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Clek Oobr High Back Belt Positioning Booster Car Seat - Dragonfly

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Include the Clek Oobr High Back Belt Positioning Booster Car Seat - Dragonfly

    High Back Position Appropiate From: 38-57 in 33-100 lbs 3 years and up
    Low Back Position Appropiate From: 40-57 in 40-120 lbs 4 years and up

    Booster Seat Safety Hightlights:
    Oobr's exclusive Elemental Safety System™ was engineered with front, rear and side impact protection in mind. Comprised of five structural safety elements, the Elemental Safety System systematically secures and protects your child.

    1. Rigid LATCH System:
    Locks the booster seat into place using your vehicle's LATCH anchorage system to provide additional booster seat stability in a collision.

    2. Magnesium Back Frame:
    Better contains the torso during a side impact collision and protects against vehicle intrusion.

    3. Structural Headrest with Deep Side Wings:
    Connects to the magnesium frame using steel rods to reduce twisting movements and improves head protection in a collision.

    4. Energy-Absorbing Foam Layer:
    Absorbs energy in a side impact collision resulting in less force transferred directly to your child.

    5. Belt Guides:
    Improves belt positioning on your child's shoulders and hips.

    Booster Seat Safety Highlights:
  • Raises your child 4 in./10 cm. to improve in-vehicle shoulder belt fit
  • Better positions the seat belt on the child's hips to improve safety
  • Rated by IIHS (Insurance Institue for Highway Safety) as a "Best Bet" in Belt-Positioning Booster Seats
  • Oobr meets all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

    Engineered for Comfort:
    Engineered construction provides an additional layer of comfort padding

    Adjustable Headrest:
    Adjustable headrest for custom fit as your child grows and added side bolsters allow for comfortable naps

    Reclining Seat Back:
    Helps keep your child safe and comfortable when falling asleep during trips. Slide the seat forward using the rigid LATCH system and the free-pivoting seat back provides up to 12 degrees of recline for sleeping comfort, preventing your child from slouching (recline mode is NOT available if using the seat unlatched).

    Soft-touch Armrests:
    Soft-touch armrests for added comfort touch.

    Convenient Features:

    Fast & Easy Installation:
    Oobr's™ LATCH connectors attach securely to your vehicle's lower LATCH anchorage system in 10 seconds or less in most vehicles.

    Performance Fabrics:
    Crypton® Super Fabrics provides stain, moisture and bacteria resistance. The durable fabric is easy to clean while the seat base cover is removable and machine washable.
    Note: The Oobr Drift does not feature Clek's Crypton fabric.


Oobr™ is Clek's™ full back booster seat that provides superior protection for your child without sacrificing comfort, convenience or style. Engineered and made just like the vehicle seats in your car, Oobr is sized for your child and available in a variety of colors and Paul Frank® patterns.

