Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat - Black

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Child Weight:
4-35 lbs

Max. Child Height:
3Up to 32"

Seat Weight:
10 lbs (19 lbs with base)

17.75 W x 25 H x 26.5 D

What's Included:

Car seat and base

An energy-absorbing shell helps keep your baby safe in the event of a collision.

The base compresses to reduce the force of a collision, diverting energy away from yur little one. SafeCenter LATCH makes it simple to tighten and secure the infant car seat base in your vehicle.

The built-in lockoffs ensure a snug vehicle seat belt with minimal effort.

Helps keep your child cool and comfortable and offers protection from the elements.

The lightweight B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat lets you travel with confidence knowing your baby is comfy, safe and secured for the journey ahead. SafeCell Impact Protection surrounds your baby in safety features that work together to protect beyond the established standards. The Impact Absorbing Base absorbs crash energy and our Impact Stabilizing Steel Frame gives strength where you want it most. Complete Side Impact Protection shields your child from crash forces and debris and Britax's SafeCenter LATCH Installation features convenient center-pull straps that make correct installation painless.

When you get to where you are going, the lightweight ergonomic design and integrated Click & Go System makes transferring the B-Safe 35 to a stroller easy. A simple click lets you know that your child?s car seat is securely attached and ready to go. The Easy-Release Harness Button makes it simple to loosen the harness straps and the Extra-Large Canopy protects your baby from rain and sun.

The B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat is a rear-facing only car seat for infants weighing 4 to 35 lbs. and has been designed to make bringing your little one along for the ride safe and easy.

