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Cybex Baby Carriers

Sometimes there’s not much better than snuggly closeness as you explore the world with your little one. Cybex infant and baby carriers allow for maximum comfort for you and your baby, all while allowing your LO to be held right next to you.

Developed in collaboration with midwives and orthopedists, Cybex baby carriers provide all the best qualities of a sling, plus extra wide and padded belts of a traditional carrier to take pressure off the carrier’s hips and shoulders.

Cybex baby carriers are a German-engineered marvel of ergonomic comfort for both baby and parents. The adjustable and extra-wide sitting area allows baby to be in the spread-squat position, which takes strain off an infant’s hip joints. Additionally, these baby carriers come in several stylish colors like, birds of paradise, cherub pink, and space rocket.

The headrest of Cybex infant carriers can easily be adjusted, providing maximum support for developing neck muscles and keeping your baby’s head in an ideal position. All straps can be tightened or loosened to allow for optimal weight distribution and comfortable carrying.

For short or longer distances, Cybex baby carriers make it simple to keep your little one close while still having the freedom to move with ease, flexibility, and comfort.