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Skip Hop Nursery Style Wipe-Clean Changing Pad

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Parenting can be a dirty job, but it doesn't need to be. Skip Hop's contoured changing pad easily wipes clean, so you're always ready for the next diaper change. Comfortable and cushioned with a tuck-away toy bar, it keeps baby happy and frees up time for busy parents.
  • Wipeable changing pad won't absorb liquids or smells
  • Contoured, cushioned foam
  • Non-skid base with tabletop attachment
  • Tuck-away toy bar with baby-safe mirror
  • Safety belt
  • Supports up to 30 lbs.
  • PVC-free & Phthalate-free
  • Size (inches): 31.5l x 18.25w x 2.5h; (cm): 80l x 46w x 6h
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Adams, New York
Perfect changing pad
February 26, 2024
There has been so many times I have been thankful for the material of this changing pad since my son was born! It is nice and comfortable for him while being changed and wipes clean so easily! We love it!
Katy, Texas
Verified Buyer
October 12, 2023
I like it. It’s easy to clean and light weight. It’s exactly what I needed in my nursery.
  • cold surface during cold weather. I just put a disposable changing pad on it to prevent baby from coming in contact with the cold surface.
January 10, 2023
I have used this maybe 6 months and it has developed a pink/orange stain. I have tried numerous cleaning products to try and get it out. Nothing works. So disappointing! This is not a cheap product either.
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Best changing pad ever!
November 15, 2022
I bought the same one my daughter in law bought because they loved it so much. I'm so glad we have one in our home for them. It works great!
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Easy to clean
October 15, 2022
I am so thankful we bought this product. Diaper messes have been so much easier to clean. Especially compared to cotton beds.
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Los Angeles
Heavy, good quality but must have a changing table
July 20, 2022
I bought this with the intention of having a changing table, when it came, I realized I couldn't use it without one. Due to space and budget I couldn't swing another piece of furniture. The product itself is pretty stationary and should be kept in one spot on the nursery, not very convenient for moving around like we would need.
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Plano, Texas
Verified Buyer
Wonderful changing pad
July 2, 2022
We got this for our second baby after going through several different changing pads (and hating them all) with our first. It felt like a lot of money to spend on a changing pad, but less expensive than some similar options so we decided to take a chance. We are now on our third baby and this pad is good as new! We love that it is a simple, streamlined look, easy to clean (no more changing covers every day when there's inevitably a mess!), and baby seems happy and comfortable. This is one product I recommend to every new mom out there :)
Portland, OR
Easy to clean!
March 13, 2022
We loved this so much that we bought two. It's so easy to clean and super light and portable.
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February 16, 2022
Destroyed my brand new expensive RH dresser. Left a big yellow stain!
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Rhode Island
Easy to clean
January 12, 2022
I just bought this and really nice easy to use changing table without having more laundry to do. Able to wipe down to clean.
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Great futures!
December 10, 2021
The best choice for my baby is very compact and useful.
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Orlando florida
Super sturdy
November 24, 2021
At first I was not impressed with the price but when I got it I totally see why. It's exactly what I wanted!!! Very study, I love the toy attachment comes with sticky pads that are optional to help keep it in place. Totally worth it!
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Minneapolis, MN
Good and Not Great Features
November 2, 2021
This is wipeable, which is what I liked about this initially. The glitter as others have written about is true-very odd. It does look nice. The mobile doesn't spin well, seems to more teeter-totter, but served it's purpose the few times she needed a little distraction. I wouldn't consider it 'padded' though-it's more like a really dense-harder foam material. What I don't like the most is that it pulls her hair out when she looks side to side, so I ended up putting down a large burp cloth that needs to be washed anyways.
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Tampa, FL
Verified Buyer
Great gift!
October 23, 2021
I got this for a friend and they loved it.
Bloomfield, NJ
Simple, Clean, Serves it's purpose
September 21, 2021
We are very happy with this purchase! It was a simple assembly, so easy to clean, material doesn't slide off as it provides perfect grip on the surface of the dresser. Also, the material is comfortable, not rough or hard surface so the baby is comfortable while being changed. Definitely recommend this changing mat as it serves it's purpose and makes changing time easy :)
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Verified Buyer
good quality
June 14, 2021
very nice changing pad, fit perfectly on my changing table. The material is soft.
