Britax Frontier ClickTight Harness Booster Car Seat - Nanotex (Moisture, Odor, and Stain Resistant Fabric)

This item is discontinued.
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Seat Weight:
25 lbs

Harness Mode:
2 years & 25 lbs to 90 lbs

Booster Mode:
40-120 lbs

19 W x 28-36 H x 21 D

What's Included:

Integrated cup holders


Keep life's little spills your little secret! Nanotex fabric is stain, moisture and odor-resistant for a fresh ride always.


The integrated system of safety components provides unmatched protection for your child. These features include a steel frame, energy-absorbing base, V-shaped tether to minimize seat rotation and staged-release stitches that slow and reduce forward movement during a crash.


The Frontier ClickTight includes not 1, but 2, strong layers of side energy absorption. A deep foam-lined shell and quick-adjust head protection shield your child from side impacts.


The Frontier ClickTight safely and comfortably holds your child from preschool through the elementary school years. The easy-adjust harness grows along with your child with 9 different positions.

Made with Nanotex, a stain-resistant, moisture-resistant and odor-resistant premium luxe fabric with an exclusive nanotechnology that keeps life's little messes your little secret.

The Frontier ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Seat with Nanotex features safety and style for your growing child. The smooth, soft fabric features Nanotex technology, making it stain, moisture and odor-resistant ? the perfect solution for those backseat messes. The ClickTight Installation System makes the installation as quick and easy as buckling the seat belt. And two layers of side impact protection plus the patented Britax SafeCell Impact protection mean your big kid is riding with big safety.The 5-pt harness, with the highest top harness slots in the industry, is perfect to keep your child harnessed as long as possible. And when your big kid is ready to make the switch, the Frontier ClickTight transitions easily into a belt-positioning booster.

  • ClickTight Installation System ensures that everyone can install the car seat securely and confidently by just buckling the seat belt.
  • 2 Layers of Side Protection, formed by a deep energy-absorbing shell, quick-adjust head protection absorb energy and shield your child from the most severe type of collision
  • SafeCell Impact Protection is a patented safety system including a steel frame, energy-absorbing base and V-shaped tether.
  • Nanotex technology resists stains, moisture and odor with sleek luxurious fabric that is smooth and soft to the touch.
  • Quick-Adjust, 9-Position Harness and 2-Position Buckle makes it easy to move the harness upward and buckle outward to fit your growing child.
  • Easy-on/off lower anchors lock into place with a click and are easily released with the push of a button.
  • Multiple-Position Recline allows you to easily alter the seat angle for your child?s comfort.
  • Integrated Cup Holders keep drinks, snacks and toys close at hand.
  • Color-coded, easy-access belt paths simplify vehicle seat belt installation.
  • Easy-Buckle System keeps the buckle out of your way when placing your child in the car seat.
  • Easy-Remove Cover makes cleaning hassle-free.
  • Hassle-Free Transition from Harness to Booster by safely tucking away buckles and straps within the seat.
  • Compatible with SecureGuard Clip to keep vehicle seat belt properly positioned on your child?s hips when in Booster Mode minimizing the risk of abdominal injury (accessory sold separately).

Child Weight/Height Requirements:

  • Forward-facing:
    • Weight: 2 yr & 25 lbs, up to 90 lbs
    • Standing Height: 30" - 58"
    • Seated Shoulder Height: 12.5" - 20.5"
  • Booster
    • Weight: approx 40 lbs - 120 lbs
    • Standing Height: 45" - 62"
    • Seated Shoulder Height: 15" - 23"


