it is, you need to completely remove the cover and reinstall every time;
(6) included cup holder snapped in a way that both a water bottle and a coffee mug fit well;
(7) large back wheels. The front wheels initially seemed small but it was easy to push the stroller through heavy snow and on Brooklyn bumpy side walks as if I was pushing my big jogging stroller;
(8) easily accessible button to recline the seat. Truth to be told, sling back seat is usually deeper and more comfortable for toddlers but it's always very difficult to put back in the upright position and requires both hands which is not always a given when you have a child, groceries, phone and coffee to hold.
I wish it had a little back pocket to put keys, wallet... small things. Other than that, if it was lighter and could lie flat would be the perfect stroller for my toddler and the baby on the way.
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Memphis, TN
Stroller That Has It All
December 30, 2020
We got the Talos S Lux Stroller about a month ago and absolutely love it. The first thing we noticed is how easy it is to unfold and setup. One hand is all it takes to fold and unfold the stroller. We also love that we can have our baby face us most of the time, but quickly and easily swap so that he faces forward for trips to the zoo and aquarium.

We love the design of the canopy. It comes down far enough to block the sun, but has covered openings on the sides so that we can see our baby and he can see us. It provides the protection from from sun, but keeps our boy from getting fussy. The included wind stopper and rain cover are great additions that keep our baby comfortable in all weather conditions.

The small details are what really sets this stroller apart from the rest. The tan leather handle and safety bar give it a very elegant look. The location of the cup holder on the side of the stroller rather than the handle makes a big difference. The foot pedal brake makes it very easy to set when your hands are full. When the stroller is in the collapsed position there is a lock that keeps it from coming undone. This makes it so much easier to load and unload from the car. The harness offers shoulder strap and lap belt protection with just 2 buckles. This makes it much easier to strap a fussy baby in, while offering the safety benefits of a 5 point harness. So many more great features. We really feel like Cybex thought of everything.

We also have a Cybex car seat. We love that using the included adapters we can attach the car seat to the stroller without waking our sleeping baby.

The stroller is the perfect size. It is roomy with lots of storage space underneath, but at the same time collapses down and easily fits in our trunk.

We would 100% recommend this stroller. Not only is the stroller an outstanding product, but all the needed accessories are included with it. We have been very impressed with Cybex products and will continue to purchase in the future.
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St Paul, MN
Amazingly smooth ride!
December 29, 2020
This stroller went together very easily (even with two little helpers). I love the extras that are included with it, including what I call the foot sleeping bag. That really came in handy as we brought it up to the cabin to use on the dirt roads, hills and snow. The stroller pushes very easily and provides a smooth ride. While we primarily use it for our 2 year old, our 5 year old had to give it a try and said it was super comfortable. The storage space is very large, though I wish the basket itself were just a bit deeper as a stuffed animal slid out while going up a steep hill. The handle adjusts easily and fits both my husband and me. The option to turn the seat around is really nice, especially if you have little littles. The recline is great for napping kiddos. Aesthetically, you couldn't ask for more. Functionally, it performs way better than I hoped. It handled a steep hill with 2" of fresh powder without a struggle, then proceeded to be an enjoyable push on poorly plowed rural roads for the rest of the 2 miles of its maiden voyage.
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We're loving the Talos S Lux Stroller!
December 29, 2020
This stroller is so pretty with the leather handles and classic black! I love that the seat can be outward or parent facing. Plus, the included foot cuff and rain cover are convenient for getting the most use out of the stroller. It has been great for winter walks! It isn't light or compact, but I didn't expect it to be. With the large wheels and spring suspension, this stroller can handle bumpy paths. It rolls practically effortlessly over bumps on trails or uneven grass, and the handle extends to get the height just right. The seat must be comfortable because my little one doesn't fuss in it like he does getting into his car seat. I love the flip flop friendly brake pedal too- no scratching the top of my favorite boots! I'm really happy with this stroller! It's really great quality.