Review Summary
108 Reviews
86% (93)
11% (12)
2% (2)
1% (1)
0% (0)
98% Recommend this product (106 of 108 responses)
By Stella
Easy to use booster
June 17, 2021
We love the safety rating of this seat. It is very easy to install with the latch system. It is refreshingly slim when compared to the Britax full back booster. It is much easier for my big kid to climb over his little brother’s Clek booster to get into the back row, in comparison to the Britax. It feels solid and sturdy.
By C
Safest and comfortable for my petite 8 year old
June 6, 2021
Love so far. Easy to install (but have not had to remove yet FWIW) and not uncomfortable seating (as some reviewers said) to my petite (44 pound) 8 year old. Fabric (navy wool) looks fancy compared to other car seats.
By Mark
Reno NV
Excellent booster seat
June 3, 2021
Would have been 5 stars had there not been a small hole in the fabric. Albee quickly made an adjustment after we notified them.
By Andres G.
Kansas City, KS
Parent & Child Review: Love It
May 22, 2021
The Oobr is super easy to install, carry, and uninstall to take it on the go. We love the soft grey color. Our daughter loves it. I specifically appreciate the build materials as they provide the best protection vs. the competition for our precious cargo.
  • Six year old review: I love the color and how it feels too!
  • Six year old review: I don't know.
Best UsesSix year old review: I don't know.
By Kelly
Washington DC
Great seat
May 22, 2021
This is the third one we’ve bought. First in jersey, it’s really nice.
By Kate H.
Great booster
May 20, 2021
We were in between this seat and the Nuna. I have no regrets. It’s easy to install, looks great, and my kid loves it.
By Rich
Orange County
Great booster
May 11, 2021
Super easy to install and use. Lightweight too.
By MommaHa
Meridian Idaho
Booster upgrade
May 8, 2021
My 6 year old loves her new full back booster and transition from the Foonf! She loves the ease of getting in and out of the car on her own. I love this brand, so worth a few extra dollars.
By WhitMom
Great booster!
April 29, 2021
We just moved my son to a booster seat and I spent so much time looking up different brands. Decided on clek because of their great reviews and safety test results. Love that it converts to a backless booster for later on. We took a 7 hour road trip and no complaints of discomfort so that is a good sign!
By Mary
Enjoying this booster!
April 28, 2021
Our 4 and 6 year olds give this booster a thumbs up! Easy to install, comfy for the kids, and solidly built for safety. Ordered a second one for Grandpa’s car.
By D
Good product without chemical flame retardants
April 24, 2021
I was very interested in the Clek Oobr booster seat because it uses wool rather than chemical flame retardants. It is very solid and well constructed. Snaps nicely into my back seat using the LATCH system. One very neat feature is that you don't have to reach in behind the booster seat and struggle to latch and unlatch it. There is a recline lever at the front of the seat which makes things quite easy. While expensive, this seat gives is well made and gives me considerable peace of mind.
By Allan
we love clek seats!
April 18, 2021
our kid graduated from the foonf to the oobr, and we love it every bit as much as the foonf. the foolproof latch configurations, the materials and construction. we're definitely a clek family and all of our kids have grown up through their products.
By Kellie
Love this high back booster seat
April 12, 2021
This seat is wonderful. My son loves it and so comfortable and safe !
By Anonymous
April 11, 2021
Love the install and the fit of the seat
By Patrycja
Love Clek Carseats
April 4, 2021
This is our second Clek. We already own Fllo and now got Oobr for our 6 year old. We were not ready for a backless seat and this is perfect. Oobr was easy to install in SUV and it is very sturdy. Much better than a cheaper Graco back-booster we own. It is more on a narrow side but our child is slim so it works perfect. We got Merino wool which keeps cool in FL summer. My son loves it.
By Michelle
Wales, Michigan
Worth the price!
April 1, 2021
If you’re pondering, buy it! The quality of this car seat is beyond exceptional. I have owned and/or used multiple cheaper car seats from brands such as Graco, on both my children and my multiple nieces/nephews. But this one leaves them in the dust. It is slim, sleek, and comfortable. My 4 year old has expressed how much more comfortable this seat is compared to her last. The only “con,†if you can even call it that, is the weight. It is heavier than other boosters but not by much. However, I am not taking stars away for that quality due to it contributing to the overall safety of the product. And the install is easy! I highly recommend this product, along with the Clek Foonf for infants/toddlers. I plan on purchasing the Clek Liing for my next LO.
By Cindy
Dallas, TX
Great Seat, Don't love the fabric
March 24, 2021
We just upgraded from a Foonf to Oobr. I love the Clek car seats. The installation is simple and I feel confident it is a safe car seat. We just went on a 12 hour road trip and we didn't have any major issues. However, I am not happy with the Merino Wool fabric. The day after we installed, it already had pilling. The attached photo is of the foonf, but we purchased the same fabric on both car seats. Both look the same way. It is already an expensive car seat so to pay even more for upgraded fabric and have it look bad immediately is frustrating. Stick with the C-Zero fabric.
By Catherine
Very happy
March 20, 2021
We are happy with this seat! Nice and minimal and my son loves it. I’m happy to have a wool option too
By Lauren
Laguna Beach
Perfect for safety and comfort
March 7, 2021
