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Cybex Yema Baby Carrier - Birds of Paradise

This item is discontinued.
Follow nature?s path. Nature springs to life in the new Birds of Paradise collection as CYBEX transports vivid and exotic wildlife into the big city. Shimmering and colorful parrots and plants are added as elaborate embroidery to each piece of the collection, and numerous accessories of the award-winning CYBEX Platinum Range. Drawing inspiration from the latest catwalk trends from across the world, this new collection is the ultimate fashion statement. What better way to catch the eye of the metropolis than a flock of bright and brilliant.

Style-conscious parents will love the Yema for its sleek design while babies benefit from the close contact. Thanks to the seamlessly adjustable seatpanel and the adjustable headrest the carrier grows with your child. It is suitable from birth to two years (approx. 8 to 26 lbs, up to 33") and offers three carrying positions: front parent facing position, hip carry position, and back carry position. These positions promote a natural spread squat that is important for baby?s hip development.

  • Front carry position: Babies can be carried facing the chest from birth. The baby carrier encourages the correct posture in the spread-squat position, which can help the hip joints to develop.
  • Hip carry position: Babies that can hold their own head (from around 3 months) can also be carried in the side position. This allows them to rest against mum?s shoulder while taking in their surroundings.
  • Back carry position: Babies with good head and bottom control (from around 6 months) can be carried in the YEMA on your back, making it easy for parents to bear the baby's weight.
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Santa Monica, California
Verified Buyer
Snug and Easy to Use
May 29, 2020
My husband (6'2", 180lbs) really loves this for the baby. Easy to use and unisex color.
Boston, MA
Fits perfect!
May 20, 2020
This fit perfect and my child was very comfortable using this wrap. I found this to be versatile and easy to use! Highly recommend!
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Kevin H.
Verified Buyer
Big thanks from a new Dad&Mom
June 17, 2019
My wife has been looking for this item all around eBay or FB...etc, and finally found this in your good shop. The item was shipped very quickly and just on time to my wife’s bday.
Baltimore, MD
So comfortable!
January 15, 2019
I loved the look of this carrier, at first impression. The included diagrams on how to use were very helpful- at first I didn't see them and I looked up info online. The material is soft and thick so it definitely provides support. I shy away from the traditional structured carriers because there are too many buckles etc and it's such a hassle to use, but slings can sometimes not feel supportive enough, so I was eager to try a semi structured carrier like the Yema! I will say, it takes a little practice on how to quickly wrap this carrier, but after a couple tries at home, I was pleasantly surprised at how quick it was to use. I don't know if I feel comfortable yet throwing it in the car and quickly using it for outings, but hopefully once I'm more comfortable with it around the house, I will use it more often when we go out to provide some free hands! The carrier provides lots of support which is definitely a plus with carriers like this. The waist band is nice and sturdy and it feels so good to wear on my lower back. My newborn is 11 weeks and I first tried it when
he was a newborn and he fit nice and snug in there, so I think with some more weight on him, it will only get better.

I love the quality of cybex products and have enthusastically recommended them to other moms, especially the strollers. This carrier has the same high quality I expect from a high end brand like Cybex.

In summary, my only con is it goes take some practice to use, but if you stick with it and give it some time, it will quickly become one or your favorite carriers.
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Very comfortable
December 23, 2018
I've used a different one when my child was younger and it made errands that included walking easier, but it wasn't too comfortable for either me or my child. This one is very comfortable and forms to the body well. I also love the color and it seems quite sturdy. I am expecting another child in 2 1/2 months and am excited to have this for our future travel days and days at home when the baby won't let you put them down and want to be close.
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Indio CA
Amazing Quality
December 13, 2018
I am inlove with the color! The quality of the material is just amazing, very comfortable and breathable. I would definitely recommend any parents looking for a reliable product to try this one out. Packaging is super cute, and very easy to store.
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Indio, CA
Sleek with great extras
December 12, 2018
This wrap is a hit. For being a cross between a carrier and wrap, it holds all desirable features
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Northern California
Comfortable and stylish
December 7, 2018
My wife really likes this carrier. It is comfortable and holds our child very securely. It provides the best of both worlds between a wrap and a standard strap on carrier. She mostly uses the child in the hip position as this allows him to see better since our kid has some serious FOMO. The main things for us that keeps this from being a perfect five stars is the price is a little high and you cannot carry your child forward facing. Other than that it is a great carrier.
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Kansas City, Mo
Being comfortable with your baby
December 6, 2018
The YEAM so comfortable when I put my baby in it the first time she went right to sleep lol. But the best part is that it's just not comfortable for her its comfortable for you too. The Adjustments makes it easy to use like it's no way to go wrong. I love my YEAM
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Fillmore, CA
Elegant but difficult to use
December 4, 2018
I am fairly familiar with a few different types of baby carriers. This is one of the nicest looking carriers I have seen. It looks more formal- something that would go well at a wedding or somewhere similar. However, it is very difficult to safely put on for one person. It is part structured carrier/part wrap. There are very long fabric tails that you wrap around yourself. Maybe once I use it longer I will like it more but after using it a few times it still very difficult to put on with a squirming baby.
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Rochester, NY, USA
Best baby carrier ever!!!
December 4, 2018
I love the way this baby carrier fits and holds my newborn. I am a plus size girl, so finding a carrier that feels great was a challenge. Now that I've tried the Cybex Yema carrier I'd never use a different one. My baby is comfy and sleeps well while in this carrier. The material is soft and comfortable, and the craftsmanship is great. It's well made and feels very sturdy. I've also had many compliments already about how great it looks.
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Colorado Springs
December 4, 2018
I like it! This was a departure from my normal, as I'm used to soft structured carriers. The tying takes some finesse, but I really like the bit of stretch that the main panel provides for baby. My son seemed comfortable, he fell asleep immediately. I did have to adjust the ties tighter a couple of times because of the stretch, as my son is only 2 mos old and still wants to curl up on my chest, so to get him a bit more upright took a couple tries. The hood is not detachable but can be tucked in. I wish it had some sort of pocket on the band for my phone, but I'm not sure the logistics would work with the tie. Overall I'll give it 4 stars, only because I prefer a quicker in/out process that doesn't really happen with a tie.
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Redding California
Comfy Carrier
December 4, 2018
I recieved this in exchange for an honest review. This carrier is marvelous, i love how customizable it is. It wears so comfortably! Baby fit snug and secure against me. Works best for a newborn/infant, toddler wouldnt like how can only face the adult. Came in neat carrying case so can store in small area. The material is durable and easy to keep clean. Overall amazing carrier!
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Orlando, FL, United States
December 4, 2018
This infant carrier is like a combo between the wrap and a regular carrier. Very easy to use and provides the comfort of knowing your little one is securely attached. Fully adjustable to fit all shapes and sizes of parent and child.
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Portland, OR
Verified Buyer
One of the best carrier
November 10, 2017
I love everything in it: perfect style and really nice limited edition print, hight quality material and how comfortable baby is in itI'm getting a lot of compliments
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