  • Seat weight: 25 lbs
  • Seat Dimensions: 19 x 28 x 21
  • Headrest Extended: 19 x 36 x 21
Product Reviews
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337 Reviews
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Pittsburgh, Pa
Verified Buyer
Safe seat
June 2, 2020
The seat is very solid as is first noticed when I first picked it up. The seat is easily installed and well secured. I feel very comfortable about the safety of our granddaughter should we be involved in a crash. My granddaughter was very happy when we first placed her in the new seat.
Fairmount, NY
Verified Buyer
Britax Booster
May 5, 2020
Best car seat ever! Super easy to install and clean. My child loves it!
Erin J.
Phoenix, AZ
Verified Buyer
Solid as a Brick
April 30, 2020
This is my second Britax Clicktight purchase and I love it as much as the younger model. I tried a few car seats before taking the plunge and doling out the money for the Clicktight and so happy I did. This is not a budget seat, but you get what you pay for. These are SOLID seats that install so tight and (after some practice) so quickly. Unlike other seats I’ve used after installation, these things don’t budge. These give me a great sense of peace that my little guys are as safe as they can be in the car. Oh, and EVERY car seat should have this stain resistant fabric- liquids just ball up and roll off the surface!!
  • Easy to clean
  • Once installed, it’s TIGHT
  • Feels so solid
  • Comfortable seat
  • Heavy to transport
  • More expensive
Lockport, New York
Verified Buyer
Love it!
April 17, 2020
By far my favorite carseat! Very easy to use, weve had it for a year and no issues! The clicktight feature is a huge time saver. The nanotex material actually does what it claims in our experience
  • Ease of use, stain proof
  • Bulky/wide
Verified Buyer
March 29, 2020
Great soft fabric I havnt uses it yet but it's basically the same as the pinnacle which we love but was too wide for 3 across. Im upset it was discontinued because I love the ability to harness until 90 lbs
Best Uses
  • older kids after rear facing for us age 4.5-maybe 8?
Nelson county, KY
Verified Buyer
Britax never disappoints
March 18, 2020
Absolutely love these ease in install and the price!
Verified Buyer
Perfect for toddlers!
February 15, 2020
My daughter is on the smaller side, but loves this seat. She's felt more grown-up since having it, and works well with my Subaru Impreza wagon, being able to fasten to the frame so easily. Great product, highly recommended.
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Cincinnati, Ohio
Verified Buyer
Great Booster
December 4, 2019
This is the best booster. Easy to install and use. Very happy with it. Will buy another one when my twins get old enough to use it.
Central Florida
Verified Buyer
Top Notch
November 10, 2019
I bought two of these in July. Main car is a 2011 Honda CRV (headrests removed for a flush install.)
Absolutly best seat I've invested in. Love the high limits and the roomy seat. Top notch saftey. Such a simple installation. Loosen tether and drape over headrest, open clicktight panel, thread seatbelt in, close the panel, find you top tether anchor, attach and remove the slack. Peace of mind.
I'm very dissappointed that they have chosen to discontinue these high limit seats. My 51" 55# seven year old is no where ready for the responsibility of a booster.
Hands down my kids favorite seats.
PLEASE release another high capicity harness seat!
Customer Images
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Colorado Springs, CO
Verified Buyer
October 26, 2019
Had my 4 year old in the Britax Marathon until my infant outgrew his infant seat and I needed the Marathon for him. Decided to go with a seat that could grow with my 4 year old into a booster. LOVE my Marathon so decided to go with a Britax 5 point harness/booster combo.

So’s okay. I don’t dislike it enough to return it but I don’t like it enough to give it 5 stars. I love the spill resistant fabric (I’m positive it will come in handy) and it’s soft. My kiddo loves the dual cup holders and says it’s comfy. Install was a cinch as I’ve been used to the click tight. Also pretty lightweight. Only downfall (and I did read this prior to getting it) is to get him out and the harness loosened is TOUGH. Which in an accident, I’d be thankful that he’s so reinforced in the seat, but it’s annoying. I think it’s the design of the seat because the seatbelt is on the back of the seat’s surface. Kind of hard to explain, but nonetheless, annoying. I’m hoping it’s just difficult because I need to break it in....fingers crossed.

The reason I won’t return though is because in an accident, I trust the seat’s safety, which is my main concern. So I’ll deal with the tough removal to keep him in a brand I trust.
Verified Buyer
It has great features.
October 26, 2019
This style is very heavy to be transferring from one vehicle to another.
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Parker K.
Portland, Oregon
Verified Buyer
My carseat is clean because I don't allow eating inside car
October 26, 2019
My carseat looks brand new because I never allow anyone to eat inside the car. So, 4 years old car seat looks like brand new car seat. No stains. No pile of crumbs.