Our little girl has been begging us for a big girl car seat for so long, and though she is not quite fully outgrown her five point harness, we are excited to start using us once she is big enough!!
  • Easy to put together, solid construction, esthetic, safest seat on the market, hopefully comfortable.
By Amanda
Bend, Or
Great Boosyet
February 10, 2021
Love that this booster clicks in to keep my guy extra safe! It’s also comfy and looks nice in my car! 5/5 would definitely buy again!!
By Judy
Reliable, safe, and looks great
January 20, 2021
We've had two Clek convertible car seats, and when we had to upgrade our oldest, there was no question we'd get a Clek. Love that they have a wool option too.
  • Safety, wool
By Carrie G.
Love our seat!!
December 2, 2020
We love the latch system makes the seat super secure!! Its easy to adjust and just as easy to move from one car to the other! We will be getting another one soon!
By Amy
We love Clek!
November 28, 2020
Clek created wonderfully designed and crafted car seats. The Oobr is a fantastic product as it transitions from full back to backless. Our child finds it comfortable and likes the cup holder. The Oobr is easy to install and fits well in both of our vehicles (a truck and an SUV). We really enjoy the FR Free Merino Wool option.
By Marissa
Love this seat
November 17, 2020
The recline is fantastic and the ridges latch is the bomb. Great for my tiny 6 year old.
  • Cup holder
By Lorraine
Randolph, MA
Easy Too Install Booster
October 19, 2020
I bought this booster car seat for my car, because I take my five-year-old granddaughter to and from preschool five days a week. I had A baby trend booster seat that I didn’t care for and I didn’t feel she was safe. So when I went looking online I found the Clek Co. purely by accident, however. I am very pleased with this product because of the ease in which to use it, as well as , and most importantly the safety of my granddaughter. The bonus is , she loves how comfortable and modern looking it is (lime green & white)!!
  • Easy to put into the backseat and to put together and take apart.
  • No cons yet I?ve only had for 3 weeks!
  • Although the price is a little steep for a booster seat, safety of the child Comes first.
By Emma
October 16, 2020
Love this seat so much we bought a second one to have in both our cars. This one is the merino wool which I love even more, its a really nice color (midnight i believe) and I love that it will help temperature control by wicking moisture in summer etc Having both types of fabric I think it worth the extra for the merino version!
By Dalr
Marin, California
Love the match system
October 13, 2020
Clek is amazing from a safety perspective but I am so thrilled by the latch system. It makes it so easy to transfer between cars. I’m such a fan, I’m going to buy a clek with the latch system for our soon to be youngest
  • Latch system
  • Doesn?t fit as well in my coupe as it does my husband?s SUV.
By Pam
Safety First with Clek
September 24, 2020
This is our second Clek (previously use the Fllo). The Safety designs are well worth the investment. Purchased this booster for the full back options and rigid latch system. A secure booster seat just makes sense to us. I love that there is full back support for both safety and dozing off in the car. Loved the price on Albee for the wool and the natural greenguard certification of Clek materials, My son loves the color and was eager to help us upgrade his seat. The Clek installation take some extra patience to get it right. I struggled at first to pull the latch system out during installation but ultimately achieved a good fit.
  • Clek Safety Ratings
  • Rigid Latch
  • Natural Fabric
  • Patience with installation
By Julie
Nice carseat
July 29, 2020
This car seat is well made and easy to put in car. The seat has extra room to set. My grandson loves it. I just can't figure out the cup holder.
  • Comfortable, wider in the seat, easy to put in the car and buckle them in.
  • Can't figure out the cup holder.
By Emmy
July 8, 2020
I love Clek and this Oobr Booster did not disappoint! Same excellent quality and style I have come to expect from them. Easy install and my 5 year old is super comfy in it. Very happy all round.
  • safety
  • style
  • ease of use
By Angela
Great booster!!
June 16, 2020
My daughter loves her new Clek Oobr. I chose it for its safety she chose it because I’d had animated characters. It was easy to install and she seems very comfortable in it
  • Safety and Easy installation
  • Heavy
  • The seat cover comes off easily
By Tiffany
Mclean Virginia
Easy install
June 16, 2020
Easy install
By Malia
Love it
June 13, 2020
First of all thank you for making a child seat with natural fiber material. FINALLY. Secondly it is so easy to install it puts all other car seats to shame and this design should be the norm not an exception. Thirdly my kid LOVES it. The fact that it declines a bit is fantastic and she says it’s super comfortable. It’s big and sturdy so we all feel safe. We absolutely love this seat and my mom friends all want one now.
  • Fabric Pattern and material
  • Reclines
  • Comfortable
  • Easy installation
  • Headrest even for bigger kid
New Jersey
Minimalist, comfortable, good looking booster.
May 28, 2020
I love this car seat. It’s not clunky, easy to install and recline. The safety ratings sold me, but the look and the feel of the seat have also made me really happy. My daughter loves it. The recline feature is really great as well.
By MAlexander
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Favorite car seat on the market.
April 13, 2020
We’ve purchased three of these and two of the convertible car seats. The simplicity of the design and the high safety ratings are why I adore these car seats. They are easy to clean and I recommend them to anyone I can.