Chicago, Illinois
Verified Buyer
I like it
May 21, 2021
This is a very easy to install changing pad. The material is water/waste resistant, very easy to clean after each use. The baby feels comfortable staying inside :)
Clarkston, MI
Verified Buyer
Awesome changing mat
April 4, 2021
So convenient and excellent quality. Love that it’s wipeable and our baby loves the mobile
San Francisco
Verified Buyer
Exactly what I wanted
December 28, 2020
I like this changing pad. It’s so easy to clean. Looks great in the nursery.
Huntingdon valley, Pennsylvania
Verified Buyer
Great changing pad, easy to clean
December 12, 2020
This is a great changing pad, it is sleek and comfortable for baby and is so easy to clean just a quick wipe down! The mobile is a great addition.
Ontario, Canada
Verified Buyer
Easy to clean but stains
December 7, 2020
We've been using this for 6 months and appreciate the easy clean up after changing but the stains are horrible, it was never left with anything on it but these stains won't come out. I can't even place the color reddish / orange?
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Louisville, Kentucky
Verified Buyer
October 7, 2020
I took off the mobile easily. It fits our antique dresser perfectly. I am so glad I got this instead of a cloth changing pad. It’s easy to wipe down when there is a mess.
San Antonio, TX
Verified Buyer
Just as pictured
October 7, 2020
Great changing pad, love it for my son. It feel more durable and I love how clean and sleek it looks in his nursery.
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Verified Buyer
Favorite thing I've bought for my baby
September 20, 2020
This changing pad is the best thing I've bought for our nursery. This is my second baby and with my first we had a traditional changing pad with covers. The SkipHop changing pad is soooo much easier because I am not constantly changing and washing the covers. My baby loves looking at the mobile and it is so stylish in the nursery.
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Verified Buyer
Covered in glitter
August 30, 2020
I bought this a few months ago and was just opening it this week when I noticed the entire changing pad was covered in a super fine glitter. At first I thought it was just part of the design but when I started moving it around the glitter began coming off on my hands and on the dresser. This is a terrible product, I contacted customer service immediately and am returning it.
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Verified Buyer
Simple and stylish
August 29, 2020
I'm very happy with this purchase. The change mat is easy to clean and stylish in the nursery. You don't have to worry about washing extra covers.
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Colorado Springs
Verified Buyer
August 17, 2020
Cute, sturdy, easy clean up, no laundry required, perfect for the many diaper changes to come!
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Huntington Beach, California
Verified Buyer
Love the product
August 2, 2020
This is nice changing pad! It's large enough and the fits perfect on my drawer dresser . You can easily take the mobile part away if you don't want to use it. For some reason, there are some glitter on the pad, but it washes away with soap and water.
Salt Lake City, UT
Verified Buyer
Great feature
August 1, 2020
This is so easy to clean after every diaper change, just wipe it down!
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Little Rock, AR
Verified Buyer
Easy to keep clean
July 3, 2020
I'm due in November and bought this to keep from needing changing pad covers. I had one of those with my last and it was constantly getting soiled. I like this one because it's cleaner. I also loved that it has a mobile. My only complaint is that it's a bit larger than expected. Would be better if it were a tad smaller to better fit a dresser top.
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Verified Buyer
Better than expected.
June 11, 2020
I chose this changing pad because I didn't want to have to deal with covers and washing it. I wanted something that would clean up quickly. However I was impressed to find that it is also nice and soft to the touch (comfy for baby to lay on) and is just so cute.
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Verified Buyer
Super functional
June 10, 2020
So happy I decided to go with this rubber-y changing pad instead of the classic thin foam one!
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Verified Buyer
Super Cute!
May 28, 2020
I'm so excited to use this when my little one gets here this July! No changing pad cover required and it's actually really sparkly, which I wasn't expecting, and soft to the touch.