For washing instruction: I wash friend's car seat with tooth brush and warm water and hose the fabric down that had so much food crumb and smelled bad.
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Austin, TX
Verified Buyer
Best Booster!
August 21, 2019
We just love this Britax Booster! The material is wonderful, although we haven’t had to clean it yet.
New York
Verified Buyer
Confident Install
August 3, 2019
We are extremely happy with this car seat. We move between cars often and I love that I can do so with confidence that the seat is installed well. My tall 4 year old seems very comfortable in it. My child likes the armrests and fun patterned seat. I plan to 5 point harness for as long as i can and i am optimistic this seat will stay in good condition and allow me to do so.
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Verified Buyer
Pain to clean
June 18, 2019
I have used MANY car seats, and this is by far the worst when it comes to cleaning! Such a pain. My daughter threw up in her seat and of course the throw up was all over her seat. Taking it apart is a headache, the straps do not come off so you have to hand wash them, it says to not machine wash the cover, but I did anyway and dried it, they fit perfectly back on the seat, in case you're wondering. I almost threw the seat away because I was so frustrated with it, but my husband took over. I like so much about this seat, but the people who develop these things REALLY need to keep in mind that we have to be able to easily take apart these seats as well as put them back together because kids have accidents, eat and spill stuff and throw up in the car!
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Minneapolis MN
Verified Buyer
Perfect Transition To A Booster
May 14, 2019
I was looking for a high back booster for my 4 year old granddaughter. She fits the guidelines of being able to sit in a booster with the seat belt but I feel much safer having her in the harness with a high back. I love all the features on this car seat! The high back with side impact protection for head head was very important. It's super easy to install with the ClickTight feature. It easily adjusts for the height and the pads on the shoulder strap and nice rubber area on the chest strap add comfort and proper placement. This grandma spent hours looking for the perfect transition car seat and this is it.
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San Marcos, CA
Verified Buyer
So far so good
May 7, 2019
So far living up to the ease of cleaning promise. I personally love and believe in Britax products. Just the extra added bonus of this special fabric is awesome!
Halifax, NS
Verified Buyer
Easy to swap cars, but 1 major caveat
April 19, 2019
The clicktight system is great. There is no seat I've tried that is easier to get in and out of a car. It is also the most secure, it doesn't move at all when installed.
The only problem is the seat belts themselves. It takes almost every bit of strength I have to get them tight. My wife can barely get it tight enough. We also have the Pioneer which is the same seat without the clicktight. The ease of doing up the seatbelt far overrides the convenience of the clicktight, buy that and save your money as well.
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Phoenix, AZ
Verified Buyer
Very Much Less Than Expected
March 15, 2019
This car seat does not even use the bars that are now behind all seats. It depends completely on the regular seat belts to hold it in. There is NO WAY it can ever truly be tight; let alone "Frontier Clicktight". I plan to return this immediately, I must say I expected more for this price and from Britax.
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Chester, New York
Verified Buyer
Love it
March 5, 2019
I absolutely love this seat. We had a boulevard ct that we moved to our second car and upgraded our son to this in mine. Liquid really beads right up on the seat fabric. My son is 3, so he’s messy. Nothing has stained or soaked into this seat. Everything wipes right off. I haven’t even had to take the padding off, just wipe off right in the car and good to go. The install is easy. My only complaint is that the harness is harder to adjust than it is on the convertible britax seats. I found that if you pull up on the straps and pull all the slack out of the crotch straps as you tighten, it works a lot better.
  • Easy install, easy to clean, stain resistant
  • Can be tricky to tighten harness
Verified Buyer
Easy in and out
January 29, 2019
I have had this for two years and love it my son is five and only weighs 31 pounds and he loves it. I have loved Britax car seats. I even had my son buy two of the clicktight Marathon for my twin grand babies
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Verified Buyer
Feels very secure
November 29, 2018
I am so happy with how securely this booster-to-harness seat installs. I had a different brand rear-to-forward facing seat previously that, as my daughter grew, felt way to bulky for her size and was difficult for her to climb into herself when forward facing. On my first attempt to install this booster seat using the lower latches that attach to the car frame, I didn't follow the directions to a T, and that belt was too tight - I had a difficult time reopening the booster seat compartment to readjust the position of the seat. When I left the appropriate slack for the booster seat to move only one inch, after closing that compartment, the seat was completely secure and did not move at all. Really happy. I chose this model because of the high weight limit while still using the harness. Hope to have this for years!
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Rogersville, Tennessee
Verified Buyer
Easy to Install
October 31, 2018
This car seat is great! We really like clicktight and the ease of installation. Our son sits up high and can still see out of our van!
Verified Buyer
Its a beast! Very heavy, love the cool and dry feature
October 15, 2018
Almost 28lbs! The sheer weight of this thing is incredible. Love that it can be secured by latch and tethered in booster mode. The clicktight feature is awesome too. We have the Boulevard and Bsafe and love them! Big Britax
fans. The ease of use does not come natural, but with some reading and learning about the harness to booster modes, there are a lot of cool features ie. the latches have hidden storage.
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Pittsburgh, PA