  • Easy installation.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Slightly heavier than other brands. But think this shows the safety and quality standards.
By Erika
West Virginia
April 4, 2020
My daughter is in love with her new car seat! All she kept saying was how awesome the mermaids and all the other characters were on car seat. It’s very sturdy and locks in super easy! The shipping was super fast
By David
Olalla, Washington
Exceptional Booster Seat
March 31, 2020
We purchased this seat for our granddaughter's to use. Our daughter was sold on the wool fabric, which avoided the unnecessary use of fire retardant chemicals. The seat shipped from Albee Baby quickly and arrived earlier than expected. Taking it out of the box, we found it to be of very high quality and the wool fabric used...very soft and comfortable for our granddaughter. The seat uses a very simple latching system that makes movement from one car to the other quick and easy compared to the old car seats. Whereas we used to have moments trying to get her in her old seat, she actually looks forward to riding in this one!
  • High quality
  • Easy to latch/unlatch
  • Simple restraint concept
  • Wool fabric - wow!
  • No FR treatment
  • It's a bit pricey
  • Limited color options
By Angela
Amazing booster
March 14, 2020
Very sturdy, super easy to install.
By Natalia
Gallatin, Tennessee
Great seat
February 28, 2020
I really like the seat. We have two of those -one for each car. It’s beautiful, comfortable, dependable, I have not seen better boosters than it
  • Doesn?t move like other booster seats . Secure, comfortable, reclines
  • If you put the seat belt through the loop in the seat it?s hard to buckle up for a child .
By Paula H.
Easy install
January 26, 2020
I love that it does not slide around it’s secure easy to adjust my grandson loves it
  • Easy install easy to adjust simple but
  • I would like more padding cushion for him to sit on
By Nikki
January 19, 2020
So easy to install. Love the wool material
By Michelle
Bend, Oregon
Love it!
December 6, 2019
I wish they would make all carseats with the wool option. Very nice fabric, easy install. Took a little time to get comfortable with how the seat belt should go but this is our first booster.
By M C.
Excellent service and car seat!
November 15, 2019
I have had this car seat for over a year now and it has been an excellent car seat! Easy install and removal. Cleans up nicely and my 6 yr old is so comfy in it! I will be purchasing another when my second child is ready for it. Albee was great to work with. Fast shipping and smooth process. No complaints!
By Anna
Hoboken, NJ
Perfect booster
October 29, 2019
Love the color combo and fabric. We were coming off if the Clek Flo and the Oobr has not disappointed! Only thing is to buckle in a 5 series is a little difficult and my sons cant do it themselves. i think thats more of the car design than the seat. Unbuckling is not an issue.
  • Cup holder. Ease of use. Light weight. Safe.
By Maggie
Lexington, Kentucky
Great booster!
September 18, 2019
My daughter was so happy to get this car seat. She’s raved about how comfortable it is, and I love how safe it is. I love the modern look.
By Andrea
Woodstock, GA
Great booster
July 12, 2019
I love the high back booster. It’s a booster so he can use the seat belt but still has the back safety feature.
By EastCoastMom
Perfect fit and easy install
July 2, 2019
After outgrowing her clek foonf, the Oobr was a natural choice for us. Easy install, easy too care for and I love the narrow fit and sleek look, and the ability to recline. Also, that it comes in pink was a huge plus for my daughter who insisted that this was the color of choice and nothing less. I accidentally ordered an extra drink thingy overseeing that one is already included - first I was bummed about that but it’s actually great to have an extra space for a snack cup or her sunglasses. All in all clek didn’t disappoint once again.
  • Sleek, slim fit, reclines
  • For some children the seat might be a little short for leg support.
By Melissa
Greenwich, Connecticut
High in Quality and High in Safety
June 24, 2019
We started out with Clek’s Fllo convertible carseat with our first child. Fast forward six years later, we now own and use Fllo, Oobr, and Ozzi. My child loves his Oobr and thinks it’s comfortable. Installation is straightforward. Clek is expensive but their products are smartly designed, well constructed, and very safe.

Clek car seats are well constructed with sturdy materials, though the flip side of that is the added heft. The Oobr is heavier than other boosters. It’s manageable in my opinion; however, this may be a consideration for someone who needs to swap seats out often.
By Icow
Fremont, Ca
Excellent seat
March 10, 2019
We love CLEK. We were worried this would be too big and clunky since we are transitioning from a foonf and fllo, but it’s not. We can still fit this side by side with our other clek. Great quality. Would recommend.
By Lydia
Otsego, Minnesota
February 23, 2019
My husband went to install this into his car and came back in quickly to inform me that these were AMAZING seats and so well. I guess he had to see it to believe it ha! We have two kids in them, they love them and we do too. We also have a super tiny backseat in our 2015 Subaru forester and can fit 2 oober and the foomf in. BUT needed seat belt extenders to be able to get to the buckles.
  • Well built
  • Small surface area
  • Needed to buy seat belt extender

1 Question & 1 Answer
Amber M Meade
from NC asked:
March 3, 2021
Does this have a 5 point harness?

1 Answer
It does not have a harness.
Submitted by: Albee Baby on March 4, 2021

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