I only wish I had the compatible infant car seat, or that there was an adapter for mine, because I would love this as a travel system! I'm on baby #3 and appreciate the ease of simply snapping an infant car seat directly onto the stroller frame!
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Really nice!
December 28, 2020
This has quickly become my go-to stroller! It is really well-made with great features.

What I love about it:
-The modular design. The option to face baby back or forward makes it really versatile and my baby loves it.
-The seat adjusts from almost flat reclined to very upright. The upright position is a favorite for my kids, and they are much more comfortable in this stroller compared to others.
-The included accessories are great. I especially love the rain shield, which I've been using to block the wind in the Michigan winter.
-Stands upright when folded. Great space saver.
-It feels very sturdy and it pushes so easily.

I live in the suburbs, and have been using this for walks both on streets and trails. This stroller would also be great in the city. All around, a great choice!
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Champaign IL
Amazing Features
December 28, 2020
Adjustable Handlebar
Extra Large Canopy
Two-way seating for the child
Adjustable seat - recline from flat to fully straight with adjustable foot rest.
Weather accessories. The wind stopper cover for colder/windy days and the optional rain cover.
All wheel suspension for rough terrain.
Front wheel locks
Easy to fold
Washable coverings

No compartment to safely stow phone or keys.
Bulky when folded
Heavy to carry

Mixed rating:
Storage basket while it is rather large it's not very deep so items can sometimes bounce or blow out.
No compartment to store the weather accessories. While I put the weather accessories on the pro list, if you are anything like me and never check the weather you probably won't have the cover with you if you get caught in the rain.
I have not been able to successfully get the stroller to fold one handed. It does fold very easily but you have to push the handlebar in slightly to get the folding mechanism to work which I find difficult to do one handed.
The cup holder is great for skinny bottles, but if you have a large water bottle it won't fit well if at all.

Assembly: The only parts that needed to be put on were the tires making assembly a snap. Literally.
The directions are easy to follow and go through all the functions of the stroller.

Storage/Transport: This stroller is bulky so storage could be an issue for some. It is heavy to carry but you can easily pull or push the stroller while folded.

This is a great stroller for rough terrain, smooth ride for baby with the suspension and easy steering for the adult. With the adjustable handlebar it is great for caregivers of varying heights. My Husband who is 6' 3" finally has a stroller that is comfortable for him to use. The handle is on the larger side so if you have small hands like myself it may not feel totally comfortable if you try to close your hands around it.
The wind stopper and the extra-large canopy are amazing! We live in the Midwest surrounded by flat fields so the wind gets intense. When I've attempted to bundle up my daughter with blankets using other strollers they always ended up blowing off. With the wind stop cover not only does is block the wind from the child but it also creates the perfect pocket to tuck in extra blankets. The extra-large canopy can be used to block the wind or sun from the child's face.
The adjustable seat allows this stroller to be used from infancy through toddler years. The full recline is still great for older children, if they fall asleep during the outing you can lay them back for a more comfortable napping position. Being able to change the position of the seat to either face outward or towards you is a feature I didn't realize I wanted until I had it! Normally my daughter loves to be outward facing to see the world but when she is cranky I turn her to face me so that I can make faces at her and keep her entertained. I can't tell you how many outing have been cut short by a cranky baby because cranky baby = stressed out mama (or papa).
I find the harness and clip difficult to adjust, but honestly no more than any other stroller I've used.
The tires do not handle playground gravel very well and might sink down if the gravel is too deep.
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Seattle, WA
Stylish Stroller for Parent & Kid
December 28, 2020
In only 10 minutes my husband and I had the stroller unpacked and assembled. We immediately headed out the door for a neighborhood walk with our 18 month old.

This single stroller offers multiple seat positions, including options to use an infant car seat or lay-flat cot. In addition to the infant car seat adapters, I was pleased to see other accessories that were included in the box - cup holder, rain cover, and wind stopper. Since it was a bit chilly out, we added the wind stopper for our walk (although partway through the walk, he decided that his feet needed to feel the breeze).