Safe and Secure

  • SafeCell Impact Protection is an integrated system of safety components that work together to protect your child beyond the established standards. Including our Impact Absorbing Base, Impact Stabilizing Steel Frame, and Complete Side Impact Protection, SafeCell means your child is surrounded in best-in-class safety.
  • SafeCell Complete Side Impact Protection surrounds your child in a deep protective shell designed to absorb crash forces and shield your child.
  • SafeCell Impact Absorbing Base reduces the potential for injury by compressing to absorb crash energy.
  • SafeCell Impact Stabilizing Steel Frame gives you peace of mind knowing there is strength where you want it most, at the connection point to the vehicle.
  • Made in the USA with global components.
Fit and Comfort
  • Streamlined Design takes up less space in your vehicle while providing best in class comfort and protection.
  • Ergonomic Handle makes carrying comfortable for the hand or forearm.
  • Removable Head Pillow ensures newborns heads are properly positioned and cozy.
  • Extra-Large Canopy provides sun and rain protection.
Smart and Simple
  • SafeCenter LATCH Installation provides simple, convenient car seat installation through the use of easy center-pull straps that cinch down quickly.
  • Easy-On / Easy-Off LATCH Connectors lock into place with an audible click and are easily released with the push of a button.
  • Built-in Lock-Offs ensures a snug vehicle seat belt installation with minimal effort.
  • Spring-Assisted Recline and Dual Level Indicators make setting the proper installation angle simple and easy.
  • Click & Go System featuring a quick-release handle makes for an easy and secure attachment to any Britax stroller.
  • Easy-Release Harness Button makes it simple to loosen harness straps.
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Victoria Texas
Excellent car seat
July 26, 2022
My son is 20 months and just stopped using this car seat. It lasted us so long and I always felt like he was very safe in it. The car seat easily snaps into our Britax stroller so it has been very convenient and the main reason we've used it for so long. High recommend. Easy to clean as well.
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Verified Buyer
Can I get info on how to use the insert (back support)?
August 17, 2020
My baby is just 5 days old and it seems to me that he is not upright and not sure if the insert will help to keep her upright and not chest to chin
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Ellwood City, PA
Verified Buyer
Quality and Well Designed
July 4, 2020
Can not recommend enough. We felt comfortable putting our newborn in this and continue to rely on it.
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Verified Buyer
Easy to clean! Strong & safe
June 15, 2020
I've had this car seat for two years now. My daughter is just growing out of it at 2. It's deep so plenty of room for baby to grow and easy to clean and manage. The only downfall is that it's super heavy. But probably because the quality is great I would assume. Easily attaches to a bob stroller with the metal attachment sold separately
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Santa Fe, New Mexico
Verified Buyer
Great car seat
April 6, 2020
Very nice and secure infant car seat. Thankfully I have not experienced an accident with it, but I do trust it will protect my baby by the quality and build of the materials.
Lincoln, Nebraska
Verified Buyer
Increased peace of mind
March 23, 2020
Love this car seat. All the extra safety features really made me feel safe traveling with my baby. Very easy to install and secure baby. Only con is the weight. By the time our baby was 4-5 months I could no longer carry the baby in the carrier and I definitely couldn’t get the car seat back into the car with baby in it. This wasn’t too big of a deal since we only had one at the time but I could see this being a problem if you had other kids to wrangle.
Monroe, La.
Verified Buyer
Too small for marketed size
March 1, 2020
There is no way anybody's child is still in this seat after 25 lbs. I specifically got it becasue I thought it would last longer. My son is so squished inside this seat. He is currently 22 lbs. It is so hard to get him in and out. Even with the straps set to the largest setting it is so hard to get him inside. I am looking for another carseat now which is absolutely not in my budget.
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Fredericksburg, VA
Verified Buyer
BEWARE, the label rubbed my baby's head bald
January 19, 2020