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Verified Buyer
May 16, 2020
I really want to like this changing mat but since it's now 11 days past the estimate shipping date and I still haven't gotten it I haven't had the chance. Extremely let down.
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Atlanta, GA
Verified Buyer
Looks just like the picture!
April 25, 2020
Baby is not here yet, but I really like it! It is softer than I was expecting and pretty big, so make sure you check the measurements of your dresser/changing table
The little toy bar that comes with it is cute, maybe could use some more color?
The fact that you can just wipe it clean and don't need extra stuff (changing pad covers and liners, etc) was the decision making point for me
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Verified Buyer
Changing Pad
April 18, 2020
Love the solid sturdiness and comfort for baby. Newborns often feel as though they're "falling" when laid down, with nothing to help cradle them. This gives them a sense of security while being changed. Love the material it is made from too, as it can be wiped down without potentially seeping into the pad like most changing pads. And the fact it has a attached toy is wonderful! As babies age, they don't like lying still for diaper changes. This toy keeps them entertained so diaper changing goes quicker. Definitely reccomend this product!
  • Attached toy to keep baby entertained! Best material for wiping down.
Verified Buyer
Excellent product
March 11, 2020
This is a durable, environmentally friendly way to take care of your baby's diapering needs. It is light enough time be moved around if needed and it is well designed. It also wipes down so you don't have to launder protective covers.
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Verified Buyer
Covered in glitter
March 1, 2020
This arrived in its original packaging with no damage. But once I opened it up I realized that the pad itself was covered in super super fine glitter. It was a tad alarming. The glitter does not simply wipe off. I had to wash it with the spray attachment in my shower. It still needs one more showering to get the final flecks off. This was quite an inconvenience. I'd exchange it for a new one but baby could come any time and I don't want to be caught without a changing pad.
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Verified Buyer
Ruined changing table!
February 22, 2020
Pad got discolored within a month of using. Bar that held mobile created a huge scratch on the surface of our changing table. Bar on mobile mad the pad too wide for the average changing table. Do not recommend!
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Verified Buyer
February 10, 2020
This is great! Easy to clean. The price is much cheaper than keekaroo peanut, but at the same quality!
Verified Buyer
Best price on the internet!
December 11, 2019
Best price and fastest shipping!
  • Price and shipping
Verified Buyer
Great Changing Pad
November 23, 2019
I have not had the chance to use this yet, but love the style and the ability to wipe it clean!
New york
Why is there a glitter on pad
November 7, 2019
I just purchased changing pad and was very excited but there is glitter all over it , Why is it there ?is this harmful to my baby ?
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Bruin O.
Potomac, MD
Verified Buyer
Skip Hop Changing Pad
October 11, 2019
Little one isn't yet here, but I'm excited to use the changing pad. I love that it doesn't have a cover that needs to be washed and can be wiped off easily. It is slightly wider than my my makeshift changing table (a bookshelf), but not excessively so. For those wanting a perfect fit, be aware of the measurements. Cushioning seems like enough and the mobile doesn't seem to be in the way, but I'll update the review when it's actually been put to use!
Verified Buyer
Very good one
September 19, 2019
It’s very convenient for changing diapers. Easy to clean, but a little cold in cold weathers.
Verified Buyer
August 20, 2019
I just bought this changing pad and love it so far! It's so much easier to clean! Saves time and stress :) definitely recommend to all parents! This is a MUST have!
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Richmond, Texas
Verified Buyer
good quality and design
August 19, 2019
good quality and design but hopefully there is a white color option that will suit my nursery.
Norwalk CT
Verified Buyer
Ease to use
August 19, 2019
I'm so happy with this purchase. Easy to clean. Soft... perfect!
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New Jersey
Verified Buyer
This changing pad is adorable ❤️
July 15, 2019
I loved it. This changing pad is very modern, safe and clean.
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Houston, Texas
Verified Buyer
Great changing pad
June 24, 2019
Although it is large and heavy, it is very easy to clean, made of nice material and all in all looks beautiful! I like this pad.
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