The XL sunshade is awesome, especially for walks when the sun is low in the sky. Our son is not a fan of having the sun in his eyes so this was a feature we use often.

It is a very smooth and easy stroller to push, and the shocks create a smooth ride for my toddler. The multiple seat recline options are often used on our walks - especially if we are hoping for a nap.

I like how the stroller stands on its own when it is folded, this is great for storage in the garage between walks.

For items that I would change - the basket seems rather small, and the rear wall isn't very tall so items could easily fall out. It is also not intuitive on how to fold/unfold the stroller and takes practice to do it quickly. Also, it doesn't appear as though there is an adapter for attaching other brands' infant car seats.

Overall, my toddler and I are enjoying the stroller, and look forward to many walks and park/zoo visits with it.
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Excellent Stroller!
December 28, 2020
We got this stroller about 6 weeks ago and it is by far the best one we have purchased ( which is around 8 for various activities or stages of our babies life). This stroller feels very nice and provides a great ride for the baby. All-in-all, this is the best stroller we have seen. Below are the pros and conns of this stroller:

smooth ride for the baby
flexibility on the seating arrangement (orientation and angle) for baby
great wind blocker/sun blocker
basket beneath the carriage
telescoping push handle
Luxurious feel

Difficult to get to fold up, but after practice it becomes easier - though still a pain.

Overall this is an excellent stroller and one I would highly recommend!
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Newburgh, NY
Great Mid-Size High-End Stroller
December 28, 2020
I received this stroller a few weeks ago and have been able to use it several times. I would consider this a mid-size stroller for Cybex and it appears to be an extremely comfortable ride for my 11 month old son. The stroller has larger, sturdy wheels which allows it to maneuver well over all surface types and the suspension makes is a smooth ride for baby. The seat can be positioned in both a forward facing or rear facing manner and reclines to a near lay-down position. The stroller is equipped with a very large canopy and came with a complimentary rain shield and foot/leg warmer, which was a pleasant surprise for me. This is my third Cybex stroller, currently I have the larger Priam and the lightweight EZ stroller and so far this has become my favorite. The basket on the bottom is big enough to place several items, I just wish that it was a bit deeper or snapped shut (like the Priam) for safer keeping of items. The foot rest keeps my son's legs from dangling which makes him more comfortable for longer periods of time. The stroller folds in half, it is a bit heavy when trying to lift it in and out of my vehicle, but lays pretty flat and can be locked into the folded position to keep it flatter.

Overall, this stroller has been a huge value to my fleet and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a sturdy, high-end mid-size stroller. There are many features such as the telescopic handle bar that set this stroller apart from its competitors. Both myself and my husband (there is an 8 inch height gap between us) can both comfortably push this stroller.

The stroller is absolutely beautiful and so well constructed.

5 stars!!
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Austin, TX
Amazing option for active families
December 28, 2020
I was pleasantly surprised by this stroller. I have other strollers but I've been disappointed that none were hardy enough for me to take anywhere other than sidewalks. My husband and I love taking our dog on trails and the Talos S Lux fits our needs better than I expected. I tested it on multiple types of terrains and there has been no wheel damage so far. The swivel and pushability of the stroller is the same after going on multiple rough trips as when we first put it together. The quality is top notch and you can tell it is built to last. I have not used the cold wind stopper or the rain cover yet, but both look sturdy and meant to fit through toddlerhood. My baby usually screams anytime she is in a stroller so I was shocked when she was actually smiling, laughing, and hitting the bar in joy. If she hadn't been facing me for me to see it, I wouldn't have believed it! So it must be comfortable for her. The straps were easy to adjust and buckle, huge plus with a wiggly baby. The handle bar is adjustable, very easy to switch between me and my husband pushing. The recline is one handed and smooth. Easy to get a sleeping sitting baby to a sleeping reclined baby. The whole seat pops off quickly to have her face forwards or backwards before putting the baby in it. Great for when she is tired of looking outwards or just needs to see mom. Makes longer walks/hikes possible. The Talos S Lux is very easy to push, can turn with one hand, comfortable grip, and I really like that you can put the cupholder on either side (or I'm sure get a second one if you need). I appreciate the one middle brake and it seemed to hold well on a moderate incline. I do wish there was a wrist tether as I wasn't brave enough to let go fully to test that.