Verified Buyer
It does click audibly
September 18, 2018
As a grandparent, I did not know how to tighten the shoulder harness. The release button is hidden in the seat with no identification. Who knew? Click-tight booster seat is easy to install. Kid: not so much.
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Verified Buyer
September 14, 2018
Easy to install. Easy to clean. Will fit my big three year old for years.
Boston, MA
Verified Buyer
Wonderful seat
September 9, 2018
This is my 3rd Britax product and one of the easiest to install. My kids love the seat especially the 2 cup holders and snack area. The seat fits well in a sedan and SUV. I would definitely buy this again.
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San Antonio, TX
Verified Buyer
Best of both worlds.
August 25, 2018
This car seat-to-booster seat is the perfect option to facilitate extended 5-point harness seating for your child with the ability to switch to booster seating without having to purchase another seat. The overall design is sleek and it is not as heavy as the convertible car seat. My over 40 pound 4.5 year old was so excited to transition to a “big kid” car seat with cup holders and is not bothered whatsoever with remaining in a 5-point harness. We get the best of both worlds with the booster-like design yet the safety of the 5-point harness. If you’re considering moving your big kid to a booster but question their maturity with the seat belt, I highly recommend this seat for you.
  • Easy installation
Verified Buyer
Super Soft and sturdy
August 5, 2018
I just got this the car seat for my not so "little" boy. He is almost 4 and only 40 lbs, but has out grown two other seats (Maxi-Cosi and Graco). The problem is his has a super long torso... this seat is AMAZING for him. This seat is perfect for the tall kids. I want him in a full back- 5 point harness as long as possible so this is the seat.
Also I must say, this is the only seat I have ever been able to install in my car on my own. The other seats we have my husband has to install so we can get them tight enough where they don't move. The click tight in awesome.... i did it on my one in 2 minutes.
I was worried about the fabric since I had not seen any other seats from eh Nano line in the stores, but it is SOOOOO soft and feels great. in fact, my daughter and son fight over the seat so I have ordered a 2nd one ;)
Verified Buyer
Easy to install
July 31, 2018
Really nice product. Like much more than my old Evenflo.
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Verified Buyer
Great seat!
July 12, 2018
I love this seat! My only complaint is the fabric will not stay attached at the bottom of the seat. I'm constantly clipping it back on. But it's not a big enough deal to make me dislike the seat and safety it provides.
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Winchester, IN
Verified Buyer
May 19, 2018
I am a carseat technician. I wanted a carseat that was safe but also easy to install for anyone (AKA my husband, not a carseat tech lol). This carseat was a breeze to install. It literally only took one time to get it tight enough in our truck to not move (and we have slick seats, so that is not the easiest task). Luckily for us, I cannot rate the impact protection, but it seams to be just as excellent as I expected! Thank you for making another great seat, Britax!
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Pewaukee, WI
Verified Buyer
Will NOT Click Tight
May 7, 2018
In the past I have loved all our Britax. We have often had a hard time getting this one to click tight; and now I can not get it to click at all which makes it impossible for installation and for my toddler to sit on it. It has been difficult to install from the beginning. Not only that but the harness is extremely hard to adjust once the child is sitting in the seat.
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Verified Buyer
May 1, 2018
I had this car seat installed only 48 hrs (this was a new brand of car seat for us) before my daughter and I were involved in a head on collision with another SUV traveling 50+ mph. I was knocked unconscious, had a broken finger, black eye and nose, hairline fracture on top of my foot, and huge bruising across my lap area from my seat belt pulling me back into my seat. HOWEVER, my 3 yr old daughter walked away with only a small scratch from the harness, but had no other issues!!! I purchased the seat again, and my daughter will be strapped into a Britax seat for as long as she can be put into one. The safety redundancy Britax uses is worth every penny and effort.
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Verified Buyer
Feels Sturdy
April 24, 2018
This seat feels tight and sturdy when it's installed. I do have trouble installing it. It doesn't just click right in as easily like it should. I'm not sure if the anchors get in the way or what. Also, the bottom seat cushion slides off on a weekly basis. It's a heavy, sturdy seat and I'm happy that it will last until my child is old enough & big enough to not use a car seat.
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Verified Buyer
We love Britax car seats!
April 15, 2018
Went from a Britax convertible (to be honest didn't care much for it although I did feel it was safe) to a Britax Pinnacle in one car and a Frontier in the other car. Love the Frontier!!! It's the same as the Pinnacle but without the extra head side protection which is not needed from about 4 years old and up. So easy to install and so easy to adjust. Perfect for older preschoolers and above.
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Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Love love LOVE this seat!!
April 11, 2018
We are LOVING our new Frontier ClickTight seat! My son is five and has a muscle disorder which has caused significant delays in his muscle development and overall strength. When looking for equipment like car seats, there is always the concern that even if a seat is age-appropriate for him, it may not give him enough support. But this seat is fantastic for him!!! It has a lot of support and provides lots of stability to keep him safe, but still lets him feel like a big kid. It is very open on the sides so he climb into it on his own and lets him see out the side windows and, personally, I'm loving the cupholders! The other thing I love about it is the fabric. We live in Florida near the beach, so it gets HOT here and stays warm for most of the year. The thick fabric on our previous car seats would make him so hot, but the mesh on this seat keeps him cool, which makes things so much easier on long car rides!