I did not do enough research when it came to carseats but the gist of this review is to warn parents and inform the manufacturer that the LABEL on the carseat where the baby's head is resting/positioned has rough stitching! The stitching is SO rough that is wore my daughters hair off and created a BALD SPOT that was so extreme I was worried something was wrong with her. I thought it might have been the way we were positioning her in the bassinet but we adjusted her position and that didn't solve the balding. Then we went on a road trip, 3 hours long, when she was 5 months old, and towards the end of the trip she was so distressed and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. I was so distraught! Well FINALLY, as I was holding her in my arms in the restroom, I look in the mirror at the back of her head and see it is bright red! It had been rubbed RAW and I finally figured out this car seat label had been riping her hair out! I was so upset and sad because she had been dealing with this for so long and I had no idea. I rubbed my fingers across the stitching on the Britax label and it was SO rough, I knew it was what caused her irritated/bald spot. I didnt return the seat because I have the entire set, with two bases and stroller, it was such a hassle! So from then on, I have been putting a head protector piece of fabric over the label and I put a hat on my baby. Now her head is healing and the hair is growing back. But this is a serious design flaw on Britax's part.
The next problem I have with this Britax B-Safe 35 car seat is how cumbersome and HEAVY it is. After a baby begins to hit the double digit numbers with their weight, this is a really heavy piece to carry. Its just too heavy and bulky! I understand its SO SAFE, and I bought it because I didnt want to give up the safety ratings that came with it. I read the warnings that the car seat was heavy by itself, but this thing gets REALLY heavy after you put a 6month old baby in it. Fair warning, definitely protect your little ones heads and make sure your arms are ready for a workout when carrying this Britax B-Safe 35 car seat. I wish I had read more of the reviews and purchased another 4-in-1 seat.
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Verified Buyer
Excellent Carseat
December 14, 2019
I have been so happy with this product. I feel extremely safe putting my babies in it. I love how deep it is because I feel as if it provides extra protection. I highly recommend this product. I love the way it looks and the fabric quality is amazing. I own many britax products and will only put my babies in britax products. My only problem is I cannot find replacement shoulder straps and I refuse to put other brands on with my Britax.
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Nixa, Missouri
Verified Buyer
Great for preemies
December 2, 2019
My daughter was 4 lbs at birth. When we left the hospital she was 5 lbs. She had to pass a car seat trial to go home. She was able to pass it without any extra padding due to the seat design. Since being home I love the car seat and stroller. The seat is very easy to get in and out of the car. The only downside is that the base loosens on leather seats.
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Memphis, Tn
Verified Buyer
Best Car Seat
November 12, 2019
With our first son, my husband and I went with a Graco brand seat. There wasn't anything spectacular about the seat. It was a little difficult getting it in and out the car. So with our second son, we decided to do some research. We agreed the Britax car seat was the best choice. We loved it so much we purchased one for his vehicle as well. Its so easy to get it in and out of the car. That back handle is what I like most because all you have to do is pull it and it comes right out. I would highly recommend this seat.
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Kelly h.
Verified Buyer
October 19, 2019
Love this car seat but the infant insert got messed up. Anyone know where/how I can get a replacement?
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Sacramento, Ca.
Verified Buyer
Fantastic value!
May 30, 2019
We purchased two B-safe 35 elites for our twins and couldn't be the happier! Fully adjustable and comfortable to put them to sleep on long drives. The best thing is knowing that they are safe and snug when we are on the highway.
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Houston, TX
Verified Buyer
Great infant car seat
April 29, 2019
This car seat has served us well....our infants were safe and comfy in this seat. The materials are nice, and with the optional click in base it is so convenient! It is pretty heavy, and if I had to do it all over I would probably choose a convertible to grow with baby, but nonetheless I'm happy with the purchase and glad that we selected this car seat.
  • Optional click in base makes this car seat so convenient! Nice materials and comfy/safe for baby.
Best Uses
  • I used this with a BOB and a Joovy twin click-in. There's no way I would ever use this without the click in base - as long as you have the click in base, this is a great car seat!
  • Heavy and expensive, esp considering it's not convertible. Would be great to have easy to clean cover and straps. I found cleaning this difficult and there was always debris deep in the crevices no matter what I did.
Verified Buyer
Too Narrow
February 25, 2019
I love Britax and the ease of adjusting this seat, but at 7.5 months it no longer fit my son- his shoulders touched edge to edge in the seat. He's 20lbs and 28" for reference. I suppose if you have a string bean baby, it might last longer. I'm really disappointed and wished we didn't have to purchase a convertible car seat so soon.