Cons- it is heavy. No pulling this in and out of the trunk with one hand, but it is very high quality and I don't see a way around that. There was some assembly required, but not a big deal. Would like a second cup holder included. The basket is wide but shallow. Good for a backpack but not for holding in smaller items when you are going over rough terrain. You will need something else to carry your phone or keys.

Pros- sleek look, easy maneuverability, secure, easy-to-adjust straps, ease of changing recline and seat position, wheels really do seem puncture proof, compact fold, easy to open and close with one hand, included accessories. I like the height, easier to put baby in and see her. She also seemed to like being at that height.

Overall, I am truly impressed and SO happy with this stroller. It's a great fit for our active, outdoors lifestyle.
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Newport, WA
Pacific Northwest Approved
December 27, 2020
I absolutely love this stroller, living in the Pacific Northwest there is a ton of rough terrain but this stroller handled everything with ease. From dirt roads to snow it provided ease and comfort for both me and my baby. I love the design and the all wheel suspension is perfect for rough terrain and makes it a smooth ride. The wind stopper is amazing for the crisp winter winds and the puncture proof wheels are incredibly necessary for all the outdoor activities we do! My baby loves it, never whined or cried about being in it. I'm super satisfied!
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Saint Joseph, MI
Handles great in the snow!
December 27, 2020
The Talos S Lux Stroller is an excellent stroller that provided us with several awesome surprises. The look and build of the stroller are top quality. The leather handles are a nice added touch that brings style to the stroller. At first I was a little skeptical about the build as the stroller felt as if it swayed back and forth and lacked stability . After taking our new stroller on several off-road adventures, I am extremely pleased. I am no longer a skeptic as the stroller did excellent on blacktop, sidewalks, off roading through a field, as well as it's impressive handling through the snow. I was delighted when I was able to push the stroller through snow with one hand. If you have ever pushed a stroller through snow, you know that the slush and snow usually make this a difficult task. With this stroller you don't even realize that you are pushing it through snow. The stroller easily folds up, is lightweight, and compact. All of which are definitely a bonus. I believe the highlight of the stroller is the phenomenal brake! As a parent with multiple children, having the ability to just have one brake that is located in center of the rear axle between the wheels is a massive plus! Once again the brake is phenomenal! The only downfall that I encountered with the stroller was that I found it difficult to adjust the shoulder straps quickly. Overall I would give this stroller a 5 out of 5 stars and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is an active individual with little ones.
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Los Angeles, CA
Versatility at it's Best
December 27, 2020
I am beyond satisfied with my new Cybex TALOS S LUX stroller. This has been a game changer for my family and couldn't be more happier with my decision in going with this brand and particular model. Coming from owning two street strollers (one that is a travel system with our car seats) as well as an off road/jogger type, this particular stroller is a great hybrid of the two giving us the best of both worlds and then some. With my oldest home from Preschool, we have been doubling up on our outings each day and our TALOS S LUX has been my new go stroller for my one year old. At first I thought it was going to be big and bulky and cumbersome to put together, but I was wrong. It was a cinch to put together (only popping in wheels) and we were up and running in about 10 minutes. I absolutely love the overall style and look of the stroller and the fact that everything about it screams quality. I was pleasantly surprised with what was also included in the box; a wind stopper and rain cover. These were generous add-ons I thought seeing as though accessories like these can be costly to purchase separately. They both will definitely get used when visiting family in San Francisco as well as here in the beach cities. Other such accessories available that I am interested in purchasing are a kid board (great for older toddler) as well as a snack tray. I was somewhat disappointed it didn't have an area for that actually as that is huge. Not a deal breaker however, as it's a reasonable accessory piece to purchase.