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El Paso, TX, United States
Verified Buyer
Awesome Car Seat -Safe
January 17, 2018
I have bought several Britax car seats for both of my great nephews. I have bought as gifts to the parents and to have in my car. I spend a lot of time with them, traveling back and forth . I feel safe having them in the car seat. The clicktight version is a feature I really like. And with the tether belt, those car seats do not budge.
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Fresno, CA
Verified Buyer
December 16, 2017
I don't write many reviews, and this one is coming after I have owned this seat for a year. My 4 yo daughter got car sick today and, well, the car seat needed to be cleaned. I started carefully dismantaling it, removing each pad, strap, and cover. Although its not machine washable, the material cleaned very easily, and its all drying now. I have had other Britax seats which did not come apart this easily, and were not easy to wash. Kudos!
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Sioux Falls, SD, United States
Harness system is flawed
December 10, 2017
This is my second attempt to post this review. Britax rejected the first one on the basis it did not meet all the facilitator's guidelines. no details were given. Here is the short version: The harness system moves freely when the seat is installed in our vehicles. As soon as the child sits in the seat, the harness is extremely difficult to adjust. The harness is not pressing against the seat as others have experienced. I have tried playing with incline and position, and it makes no difference. Our other Britax seats have been fantastic. These are a huge disappointment.
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Boulder, CO, United States
Verified Buyer
Perfect for grandparents!
October 20, 2017
I've been using Britax ClickTight seats since they first came out -- and when my mother-in-law wanted to have a dedicated seat that she could use when picking up my kids, I knew immediately that ClickTight was the way to go. Because the installation is so easy and doesn't require messing with LATCH, I knew she'd be able to get it in and out of her car without our help -- especially important for last-minute pickups to help us out. I also wanted to be sure she'd be able to fit three seats across in a Volvo, so she can have all three of her grandchildren in the car at once. I also love the Harness-to-Booster functionality, because we'll be able to use it for many years to come (and when buying a seat that's not for everyday use, I want to make sure it's good value). I'm a long-time Britax customer (even before ClickTight) because I love how far above-and-beyond they go with their safety features, but having a safe and easy seatbelt installation makes this #1 in my books. (My mother-in-law can get it installed herself in under a minute!) Couldn't recommend this more highly.
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Northern indiana
Verified Buyer
Amazing narrow seat!
August 29, 2017
I recently bought this to fit in the middle seat of our 2012 Chevy traverse. It's a narrow fit between the rigid buckles, but it fits and is super secure using the should/lap belt combo because of the clicktight feature. Highly recommend this seat!
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Frankfort, KY, United States
Verified Buyer
Very easy to install.
August 28, 2017
This car seat is very easy to install but is a little difficult when trying to tighten the straps. The kids love the cup holders and the seat in general.
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One big issue
July 1, 2017
I love the clicktight feature. It installs tightly in Camry, and that is paramount. However, the way the seat is designed, there is a crack running across the seat and any car snacks that are eaten fall into the crack, and I have to uninstall the car seat everytime they eat something to clean the seat out. This doesn't happen on any other car seat I've ever owned. Poor design in that way. Perhaps Britax could add a flap to cover and block the crack.
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Pennsylvania, United States
Spectacular seat
June 29, 2017
I bought this seat for my long lanky 5 year old that is just under 40lbs. He is comfy on long trips and the cup holders are a nice feature.
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IA, United States
If only it would "ClickTight" every time!
June 6, 2017
We've had ours for 2 years. 1/3 of the time it won't click. Mechanisms aren't dirty, etc. I've almost been stranded trying to get this seat to "ClickTight" and it just won't do it sometimes. If it would, it would be 5 STARS.
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BC, Canada
So easy to use.
April 28, 2017
I cannot recommend this product enough. Having used other carseats, this is by far superior. So easy to adjust strap and head levels, so easy to install, the click tight feature is wonderful. My 4year old is so comfortable in it and I can rest easy that he can remain in a 5 point harness to the highest limit available.
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Campbellsville, KY, United States
best car seat we've ever owned
March 28, 2017
Why can't all car seats be made with the CT technology?! This car seat is amazing! We have 4 of them for 2 vehicles. My kids are very comfortable in them. Love the cupholders. One review said the car seats covers were not machine washable? This is like clothes or anything else. They probably say this to protect the product and give it longest life possible, but we always machine wash on gentle cycle and air dry. They dry fast! Love this product, have a 2 year old we will be getting another one for soon, and also a baby on the way that will have one eventually!!!
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Las Vegas, NV, United States
Verified Buyer
Awesome Seat, Easy to install and get right, Kid loves it!
February 21, 2017
This seat is awesome, it is the right "in between" size for the little one that is a bit too big for the car seat and a bit too small for a booster alone. This seat gave my little guy a better seat and head support while keeping the 5 point harness.