Other complaints- sometimes stuck when trying to unlatch from base and it was really hot (summer baby).

Things we like- works amazingly with Bob stroller, easy to adjust height, canopy is great
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Houston, TX
Verified Buyer
Excellent Car Seat!
January 16, 2019
As a first time mom, I researched car seats for a very long time. I decided to choose Britax over the rest because of its durability and the Clicktight system. I have been extremely satisfied with this car seat and the overall travel system. If you are on the fence about a car seat. I highly recommend getting a Britax car seat.
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Verified Buyer
Cozy, great quality
January 14, 2019
I bought this to go with my b ready stroller and was a little nervous as I have a very chunky (97th percentile) baby but she likes it. I do have to "dig" her out but it hasn't been a problem for either of us. Very good quality, cozy padding, easy to use. The canopy was a little disappointing as it's a little saggy but it will make it softer on her head as she grows taller. I like the 32" height limit.
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San Diego
Verified Buyer
Great carseat but started breaking down after year 3
November 16, 2018
Great carseat but after year 3 the handlebar stopped working and is now stuck in one awkward position.
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Verified Buyer
Love this carseat!
October 31, 2018
Britax is the best! No qualms here.Baby loved this car seat. Would fall asleep in the car with ease.
  • Great Fabric,easy to wipe down or wash(take off and throw in washing machine), Love the handle bar. Love the safety features.
Best Uses
  • new borns, infants,small toddlers
  • Heavy but sturdy good quality baby made it to 1.5 before I decided the car seat needed to be upgraded. Could have gone longer based on width and height recommendations!
Colorado Springs, CO
Verified Buyer
Very Safe!
October 18, 2018
This is was our second Britax car seat, and we will never use another brand! We were in a recent car accident with our 7 week old with this carseat and it did not move! We were told by the EMT's that she was extremely safe and she did not even have a mark on her from the harness rubbing. We also have a Marathon Britax and it held up perfectly! These carseats kept my little ones very safe! We hit head-on going 35 MPH, it says a lot about Britax's product! We will be replacing them with the same kind! They are expensive but WORTH every penny!
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Verified Buyer
Used 2.5 years for same kid!
October 8, 2018
We've had this seat (also base and stroller) since April 2016. My babe is little so he's been in it for 29 months. It has never let me down and he never fights getting in it. I'm secretly sad that he's grown out of it because it's been so great. Fits in all our vehicles with no issue, easy to carry, and easy to adjust.
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Mount Holly, NJ
Verified Buyer
Safe and secure!
September 1, 2018
The Britax Car seat arrived quickly. It is exactly what I needed for a second car. Sale price was good!
Southern C.
Nice sear
August 21, 2018
I have had no issues with this seat. I like the material since he doesn't sweat in it as badly as other materials and it's easy to wipe. I also bought the B-Safe 35 Elite and have had nothing but problems with that seat. I may have received a bad seat I'm uncertain and Britax didn't seem interested in correcting the issues. But with this problems. Should've bought two of these and passed on the Elite. It is also a bit wider than the Elite. Although you have to adjust the straps by hand as they get taller it doesn't cause problems with the straps and yoke turning in the back of the seat.
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San Diego, CA
Verified Buyer
Infant Carseat
June 13, 2018
Our favorite infant car seat. We love that we can expect a consistent safe product with Britax while also providing comfort for our child. We would purchase again for future needs.
NewBee M.
Inland Empire, California
Verified Buyer
Safe, Secured But TOO Narrow
May 2, 2018
As a first time mom, I researched many car seats and felt this one was the best. The base was easy to install and the car seat itself was not too heavy. It snapped great with its corresponding stroller. When my baby reached at about 5 months, we noticed she was a bit squished from the sides. Grant it, my baby was on the chunky side for her age but she did not like being in the car seat. Luckily my MIL had the Britax Car Seat 2014 and its sides were wide and spacious to easily place and take out the baby. I compared the width of this car seat (B-Safe 35) with others like Graco, Maxi Cosi and its width is definitely too narrow.
That is my only complaint, the sides were too narrow. Aside from that, the car seat is great! I really liked the canopy.
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Verified Buyer
Great Car seat!!
May 2, 2018
We bought this for our first baby and the stroller that goes with it, we now use it for our second baby. Very easily adjustable straps and the awning covers are great for walks! Very durable and we love the stroller combo
Highly recommended
Customer Images
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Orlando, FL
Verified Buyer
Great for Newborn...Not So Great for Chunky Babies
April 26, 2018
I love this car seat and stroller set. It has been wonderful up until she began getting chunky. Her thighs are very chunky and there is no room for them. I literally have to scrunch her legs to get the belt to fasten. I literally have to peal her out of the seat because it has become to small. Now I will need to get a new seat because she is just so chunk! I would recommend it for smaller babies. But it is definitely not recommended for something that can grow with your baby.
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Verified Buyer
Ugly warning labels all over
April 17, 2018
This seat feels quality; however, it appears ridiculous. There are at least 8 or 9 hideous, obnoxious warning labels plastered all over the seat. Multiple languages, too. Really cheapens the otherwise nice, simple look of this carseat. Labels don't peel off easily either; the sticky ones are the paper thin kind with the ridiculous glue that never comes off. The two in the seat itself are on either side of the baby's head, with double reinforced stitching lining each sticker. These appear to be part of the actual fabric of the seat, I have been unsuccessful getting them off even with a seam ripper.
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Sacramento, CA
Verified Buyer
Really cute
April 7, 2018
I bought this car seat a week ago for My bob rambler jogger Along with the stroller adapter and it's so cute! I love the cowmo print. The deepness of the car seat makes it look like baby will be so comfy and secure. I will say the car seat is a bit heavy but overall I love the car seat and the brand. Wish I would've went with this brand for my first born!
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Stevenson , Wa
Verified Buyer
Easy base install
April 6, 2018
The car seat is great overall. Love the ease of install of the base when used with the tethers. Very easy to swap between two cars. My son was 6lbs coming home from the hospital and this seat worked great without any additional infant insert. He is 20 lbs at 9 months and it has gotten a little snug in the shoulder area. The car seat has become very awkward to hold and maneuver the more my son grows. Will be switching to the britax advocate soon.
  • Infant insert can be removed for more room, easy base install via tethers, cover removes and goes back on easy for cleaning.
  • No room for arm to slide between shade when opened and handle to carry, becomes awkward to carry as child gains weight, large seat causes seat itâ
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