I have always been envious of the strollers with the child bumper bar as well as leather cushiony handle bar for the parents... so am very excited to now have this. I can finally attach stroller toys for my child and push long distances in comfort thanks to these two great features. A major upgrade to my current foam handle bars! Another great feature in which I find fabulous is the front and rear facing seat. I've never had a front facing stroller and to me, it's a must have (especially when your kiddos are still little). I love this option for my child for so many reasons...
The adjustable foot rest is another thing I love adding additional comfort for when needed. Lastly, the adjustable handle bar, large user friendly harness release button (perfect for popping off quickly when needed), and extremely large shopping basket are extremely great features. The basket can fit our very large diaper bag easily as well as help us tremendously on our various shopping trips.

Logistically this stroller handles very very well. As solid as it is, I love how I can easily maneuver with one hand when needed. We live in an area where there is a lot of uneven pavement and sidewalks, so the tires make all the difference in not feeling that pain in my arms and wrists as I have with my current stroller. We have breezed over trails, curbs and done plenty of city walking and both my baby and I are extremely comfortable. I will add that as much as I love the stroller, I do struggle with collapsing it. It is just plain tricky and frustrating to say the least. This I feel is where my time is most spent and it's crucial this be a quick step when dealing with two young kiddos, especially when loading into the car. When you do finally collapse it, it has a very sturdy handle which comes in handy for carrying it to and from.
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San Antonio, TX
Sleeping beauty
December 26, 2020
I received my Talos S about 2 weeks ago. And let me tell you, this is the best stroller out there by far!! We had Uppa Vista and my LO just turned 9mo and I wish I'd known about cybex before. If your child doesn't sleep on a walk - this's a must have! It reclines all the way flat and the canopy folds all the way down. The 4 wheel drive and suspension- omg you can't even feel a bump, smoother than you can imagine. Great purchase, it also comes with wind stopper (must have in the winter!), rain cover, car seat adapter and a cup holder - luxury compare to my Uppa. Cybex rocks!
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Springfield, MO
Great all-terrain single stroller!
December 26, 2020
We typically lean toward a double stroller due to having multiple younger children, but having a single stroller around is also convenient. I really love the sleek look of the stroller and it's very sturdy. Being in a rural area the all terrain tires are a huge plus. Also LOVE the flat recline seat. I do wish the seat itself was a little longer, as I could see it being outgrown quickly for an older child, but even with my toddler vs infant the stroller pushed
great. Also the stroller is heavy and bulky, especially for a single stroller. But due to the design and being used to a double stroller it wasn't bad for me personally. Product was given for free in exchange for honest review
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Fashionable and sturdy!!
December 26, 2020
This stroller is so luxurious looking and feels very sturdy! It was so easy to put together and it has everything you would need. Rain cover, cup holder, and even a cover for the baby's feet! I love that there's a latch lock to keep the stroller together as well. I took it out a couple of times and got so many compliments on how nice it looks and the name of the stroller. Everything is so clean and you can tell how well it's made. My first borns stroller was so stiff and shaky after a while. So when we had our second child we made sure to do our research more and asked other parents for their opinions. We love the entire Cybex line and can't recommend it enough to parents!
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Miami Florida