The Click tight system is the best! I wish this would have been around for my other kids. No more cramming a knee into the seat and yanking on locked belts to get that less than 1 inch no wiggle at point of buckle. Now its easily pop belt into place, remove slack (like you mean it) and click tight that sucker, no movement at all at buckle. Cut my install time by 3\4! The click tight system is also great for grandparents that are not super comfortable with the whole car seat install thing. This system takes all the guess work out of where the belt goes how do I install etc.

I have NOT used the latch system (I prefer belt).

I have NOT used the booster function yet, so I can not speak to running it with the belt minus the 5 point harness.

I have been in 1 accident with this seat and promptly replaced with another exact same model. Accident was a rear end, no injury at all, child in seat was not hurt seat was unaffected so far as we could tell but we replaced anyway just in case and as recommended.

Easy to install - like so easy I called to make sure I was doing it right

High quality look and feel (the thing is heavy with heavy reinforcements)

Kid loves it - dual cup holders (and two little storage spaces) with well positioned arm rests.

When child sleeps in seat head does not fall forward automatically (though it can happen of course)

Easy to adjust height for belts and head support.

Heavy - but again this is also a good thing

Cost - it does cost a bit more than some others but I think its worth it

Overall you cant go wrong with this seat if it fits your kid, your car, and your budget.
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Birmingham, AL, United States
February 13, 2017
I've had this car seat for little over a year now. Pretty disappointed with it. I had to take the covers off to wash, which I have to do a lot of because my daughter gets car sick. They never went back on correctly. The clips won't keep the covers in place. It's infuriating. Britax sent me new covers to try and fix the problem. It has helped a little but I tend to avoid taking the covers off now because I'm afraid they will never go back on right. It's also extremely heavy. Very difficult for me to move around. Considering the high price and the previous Britax car seats I have had, which were wonderful, I have been very disappointed.
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