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Britax EZ-Cling Sun Shade (2 Pack)

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Keep your child cool and shield them from UV rays and sun glare with the BRITAX EZ-Cling Window Shades (2 pack). The unique cling design with a lightweight, reinforced frame makes application and repositioning a breeze. The BRITAX EZ-Cling Window Shade safely clings to the vehicle window with a UPF 30+ sun protection. The additional mesh screen provides shade to keep your child cool while maintaining driver visibility. Use the wire frame to easily remove the BRITAX EZ-Cling Window Shade and store it away to reuse again and again. The 19 x 12 in. (48 x 30.5 cm) size is designed for an optimal fit to most vehicle rear-side windows.
  • Shades and protects from UV rays and sun glare with easy on and off design
  • Unique cling design with a lightweight, reinforced frame simplifies application and repositioning
  • UPF 30+ sun protection blocks UV sun rays
  • Mesh screen reduces sun glare and keeps your child cool while maintaining driver visibility
  • 19 x 12 in. (48 x 30.5 cm) size for an optimal fit on most vehicle rear-side windows
  • Easily stores away to reuse again and again
  • 2 Shades Included
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Chippewa Falls, WI
Verified Buyer
Good but not the best
August 24, 2022
These work great in some vehicles. I like that they stick to the window without leaving residue. They work great in my husbands jeep compass but are too small for my honda pilot. They also prevent you from opening the window.
Omaha, NE
Verified Buyer
Unsure but definitely SURE after opening the box!
March 17, 2022
They really do cling to the window and stay put! They're also extremely durable and provide adequate sun protection without any fuss over semi-permanent sun shades. Love these!
Washington state
Verified Buyer
October 12, 2021
What a difference these make, easy to use, durable and piece of mind. Thank you
  • Like having tinted windows
Best Uses
  • Keeping my kids eyes protected from the sunlight
  • None
Seattle, WA
Verified Buyer
Easy to use
May 1, 2020
Provides good shade for your little ones and won’t damage your windows.
  • Easy adhesion and removal
  • Make sure your window is clean before applying because it will pick up the fingerprints and move them around if placed not in the exact same spot
Jacksonville, Florida
Verified Buyer
Good so far
September 21, 2018
Overall, I really like these as window shades. They're a decent size without covering the entire window, and I really like that they stick without having to use suction cups.
Verified Buyer
Excellent Product!!
June 28, 2018
I really like these sun shades. Easy to install, and if need be, store when not needing to use. Perfect for keeping sunshine out of our daughter's face, and I love that you get two for a decent price. Both our children benefit!! Would recommend this product.
St. Louis, Missouri
Verified Buyer
Would Buy Again
June 7, 2018
Maybe I am sheltered, but I had never seen EZ-Cling shades before so I thought I'd give them a try. They are FANTASTIC. They block the shade well, are easy to put on, easy to move and fit my windows well. They are easy to see through when you are switching lanes/don't cause an obstruction. Overall, I will buy these again.
  • Easy to adhere
  • Easy to move
  • Blocks sun
  • Does not cause view obstruction
  • Wish they made smaller ones for two-door car backseat windows
Champaign, Illinois
Verified Buyer
easy peasy!
February 19, 2018
I like this product because you can just stick it on the window. Easy peasy!
Fremont, CA
Verified Buyer
Sticks well
June 9, 2015
I was unsure about how these would stick to the windows, but there haven't been any issues. They don't cover the entire window, but get the majority of it. I guess if you wanted to have it entirely covered, you'd need tinted windows! There haven't been any issues.
Spring Lake, NC
Verified Buyer
Very easy to install and move vs. suction cups
June 1, 2015
these shades are super easy to move and clings to any window. My son hates when the sun is in his face and the suction cup shades did not go all the way to the top of the window, with these we will never have that problem again.
Fresno Ca
Best shade
March 4, 2015
My son hates the sun in his face and this works great!
Best Uses
  • Blocks sun with tinted windows
Maryville, TN
Verified Buyer
Helps shade the sun
November 9, 2014
This works for my toddler as it does what it is supposed to...keep his eyes shaded from the bright sun. It clings to the window and removes just as easily. Can't ask for much more than that.
Fort Irwin, CA
Not a great size
June 8, 2014
These leave an unfortunate gap on my windows. I don't know of a single car that has windows this shape
Verified Buyer
February 12, 2014
These were folded up really tight when we got them and I'm not sure if that played a role in why they wouldn't stick to the window at all. They were flimsy and not worth a penny in my opinion. I sent them back.
Corpus Christi, Tx
Verified Buyer
Cons outweigh the pros
May 9, 2013
It's definitely very easy to install, but once it's in place, I found that my baby was still squinting and crying because it just doesn't shield the sun enough. Bright light shines right through and it does no good. I will now be on the hunt for new sun shades and out $10 in the process.
  • Easy to install
  • doesn't shield sun enough
Verified Buyer
Love them
August 1, 2012
These are great. I read other reviews so I knew they weren't huge. Perfect for the smaller size windows in the back of mini-vans.
  • easy to use, they block the sun well
Bellingham, WA
Verified Buyer
These are awesome!
July 20, 2012
When I ordered these sun shades I wasn't sure how they'd work. After 'installing' them I couldn't be more pleased. They are probably the easiest things in the world to install, just press it onto the window. If we have to roll down the window for any reason they just pop right off and we can adjust where they are placed. Awesome product.
Swanzey, NH
a must buy!
July 10, 2012
These are GREAT! Way better than the ones that use suction cups to stick on - they always fall off. These actually cover the window and stay on! Highly reccommend!
Poway, CA
Verified Buyer
Finally no more suction cups!
June 8, 2012
Britax did a great job making this. Simple as just placing it on the window. Stays on, great protection, and reasonable price. Better still no suction cups and a slim profile.
  • No Suction Cups
  • Easy to Use
  • Stays on
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