Cool and innovative stroller
December 26, 2020
This stroller is hands down beautiful and super luxurious! Easy to set up and put away too! Can't wait to start using it daily ! I love all cybex products and this is just perfection . It took me 5 minutes to set up from the box. And the folding is easy too
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Weymouth, MA
Stylish and functional!
December 26, 2020
I received this stroller a couple weeks ago in exchange for my honest review. As soon as I opened the box I could see that this stroller is of high quality, it's definitely sturdy and stylish. I had a uppababy vista for my first child and I can honestly say that this stroller is just as nice, if not better, than the uppababy brand without the high price tag. If there is one thing I would change it would be the way to adjust the straps, it takes a little tugging to loosen them and I would much prefer a button to loosen them like other strollers I've used have, but that is a very small change & wouldn't stop me from purchasing this since the other features are very nice. My baby is 3 months old and I like that I can use this with her size all the way up until she will no longer need a stroller since the seat can be adjusted from a laying down position to a seating position. The ride is very smooth and the wheels seem to be very sturdy as well. I would definitely recommend this stroller to anyone looking for a stylish and functional stroller!
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Brooklyn, NY
Amazing stroller!
December 26, 2020
First of all thank you for the actual one hand fold!! This feature is a must for parents who do errands alone. Also when folded it's compact and self standing, love that! The seat reclines all the way down for newborns and the hood is amazingly generous and will cover your baby very well with lots of ventilation bottom and top. The seat is comfy, straps super easy to use and you can put the seat in forward facing the world for backwards facing you with just a quick click and flip around. Handlebar is adjustable for us taller parents (I'm 5'8). The foot rest also adjusts and the wheels and great for the city. I live in nyc and so far it's been great on the bumpy sidewalks and the past snow day! Rides smooth and suspension was great. The basket underneath is huge and not so low to the floor so when I'm going over snow or water it doesn't drag in it. I honestly don't know why this stroller isn't advertised everywhere because it ended up exceeding my expectations. You will not regret this stroller.
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Springfield virgins
Love this stroller! Highly recommended!!
December 24, 2020
We have loved this stroller so far for our toddler and infant on different occasions. The stroller is easy to install, easy to use and is very sturdy. The one hand Fold is very convenient and the seat is has a lot of cushion to support either child. When using it for walks the stroller has handle well and the adjustment height has proved to be vital as other strollers in the past have given me back pain for extended use. Can't say enough good things another the talos stroller.
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Steph S.
Grand Rapids, MI
Such a smooth ride!!
December 23, 2020
I've had the opportunity to take this on a few long walks and it is a dream! It maneuvers so well and can easily be pushed with one hand... I am often holding a child's hand or a scooter ha ha! My daughter who still is in a stroller is two years old and she still fits really nicely in the stroller. I love that it feels smooth and light but sturdy and high quality at the same time. The wheels and suspension are great and glide over cracks and grooves with ease. Never an issue going over an uneven sidewalk (we've all been there before where a weird sidewalk jolts your stroller to a stop-this has never happened with this stroller!). I'm no jogger, but I have had to run with my toddler to get my oldest to her bus stop and the stroller did great-no wheel shaking and felt smooth. It folds nicely and is easy to get in and out of the car.

Now let's talk about the look of the stroller-it's gorgeous! I love the two-tone black and brown look. The fabric is a high quality black material that can be easily spot treated and the brown leather is a beautiful accent!

I'm SO happy with this stroller!!!
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Chicago, IL
Amazing, luxurious stroller
December 22, 2020
The Cybex Talos S Lux is an amazing, luxurious stroller. It has all the best features you look for in a stroller. Im not sure where to begin! Easy to unbox and set up, all you do is pop the wheels on pretty much. The belly bar and the handle bar grip are both wrapped in leather (or faux leather). The handle bar is fully adjustable which is nice so that both parents (or whoever) can push at a comfortable level. The seat can face out or face the person pushing the stroller. Seat has enough cushion for baby to be comfortable. It reclines a decent amount in case baby falls asleep. The foot rest can go completely down, up or half way in between. Lets also talk about how the seat height is perfect for even the tall children. My 2.5yr old is 85% for height and he still has tons of room at the top of the seat!
The sun shade is amazing! It extends super far and covers baby a decent amount. The push so far seems great. No issues, but we havent taken it on bumpy terrain only sidewalks and indoors. Its also nice that the stroller comes with the rain shield, cup holder, infant carseat clips, and the cold cover up. My only complaint is that it is definitely on the heavy side and a bit bulky when folded up with the seat. Other than that its amazing and I cant wait to use it more!
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Cybex - Talos S lux perfect for Windy city
December 22, 2020
I got this stroller about 2 weeks ago and I can't explain how happy I am...we have different brand stroller but it's not even close to Cybex Talos S Lux. First I like that this stroller comes with weather protector that can be attached to inner seat and keep baby warm,beside it has the weather shield that covers the whole stroller.
Seat has few incline options,which is great from infancy to toddler age...
Canopy can cover almost the whole seat,and has zipper on the side to widen it more...
Space under the stroller is plenty when you go shopping...also I have to say it is super light to push in malls or the street as well as in the woods and park...
I would recommend this stroller to anyone...
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Very Stylish!
December 21, 2020
I really love the look of this stroller and the leather details! I am also excited to use the rain cover when needed and I really like the "foot pocket". I haven't had a chance to try it outdoors yet, but it is very smooth indoors. My husband is the one who set it up and does think the instructions need to be clearer. We are unsure what 2 of the pieces are for. Hoping they are not too important!
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FAVORITE Stroller So Far!
December 20, 2020
With all the kids we've had and all the strollers we have gone through, this stroller is by far our most favorite. Quality: The stroller feels solid, sturdy and overall made with good quality materials. Safety: The baby feels super secure in the stroller. We really like how easily we can buckle and unbuckle, as well as adjust the straps, yet it feels so secure that nothing will budge unless we are directly manipulating it. We also really like the extended sun canopy, it covers the baby very well whether she is seated or lying down. Aesthetics: The stroller is super classy and looks beautiful. Comfort: Baby appears comfortable and seems to enjoy riding around in the stroller. Functionality: Not too heavy, easy to open and close, easy to wipe clean, compacts to a decent size, and stands on its own when folded. Super functional and easy to use. Assembly: There were very few pieces, all of which snapped into places making assembly super easy and less than 5 minutes from opening the box, to assembling to breaking down the box. I highly recommend this stroller!
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New Jersey
Great stroller!
December 17, 2020
I received the stroller in exchange for a review. We previously had a Chicco stroller and then moved on to Baby Jogger. Plus a jogging stroll somewhere in the mix. Starting out, this already seems more lux than the lux baby jogger model. Wheels, materials seem high quality.

The Talos S lux is an easy fold stroller. With previous ones, they had been bulky and always required 2 hands to fold. Only needing one is a major plus with an infant.

Pushing is smooth. No complaints about handling on surfaces although I've only used it on concrete and blacktop so far.

My child fits comfortably with room to still grow. The basket underneath is perfect for a diaper bag or a few items at the grocery store/target trip (a quick trip lol).

So far I like this stroller and will recommend it to pregnant friends.
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Tucson, AZ
A Smooth Ride
December 15, 2020
This is an excellent stroller that is high quality. The material is soft and sturdy. The design is wonderful. I really like that the seat is higher. Your child can see better and it makes it easier to put your child in the stroller. It pushes very easily. It went over rocks, dirt and on the sidewalk very smoothly. It was very easy for a nine year old to push as well. It has wonderful features, like the seat being able to turn around and the stroller straps sliding up and down. I love that my child can face me while I push the stroller and that the straps can be adjusted quickly by sliding it. The sun shade is large and can be adjusted to be different lengths. The basket is big and extremely easy to get items in and out of it. The first time unfolding and folding the stroller took a little getting use to, but then it became easier to do. The stroller is a little bulky when folded and is a little heavy, but it isn't meant to be a compact stroller. The features, design and quality easily make up for it. It is very nice that the stroller stands when it is folded. My daughter really enjoyed being in the stroller. It seemed extremely comfortable for her. I received many compliments on the stroller. I would highly recommend this stroller.
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